Egyptian Warriors

Not for the faint of heart. 

Witness here (video) the al-Sisi junta murdering Egyptian citizenry via trained military (not police gear) engagement. The level of chaos is typical of these street war zones, yet reaches new found levels of disorder for the protesters while they rescue their own under fire while retreating in mass.

Please note the citizenry carries no weapons, nor is firing upon the regime, or throwing rocks or gasoline cocktails, or brandishing anything except cell phones and a passion to be free. 

At the beginning the citizenry (men and women) is chanting. We see the burning of one al-Sisi banner in the street. These are not a group of trained terrorists. Rather, they are enraged human beings who clearly had enough of the oppression of poverty and opportunity. They are driven to take action, as meager as this street battle is, against a mega-regime. In other parts of Cairo special interests are making fortunes sipping drinks in private clubs hobnobbing with corrupt businessmen in bed with the military while millions of Egyptians are stuck eating garbage, living in filth, and selling their bodies to feed their children.

I highly suggest you watch the entire vid because the person (or persons) who taped this was an individual(s) of dramatic self control. And, while it appears to be the nature of urban Egyptians to become too curious of what is happening, I know this to be a form of shock and mass hysteria.

Martyrdom, for me, is a waste of life. I am an advocate of non-violent protest. Today, I am unsure if Egypt can move toward its next revolution thwarting repression without legions of deaths of passionate warriors of freedom. 

Egypt’s freedom fighters are out-gunned and out-lied. Certainly Egyptians who seek liberty will suffer the dire consequences of their own heartfelt drive to be free from tyranny. 

From a tactical point of view, this protest was ill-equipped. There are no circulating medics. I do not see one protester wearing any kind of helmet or other body protection. There are limited amount of barriers (see five guys carrying a cement barricade up to the front) deployed. 

Again, watch this so maybe you will break your own sense of western denial as you are force fed propaganda of the corrupt military ruling elite of Egypt. It makes no difference if you live in Alabama or Kabul, or are an MB, pro-Morsi, a left-over spent Mubarak supporter, or a guy who rents camels at the pyramids – the course of history is afoot. 

The Egyptian red line is moving like a cache of vipers in an ancient basket.