Getting Played by the War Mongers

For decades I tried to make a difference inside the machine of the #Democratic Party. I gained respect for an ability to articulate but never experienced a willing and dedicated base needed for a sea change. The last ten years of this service what i witnessed (double dealing back room deals, covert money laundering, voter fraud, dishonesty in the media) was exactly what the Feel the Burn (Bernie #Sanders for #POTUS) lot will eventually know = the immorality and manipulation of the body politic by the leadership. I am sorry, if my warning pisses off some of you, but it is the reality of the circumstance. No systemic healing of the corruption is underway. Sanders is a debased and planned part and parcel to the rigged system.

As I stated in the past, the Senator will walk away with whatever is in his treasury, legally. When the machine instructs him he will graciously thank his supporters, receive his payoff (probably Secretary of Labor), and move back under the umbrella of the criminal regime.

What will also occur is millions of good intentioned folks will walk away from the body politic, disgusted with the turpitude, controls and the lies (think of #Black #Americans who were gung-ho for #Obama). This is the way of #Murica.

One candidate running as POTUS cannot subordinate control of the rulers. One election cannot shift the power that enforces their strategy of war is good, Wall Street’s avarice is permanent, and letting the banksters exercise dominion over the populace (New World Order, #TPP, etc.).

Unfortunately, each time the liberty bell is smacked by the official party line, people with consciousness revved up to support their ‘guy’ do not take this energy one step further. #America needs a revolution of collective awareness, not a faux POTUS candidacy. America needs to wake up. It is no coincidence #Trump is in play, he eats up the bastardized media, not unlike watching Reality TV.

Plan now for your next steps when the Manchurian candidacy goes public. Figure out going to Bernie’s rallies, sending him money, and working for Sanders is a dishonest beginning with a fast ending. If you profoundly desire #freedom and frankly understand its charge, organize your efforts to expand beyond Sanders. Take it to the limit.

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