Underbelly Aches

How Seedy It Is.

Take the time to watch (see the link below) and hopefully learn the web woven inside the yoke. As a trained psychologist I recoil from conspiratorial nonsense rolling around in cyberspace. This piece is not an emotive call to arm ourselves, become a prep’er, or head for the hills. When my buddy John G. Clancy, Esq. began to beat the drum about the Tri-Lateral Commission in the 70s he took flack from the left and the right. If he was standing next to me today, he would be bellowing a happy tune. Once you comprehend the facts in this video then share so others can understand how the Egyptian people can support a tyrant and how the American people are crawling under the rug. The Council of Foreign Affairs * is the head of a two headed monster in America acting as a sub-rosa deep state orchestrating what is needed to keep the people in an chaotic uproar and/or buried in a boob tube freezer stocked with goods from WalMart.

* my snarky name for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)