Follower of the Schmucks?

Moses with his iPads

The friends who are not friends, rather scammers or other uninteresting control freak weirdos, seem to to be dwindling in mass if not application of bullcorn. This is a good sigh (and sign). Yet, a whack job sent me an outreach on #Messenger that extols to accept his madness. The grammatical articulation is lame and lacking let alone the inside out logic of his assumptions. There are millions of lonely people seeking attention, recognition, and strokes (of any style), eh? Or, what a wise man #Egyptian i know says, “they are looking for a love story.”

In the real world, I work with facts, confirmed, and vetted. In my #creative neo-writing semi-pursuits i work along side #imagination but even this waning awareness stems from life experiences, enhanced, disclosed, leaked, and tweaked.

#Intuition and the general vibe of what to do next are not fixed quotients of #metaphysics. We each find our holy holed filed path depending on a showy treasure chest or buried trash heap of considerations. Ya know, stuff we drag around looking for the #Kahuna of emotive dumps or obsessively pushcart into every touchy circumstance when our hearts are bruised and are spirits delicate. I am for unloading the dysfunctional hollow crude and insuring the thickness of integration. I feel a similar way about rotten people who are users, abusers, too narcissistic, and basically a double drag (not as in queen). Let my people go, then has an adjunct meaning.

Luminosity of the brave #soul is no easy pickins’ and its guarded recipe is not written as a prologue to Moses’s burning bush tablets. My rickety world view is to firmly see we are ALL chosen, including every single hearty living or losing its luster entity in the universe.

Human beings trek along believing they are the utmost special prana consumers in the cosmos. I am unsure why this concentrated species-wide insecurity is afoot. Could be because we are basically bipeds with enervated senses driven by a large two part brain along with a powerful system induced body that is certainly a miracle. The adage you are what you eat has never been more pertinent as we continue to shit in our one nest and forget we are one. Although, there are many who mouth the words of #wholism, it is a disdained unnatural act according to the power lobbyists of gutty greed and wobbly wanabees.

When you blast out the old year and ring in the new, may you take a moment to look around your environs and consider the ramifications of how silly it is we are the only beings on the planet celebrating this passage. All other breathing or inanimate life forms are totally oblivious to our relentlessness to mark time passing and time futuristic with ritualized celebrations.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing . . .” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

I do believe this is the first time i offered a #Biblical quote, publicly.


#Syrian Conflict is a World War Call to Arms

The Khaled bin Walid, Screen shot 2015-10-02 at 11.16.07 AM

a mosque in Syria, whose mausoleum has been partially destroyed in the al-Khalidiyah.

Awhile ago I stopped counting how many countries were bombing the shit out of Syria in this proxy war of wars. Is it 8 or 10? What is clear is this is WWIII as every statistic verifies same.

The US of Constant Wars has reached a new found insane level of overt and covert confusion in its foreign policy. I contend elements in the #CIA are going rogue while the #Pentagon is saddled with outdated strategies and in its frustration is incapable of advising let alone directing itself. The West Wing does not know to shit or go blind. #Obama is a puppet with so many strings attached (#NSA, Wall Street, etc.) he is tangled beyond redemption. #Kerry is doubting all intel.

The only way out of this god awful lethal mess is to reach some kind of accord with ALL these interfering murdering basturds. Saudi Arabia is totally out of control in Syria and Y#emen plus if the House of Saud keeps these wars going it will go broke in a few years because its treasure chest – the oil economy – is going down.

This may have started out a religious war of #Shia vs. #Sunni but it is now a full blown proxy war of wars. Ironically, the Syrian people continue to support Assad and those left if put to a vote tomorrow would probably keep him and his adminstration.

The coup of coup Syrian military officers who attempted to overthrow #Assad are as disorganized and useless as the US Congress. #ISIS has commandeered Iraq and uses Syria as it’s manpower conduit and training ground.

Everyday, ISIS gains recruits from the other two Syrian factions along with foreign fighters who believe they can do some good and help establish the 21st Century state of United Islam States. Then there are the other actors – the US, #Russia, #NATO, #Turkey, #Iran, the #Kurds, the #Lebanese, the #Jordanians, #Bibi, the #Palestinians, the #Afghan version of Islamic extremists and their counterpart in #Pakistan who fight for there idea of a caliphate.

What is not being said is – it is collective fear run riot the US ignited by invading Iraq. This madness is the foundation for WWWIII feeding into a spider web of extremism, horrible and corrupt foreign policy decisions, drugged-up warriors, and proxy slave soldiers each fighting for their version of God and country.

Sadly, it is only a matter of time before a dirty bomb is dropped and why nearly every non-combatant in the region wants out. But, in the meantime the Satans dealing in arms and the western military industrial complex are fueling and refueling World War III.

If it is true the #Chinese are sending their soldiers/ship then can anyone on this planet deny this is not WWIII? A proxy war of wars with this many countries involved is a world war.

A ceasefire may only come about when nukes are threatened so convincingly ALL parties appear at the negotiation table? Has anyone realized even if the fighting ceases to reach an accord with so many grudge driven bias parties will take years?

Perversion as a so called holy war of terror, sacred cities of ancient civilizations destroyed forever, the land burnt by chemical bombs, the exhibition of sickening brutality, and the mangling of hearts, bodies and souls serves whom for what?

Our species must discover a common ground – and, soon. The UN is a faux ego striving lot with grand concept and no true compassionate balls. It serves as a grandstand for the psychotics far more than a body to solve the human dilemma.

America Prepares – Earth Spins a Cliffhanger

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 3.09.35 PM

Hurricane Joaquin, October 1, 2015, at the time a Category Four storm spinning at 6 mph slowing moving south west as it pummeled the Bahamas.

US Govt.’s weather map is seen below . . . and, following the emergency preparation script handed out at training sessions for govt. leadership and first responders, the eastern seaboard is awash in govt. generated public information media stories, declarations of states of emergency, and info on how to prep for a hurricane, etc.

People are taking down Walmarts for supplies, evacuating known flood zones, looking for insurance papers, battening down their homes, vehicles, boats, corporate cubicles, and small businesses. If sports fans they are unhappily realizing their weekend favorite activity will be rescheduled. School administrators hold video calls to figure out revised schedules. Maintenance and road departments within villages, cities, and counties are preparing their equipment, headsets, and vehicles along with electrical companies line managers, hospital personnel, and police and fire guys who are meeting to go-over their particular coordinated local emergency plan.

The National Guard is being called up, quietly, and the US Air Force has ordered all airplanes (war machines) to fly to airbases our of harm’s way of the weather cliffhanger.

No one reports about what the wild creatures are doing to survive.

This is America held hostage by weather conditions as the govt. attempts to stabilize a nervous post-Sandy populous, and Wall Street, coming off its worst quarter in four years, ponders.

Looking a tad under the weather myself, I would add to this mix of human activity – ya reap what ya sow, fellow Muricans. Ma Earth is trying to adjust to the crap we spill, puke, and pump onto the land and into the waterways.

If you prefer not to engage in a debate about global climatic change since time is of the essence because of impending possibilities, may i suggest during down time the next 48 hours you consider what you can do to reduce the shit in your lifestyle and then actually implement these acts.

I mean if the entire human-frantic Eastern seaboard can mobilize for #Hurricane #Joaquin, one would propose this mass can figure out how to collectively live sustainably not destroying life at such a reckless rate the Big Kahuna eco-system, known as Earth, has to respond. Are we clear? Or do you need more time? Because, frankly, we just moved several additional seconds into the last minute of our allotment on the human clock.

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 3.50.18 PM

)ne, Two, Three Hipsters behind the Curve

Most of what is blabbered as #Screen shot 2015-09-26 at 4.46.55 PMTweets, or Fedbook posts, or added to the noise of the Blogo-sphere or spit out by the piddle stream media is redundant. It is a repost, a retweet, a share, a pass-along, a copy, etc. Most human creativity is redundant but not necessarily superfluous. Are you hip to the nuance?

Humans a-twitter in ego-fits beam they have designed, fashioned, or built the next Genesis for the narrative. Possibly this explains why I prefer furniture with hand cut dove-tailed corners in my home space and dog-eared books lining my bookshelves. It is the patina of life and on a sturdy case-piece waxed and standing around for a century, or more, that i dig. It is the karma of the thing.

I can barely look at what is hot in ‘contemporary’ art passing itself off as ‘original’. It is caca. It annoys my ole soul and short circuits my heart from its giant rabbits painted with ugly colors and gross brush strokes to the faked emotive landscape of abstracts. I do go for conceptual pieces (see photo but for sh*t-sake do not click on the porn ads on the page this photo hails from).

Recently, it was revealed i am not alone in a disdain for the artsy fartsy scene of collector greed and trendsterizing*.

I dunno. It could be living 24/7 with remarkable natural beauty and its life and death cycles. The treasures of its truth overshadow any human attempt to make new? I am forever altered by Finca Vigia? The power of place has torn up societal impingement and the yin yang of cosmic education I thought at one time was expanded consciousness?

Am I morphing into a curmudgeon-ite? I am not innately bad-tempered nor outwardly surly otherwise why would the dogs smile and dance when i sing their tunes. Yes, I devised a special short ditty for each canine. No, I am not suffering from too much time, rather too little left.

I am not serving up a box of razors. It is nearly 5 PM, very cool, raining, kinda dreary, and I am also not whining or wincing. I wrote a long piece and it was eaten up by the matrix. What remains is this post, it is all i can remember of what I first wrote, so how important could it have possibly been in the Kahuna scheme, fellow Earthlings?

* madeup word

How Serious Is It, Really?

I am a prankster, a rascal, and a scamp, but not a joker. The nuance is recognized by other neo-intellectual wags. I have been a goof since a kid, and probably born with this shadowing personality quirk as my beautiful mom had a dry wit sterling funny bone. I am fairly sure it is genetically passed along via the rogue Scottish gene pool. It is fun to harmlessly tweak and launch a tiny zinger, here and there. Humor alleviates the seriousness of the overactive brain and lightens the bogged down heart. In too eclipsing aspects, I can’t help myself. i like to play in the sand box and not take myself so intensely I forget to enjoy the three weeks we are blessed on Earth.

I was married to another prankster – as we do better traveling in pairs. Now, I am a loner, a widow. I am okay. This deal of the cards is not the one i ever considered, so probably why I am currently in it? My brother is also a scamp but his humor is far more mysterious. If you inventoried by favorite friends they are all illuminated pranksters, in one trickster form, or another. At times we are annoying, as we prefer not to be swallowed up by lunacy of the species. Our off-handed snarky comments and devilish reviews of “how important is it, really”? are not welcomed in some dank quarters.

Other antidotes to pandemonium are risible derivatives that luckily in too many instances pass over the moment unnoticed. Yet, even in obscurity our bundle of witty nerve endings pleases ourselves. No one who is certain about their funny bone is obsequious – it goes across the grain like the edge of chalk squealed on a blackboard. Being jocose preferring a midge of comic relief is not unique to humans – many other creatures are amusing and amused. Somber affairs aside, as i can weep with the best and worse of them, my self-entertainment is probably better shared as inner laughable commentary. I learned that by the third grade.

Living and manifesting a tongue-in-cheek world view is NON-conforming. My particular minx humor is left coast (California is my native homeland). During the decades I lived on the East Coast very few there ‘got it’. I am positive I married my belletrist husband (and, he married me) because we discovered a fellow dramatist in each other – me being the rapscallion elf and him being the astute quipster.

If you can, try and not take it all soooooo seriously, even during the darkest god-awful circumstances.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 10.02.45 AM

The Human Condition, Rene Magritte, 1933

My grandmother attempted to swat the inner wisecracker out of me and these efforts fed my pun making. “Miss Bonnie, I am telling you right this minute, stop the shenanigans, NOW!” One would think if such anti-comic tactics did not work on my mother they probably were not going to work on her daughter, eh? My brother’s only granddaughter exhibits the same impish attitude. Audrey shortly starts a new school designed for super smarty pants in Austin, Texas . It maybe the zany but kind of classy act is a cloak to make us more readily liked or non-threatening? Or, it may be the comedy tragedy is so bizarre only wit gives it meaning.