Crisis in Cairo

Unsure if I stated this publicly = the United States of Hillary is setting a banquet table for intervention in Egypt. First, comes the photo of Hagel and al-Sisi, then military generals and the Field Marshall, then sprinkling of white papers (see below), supporting tweet campaigns, mass media pundit interviews, Christiane Amanpour rants, and so forth to smear the American people with horrors playing both sides of the coin (junta and Muslim Brotherhood). All such insanity will conclude with the usual final call – a landing of American/UN forces inside Cairo. This is how the American corporate states polices the world with support in this particular case via Israel, Kuwait, and the Sauds. Mark my words, the yanks are revving up if nothing else to make sure al-Sisi (a re-incarnation of Mubarak) does aim war machines our American tax payers purchased directly at Cairo University. Then our boys can run the virtual rescue wagon not like Operation Desert Storm to overthrow the guy we put in business. 

Civil disorder is an orchestrated mad path to capture resources – the Suez and the Sinai. This course of action is not about fighting for Egyptian democracy. Hillary and Kerry are smiling pawns seeking new found notches for the empire’s insatiable greed. Iraq and Vietnam were about oil. Afghanistan is about minerals and opium. Iran is about pipe lines. Syria was and is about pipe lines and right of ways to move gas. Chile was about minerals and fish. Serbia was about military strategic bases to frighten Russia. I could keep listing where American intervention was a money making proposition to instill fear and insanity to watch the Dow hit new highs while college graduates work at McDonald’s. And, the charcoal burnt cherry on top of the nuked sundae – lose a war to the empire and guarantee the corporate state excellent profit margins, for decades.

And so it goes – shoveling humanity onto the heap to stir the pot of tragedy and suffering so guys can build 60-story homes in India and the Clintons can get and give blow jobs inside The White House.

War is a manufacturing. Humans actually are loving, tolerant, kind, gentle souls if not swept up into a psychological coup of the heart and mind.

Forty-years of witnessing revolutions perverted by systemic intent to commandeer resources and steal economies. I ask you, when it is going to be enough? When are you going to get it? 

Working Group on Egypt Letter to the President