The Big Kahuna Reboot

no borders earthAfter a two-day on and off consultation with a wise man Egyptian poet and revolutionary politico, we did not solve the angst of humanity, yet, we did nail down relevant specifics. In semi-conclusion, I need to add Sherif and his wife to the list of soul traveling unions.

Poets are enamored with the succinct compared to my stream of consciousness therapy. Surely, those who are not compelled to write every day/night will barely be hip to the dreamy wrenching and potent editing we, the writers, must deliver as willing benign slaves to our own spirit master.

The style I bleat is a filtered rock ‘n roll stream typical of a West Coast higher education while growing up on the San Andreas. I continue to live in a place by the Pacific where earth burps are daily, if one counts those under 3.0. The number of butterflies in the garden and the perpetual cloud designs are infinite. Freedom and independence is a given. My personality is incapable of being led or yanked along on some other’s voyage unless signs are seen and vibes are concurred.

Creativity is a way of psyche survival. If one releases programmed allegiances and inbred constraints and stops buying into the us vs. them then class struggles and injustices are peeled down to their seeds. I have argued for decades those who fight centered in the class paradigm feed the empire’s agenda of victimization.

Being trapped in a social situation be it working, middle, or upper is the rigged game. You receive your seat in the arena and the games begin. My gig is to get off my duff and walk out of the forum built by the unsaid agreement between empire master and fear ridden slave.

It is no coincidence hefty socialists give no regard to a higher power because in reality their disenfranchisement role is not allowed to surrender to faith or connect to the holy linkage of life. Isolated from oneness their hard ass resignation stands still cemented to slick ego as any other resident of a status quo. Resentment and lack of self-esteem stokes the acceptance to play their role in the class struggle Olympics.

Freedom comes with a willingness let go and an acceptance that justice is inherent to ALL living things. Right action is implementing values and manifesting compassion but if you are pissed off (too much of the time) at the establishment you are being derailed.

Organized human society has yet to evolve beyond the same models we are slogging around in since the 1700s. I keep looking beyond the set of existing models for a higher way to organize ourselves.

Global citizenship where we release our constant pettiness of nationalism and being corralled by arbitrary geographic and/or cultural boundaries is where I currently hang my cowgirl hat.

Social media cuts across the artificiality of country nations. You and I are ending the world domination of us vs. them. We take corrective action every time we establish a friendship online with someone not from our milieu, home nation, heritage, or creed.

Clearly, it must be obvious attempting to resolve our global differences via the United Nation is an abyss of corruption where favored states are controlled by war mongers and inflated egos. This “leadership” is not only originating out of the Brahmin class but also from dirt poor tribal war lords who rose to power by murdering the ‘other side’. I would not place my faith or allegiance with such a band of narcissistic wannabes.

The street people’s Occupy Movement imploded because it was based on no leadership. Humans do not operate with positive forward motion in a civil society with a foundation of anarchy. Negotiation, compromise, compassion over enabling, the golden rule, equality, and human potentiality of the art of living is stifled when the mass reverts to herd instinct fed by fear and insecurity.

Intelligence, insight, wisdom, and respect is earned, yet without the focus of the best and the brightest it is buried inside the voices of the screaming chorus. Leadership demands ethics and truth disseminated with articulation based on fact not fiction.

What our species faces with global climatic change now has no meaning since weather and the environmental envelops of life this planet is one with do not recognize such captiousness.

Many foretell until the fiat monetary system is on the balls of its arse and the entire human race is nearly destroyed will we reboot how we socially and politically conduct ourselves. I am not a doomsayer.

It would seem common sense would yelp as a collective consciousness the way we are organized today (as nation states) is killing us and our fellow creatures on Earth. The New World Order is the greedy basturds attempt to drone us, surveil us, burn us up, and screw us up until we fully and finally surrender to their us vs. them paradigm. The current insanity (proxy wars) in MENA is an orchestration of a raft of various factions at each others throat – a mirror and a portend of human history.

It is no accident I reside in a country geared for peace refusing to arm itself. I can easily sustainably survive off the land here for generations, if necessary. The Internet I use is controlled by the govt controlled by the people. I do not live off the 100% green grid – but I could. My geo site-specific position is secure, yet my soapbox is tenuous but less so than most.

And while my family in America continue to excel at playing the game I do contend they like the secret idea I might become their rescue station if the entire ball of wax melted one futuristic blistering Earth-cooked afternoon.

Tearing down the pretend walls we erected as national lines on a make believe global map is what the lot I hang with are engaged in doing. What is our leverage to shift this stupidity? By using the world wide web to explain how the current establishment methodologies:
Divide and conquer;
Deploy proxy wars and weapons of mass fear campaigns;
Instill and fester religiosity phobias;
Use creed, color of skin, and class definitions as the psycho toolbox of cultural bias and apartheid;
Foster the piddle stream media as THE propaganda machine;
The corporate state’s lies by liars lying permeate the narrative;
Western inbred acceptance of violence via the cult of entertainment is the soft sell of pro-war hate speech;
and, so forth.
The incomplete list above are components to ill conceived models of human social organization.

If we continue to open governments, expose agendas, and use truth rather than arms you and I can jump over national boundaries and in solidarity detach from the prevailing madness.

Once we reach the 35% benchmark of no longer participating in the rigged game we better have our shit together to creatively and peacefully begin to live in peace and sustainability.

Personally, I am not into fixit Bandaides and running rescue wagons – politics and policy papers lined my former life. My here and now agenda is to shine light into the core of the rotting center and inform you of the systemic patterns. Once the intricacies are identified, the players revealed, and the shadows seen we must have a healing way to move forward otherwise the void will once again flood with false ego fed by fear.

There are various proposals for humankind to reach its societal well being. Yet, as long as these are defined using geo-political demarcations we are setting ourselves up for the redux of conflict and civil disorder.

One planet, one peace is no longer an utopian manifesto – it is the survival road map for Homo sapiens sapiens. Let’s get busy devising an outline. You begin, I have to go count birds, but BRB.


Getting Played by the War Mongers

For decades I tried to make a difference inside the machine of the #Democratic Party. I gained respect for an ability to articulate but never experienced a willing and dedicated base needed for a sea change. The last ten years of this service what i witnessed (double dealing back room deals, covert money laundering, voter fraud, dishonesty in the media) was exactly what the Feel the Burn (Bernie #Sanders for #POTUS) lot will eventually know = the immorality and manipulation of the body politic by the leadership. I am sorry, if my warning pisses off some of you, but it is the reality of the circumstance. No systemic healing of the corruption is underway. Sanders is a debased and planned part and parcel to the rigged system.

As I stated in the past, the Senator will walk away with whatever is in his treasury, legally. When the machine instructs him he will graciously thank his supporters, receive his payoff (probably Secretary of Labor), and move back under the umbrella of the criminal regime.

What will also occur is millions of good intentioned folks will walk away from the body politic, disgusted with the turpitude, controls and the lies (think of #Black #Americans who were gung-ho for #Obama). This is the way of #Murica.

One candidate running as POTUS cannot subordinate control of the rulers. One election cannot shift the power that enforces their strategy of war is good, Wall Street’s avarice is permanent, and letting the banksters exercise dominion over the populace (New World Order, #TPP, etc.).

Unfortunately, each time the liberty bell is smacked by the official party line, people with consciousness revved up to support their ‘guy’ do not take this energy one step further. #America needs a revolution of collective awareness, not a faux POTUS candidacy. America needs to wake up. It is no coincidence #Trump is in play, he eats up the bastardized media, not unlike watching Reality TV.

Plan now for your next steps when the Manchurian candidacy goes public. Figure out going to Bernie’s rallies, sending him money, and working for Sanders is a dishonest beginning with a fast ending. If you profoundly desire #freedom and frankly understand its charge, organize your efforts to expand beyond Sanders. Take it to the limit.

Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 11.40.12 AM

#Justice, #Freedom, and #Bread – Sort of . . .

I have a distinct personal dislike for the #HouseofSaud. Some of its gaudy ornamental princes go around the world murdering (hunting) rare creatures because they write checks to govts. See photo below taken in #Pakistan.

I knew one House of Saud boy-man in my life – a tall ‘ish classy fellow student at UC Berkeley. His formalized gentleman manners were only out festooned by his 19th century chauvinism and adoration for Italian sports cars and one honey blonde beauty. I think he asked my Italian American roommate out more than I knew it was possible for a young man (let alone grad student) to stay interested.

Rose bouquets of rare colors would too regularly arrive at our front door befitting for a mafioso’s funeral or Sicilian national wedding. Yet, my favorite where baskets of desert dates and dried fruits so grand in size and volume we were forced to organize what we called – Fruity Tuttie Parties. At these events, we gave away judicious amounts of dates and dried apricots as party favors while raising money for our save a pet or political charity of the moment. Naturally, the unrequited prince would arrive with his bodyguard who on his own filled the foyer of our little rented cottage. For these festivities the Prince would have delivered platters from an Italian deli (San Francisco’s North Beach #Molinaridi’s) that we preferred along with kegs of imported beer and cases of decent Napa wine. His one-man crew brought bags of cash.

When I moved onto graduate school and my roomie took her first position as an industrial designer in San Francisco the prince went home. For awhile we feared he would kidnap her, yet as time marched into the future I suppose his Berkeley-based obsession was replaced by another. It was decades later when I was betting on horses did I discover who he was – #HRH Prince Fahd Salma. He died in 2001 from a heart attack and is best remembered for owning one of Brit’s greatest thoroughbreds named, #Generous. When one considers gifts the Prince bestowed on my roommate, the name of his racehorse is exceptionally appropriate.

Screen shot 2015-09-27 at 5.41.19 PM

What happened to my roommate? After designing hotsy Milano looking furniture she married a nice Italian American guy who we all thought was mobbed-up. But, Catholic Lou (my handle for him) turned out was a member of a heritage family – the bakers of famous San Francisco sourdough French bread. Then again, they could be cosa nostra, like the pizza store front operations of New York City, eh?


#Feds Are the Cyber-Terrorists?

The National Defense Magazine (USA) issued an article dated July 2007[1] quoting Dorothy Denning, noted cyber security expert at the Naval Postgraduate School. Denning reviewed the 2000, Sunshine Coast of Australia incident[2] where a disgruntled politico (Vitek Boden) hacked into a waste management computer system and altered pump station operations releasing 264,000 gallons of raw sewage killing marine life, contaminating water, and stinking up the region. Denning[3] claims this incident was not motivated for political reasons or to instill fear so it is not cyber terrorism. I contend she is dead wrong leading the parade of ignorance setting up a blinded pace of cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. We are in an ongoing cyber terrorist circumstance, at this very moment. Who told me? Ed #Snowden, a former US intelligence contractor who understands free expression and the meaning of watchdog like none other, except maybe Julian Assange.

#Cyber #terrorism is a hot button buzzword, debated[4] across the venues of #hactivism, security expertise enclaves, and govt. counter-terrorism units. For those of us who report on cyber terrorism and are familiar with cyber attacks, breaches, #Anonymous, #WikiLeaks, and others who are whistleblowers, hackers, and crackers the debate needs to conclude. It can if we open our eyes and see, not merely look.

To assume cyber terrorism is not real is a lethal falsehood buried in propagandizing. Cyberspace threats taken to the actuality (tender to extreme) are capable of disarming or arming comprehensive computer systems used to fire nuclear missiles, or to destroy international linked communications systems (read satellites), or eliminate like dominoes the usefulness of life-giving infrastructure millions are dependent upon. To argue Boden (the guy in the first paragraph) was not politically motivated is duplicitous and smacks of both denial and orchestrated mis-information.

In June 2015 technology and national security specialists received their come-upings when the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) of millions of US Federal workers were hacked[5] into with such expertise there are virtually no footprints to track who or what perpetrated a massive infringement into govt. protected databases. While the piddle stream media reports it was the Chinese govt., there exist absolutely no facts to back up such an assertion.

Stolen data streams in this mass attack included social security numbers, employee reviews and recommendations, complaints and resolutions, home addresses, health records, and other private information for over four million USA govt. employees. Certain departments were more heavily hit including the Dept. of Commerce and Dept. of the Interior and to date the govt. is not forthcoming what exact data blocks were hacked into citing “national security protocol’. Such critical intelligence (read information) was stolen by an unknown entity using a digital back door through a subcontractor to the govt. The attack went on for at least four months and may be continuing.

The OPM second attack[6] added to the first is even more alarming since it targeted Intel gathering employees of the intelligence communities of the US govt. However, policy makers are mis-directed by arrogance and lack of understanding of computer science. Leading policy institutions[7] continue to keep their heads in the sands stuck on Muslim terrorism as not capable of cyber warfare/terrorism. These experts are not paying attention to who is competent enough to perpetrate a devastating cyber strike. It only takes one (Snowden) or a handful of adept hackers (Syria Electronic Army) to reach into the matrix and dump malware and/or retrieve enormous amounts of information.

Further, to assert a Denial of Service (DoS) is not a cyber attack is stupidity. The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)[8] took down and defaced the US Army’s public website (, and they have accomplished other operations. They are a group of youth who can no longer stay silent towards massive distortion of facts about what is happening in Syria.

President O-Bomb-O gives credence to cyber terrorism in his 2015 state of the union address. “No foreign nation, no hacker, should be able to shut down our networks, steal our trade secrets, or invade the privacy of American families, especially our kids. We are making sure our government integrates intelligence to combat cyber threats, just as we have done to combat terrorism. And tonight, I urge this Congress to finally pass the legislation we need to better meet the evolving threat of cyber-attacks, combat identity theft, and protect our children’s information. If we don’t act, we’ll leave our nation and our economy vulnerable. If we do, we can continue to protect the technologies that have unleashed untold opportunities for people around the globe.”[9]

While cyber security and cyber experts meet and present, there are evidential findings worth reviewing outlining cyber terrorism exists. They are as follows:

“Several recurrent themes emerge from the preceding summary of the seven panels:[10]

  • It is clear that cyberspace opens considerable potential opportunities for terrorist activities, including communication, fund-raising, and attacks.
  • It remains an open question whether terrorist uses of the Internet constitute an evolutionary or revolutionary dynamic. This question hinges, in part, on one’s view of how the Internet differs to earlier technologies.
  • There are multiple constraints on terrorist engagements with cyberspace. First, the feasibility of the terrorist activities listed above varies considerably with some requiring very little technical knowledge and others necessitating a high level of expertise. In addition to this are further constraints such as financing and the comparative desirability of more traditional attacks for reasons of visibility or know how.
  • A range of legal and political instruments are available within national and international bodies with which to confront the challenge of cyber terrorism. However, these instruments are limited by different factors including: different strategic cultures and capabilities across countries; the language and construction of existing legal instruments such as the ‘use of force’ requirement in international law; and, sensitivities towards sharing information and data.
  • Distinguishing between different types of cyber-threat is challenging, in part, because motives and behavior in this realm are difficult to identify and monitor.
  • The value of existing models and methods of deterrence to confront challenges such as cyber terrorism is unproved, at best.
  • Efforts to address threats such as cyber terrorism raise considerable ethical as well as political, legal, and technical challenges.
  • Cyber terrorism has a discursive existence as well as a ‘material’ one. How this phenomenon is framed or constructed in media and political language matters greatly.
  • The disciplinary backgrounds and commitments of academics are not incidental within debate on the definition of cyber terrorism. In part, this is because of different views of the purposes of definition itself: to ensure effective communication between researchers and/or policymakers; to facilitate cooperation across jurisdictional boundaries; to distinguish terrorism from crime and war; or, to impose limits on investigative and prosecutorial powers.

Here is a list of recent data breaches and cyber attacks, as empirical as possible, for only one month = July 2015.[11]

  • Cyber attack:

Hacking Team hacked[12] – cyber surveillance company tells customers to stop using its software.

Nursery webcam accessed by stranger to speak to parent and child. 

Coordinated cyber attack hits four New Jersey gambling sites.

Digital media streaming service Plex hacked, forum held for ransom.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service website taken offline.

Tour de France leader Chris Froome suffers alleged data hack.

  1. Data breaches:

Infidelity site Ashley Madison hacked.

Cyber attack on Edinburgh city council leaks 13,000 email addresses.

Breach affects 3,000 clients enrolled in Georgia state program.

East Sussex NHS Trust apologizes over data breach.

Personal data on laptop stolen from attorney with California law firm.

Data on 86K individuals inadvertently made accessible to Internet.

Orlando Health employee improperly accesses patient medical records.

Costco now hit by alleged PNI data breach.

  1. Payment card information breach:

Evans Hotels announces payment card incident involving malware.

Detroit Zoo, eight others across the county experience POS breach.

CVS and Wal-Mart Canada Are Investigating a Data Breach.

Clothing website Dungarees hacked – customer payment card details exposed. 

Donald Trump hotel chain hit with credit card data breach.

Fighting back against cyber crime. 

UAE busts Nigerian cyber criminal gang.

Europol knocks out mobile cyber crime gang in Spain.

Cyber crime Kingpin Pleads Guilty.

ID Theft Service Proprietor Gets 13 Years.

The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly.


LinkedIn fixes phishing flaw.

Car entertainment systems vulnerable to cyber attack.

Banking malware targets UK high street banks.”

(Note: Going to the website will provide links to each).

In conclusion, I quote Edward Snowden, two days before he left for asylum in Russia. He probably at this state of cyber-wars, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-madness is the world’s premier expert on the subject.

“Snowden believed there had been more than 61,000 NSA hacking operations globally, with hundreds of targets in Hong Kong and on the mainland (China).

“We hack network backbones – like huge internet routers, basically – that give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of computers without having to hack every single one,” he said.” [13]

What we are witnessing is a cyber war between the hackers (white hats) and the govt. surveillance apparatus. I would suggest this is the first round of what the feds will label as cyber terrorism and you and I will know as hactivism. Depending on one’s political perspective both fit every parameter of the definition of what is cyber terrorism or what is hactivism. I would additionally submit Snowden is not a terrorist he is a hactivist. He is an American hero who loves his country and its values of liberty and Bill of Rights so intensely he could no longer partake in the mass hacking (cyber terrorism) of its citizenry by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the US govt.

In reality, network backbones are exactly what was hacked into at the OPM US of govt. human resources data forks and then vacuumed up by the intruders. This factoid will not be found in the media, academia, policy maker’s white papers, or govt. reports on cyber terrorism. It was reported to me by a reliable source. A source by the way I will never reveal.

The assumption cyber terrorism does not exist is ludicrous based on playing a three card monte game on us. By railing on it does not exist there is no alarming the citizenry while the govt. is intruding into everyone’s emails, cell phones, Skype calls, Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, GPS coordinates, ATM withdrawls, debit and credit purchases, and, so forth. It makes no difference if one is the President of France[14] or the 33 million in 46 countries committing adultery[15] via the Ashley Madison site. To continue to debate cyber terrorism’s definition and parameters is not only a waste of resources and time it is an exercise in planned mis-direction. We live during the times I label, “Why solve the problem when we can spend millions studying it?”

Finally, I submit the following report in light of the 600,000 or more refugees seeking asylum hailing from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other points in MENA, and beyond, now clogging up the roadways of Hungary hoping to cross into Germany, Scotland, and other countries willing to accept them as they literally walk away from the killing fields.

Read the following and see the graphics: [16]

Graphic: What the SEA hacked.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 5.28.09 PM

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 5.28.19 PM


[2] ibid

[3] Denning, Dorothy; “A View of Cyberterrorism Five Years Later”, Naval Post Graduate School, 2006














#TheHamptons – More than a Faked Lifestyle, isn’t it?

I am reading this article on #TheGuardian website about the #Hamptons,NY, my former home space. The article is ridiculous. The obvious flubby fluffy ‘ad’ for a local realtor maybe the story’s singular value or stinky consequence – actually, it is nothing but more senseless noise on the #Net. Yet, what briefly blew me away was the Latina worker bee who washes the heads of hair of the rude and rich during the summer at a (is there anyone other kind) high tone spa/salon. She claims to be making over $650 per week in tips. Then she goes on to complain she has to live on nearly nothing during the winter.

Okay, so I have not lived in the Hamptons since July ’07, thus one can too easily conclude I am not up to date to debate details. But, I yammer a #Latina with zip education (an immigrant) to be hauling-in a crappy salary PLUS $650+ per in tips each week from late May until middle of Sept. is not shabby. Tip monies I am sure she does not pay income taxes on nor does she contribute to a local save the pet charity. Surely she supports her employed family. They appear to be living in a nice looking rental home in #Southampton, a truly classically beautiful and safe community. Yet, if par for the course, Western Union is visited regularly to forward bucks to those in her native land. I designed, built, and operated an organic espresso cafe at 49 Sunset Avenue, Westhampton Beach, and none of the staff ever made such tips. If they did, i never knew (probably a good thing, Martha). Can you confirm this Amanda Showers?

WTH? Most of those who inhabit the Hamptons during the summer season are either professional escapees from Manhattan looking to score with each other, lookie loos from Upwest cruising to see a celeb, or the revolving door mogul wealthy. There are the original blue bloods, but they are literally dying off in their chic dog-eared parlors and 2nd floor peeling paint verandas overlooking the field club, the #Atlantic, or #PeconicBay.

Now, as to the genre of locals, the dumb-nut who wrote this dribble for The Guardian quotes a couple of realtors (there is a giant herd of them and too many a greedy classless lot), a local elected official, and an immigrant Latino. This is a wearing and weak spread to draw conclusions, let alone tell a compelling story? There are in small numbers anglers, designers, builders, professionals, boaters, baymen, artists, writers, actors, gardeners, horse folks, teachers, neat family business owners, farmers, vintners, architects, retirees, and others of creative #BOHO-bent who reside on the East End of Long Island. These are the actual locals including those with familial ties hailing back to 1640 (right, Bill Pell ?). Yes, many of us bailed before the last real estate debacle – and fewer continue. Year-a-round folks who reside on the South Fork, North Fork, or Shelter Island are a special lot, no doubt about it, because the region is exceptionally historical, beautiful, and no lie isolated during the winter.

Occasionally, in a snarky mood, I pinned a button on my espresso apron, “Tell the Beautiful People I Won’t Miss Them.” The barely uttered benefit for the local world = the summer colony leaves, what my husband referred to as Tumbleweed Tuesday (day after #LaborDay). Nine months out of the year the East End is in a delightful state – no attacks of car alarms and no hotsy designer sales where sandals are half off at $2,000. Plus, most importantly, one can wet a line in the suds (surf cast) with the other five diehards along the Village of Quogue’s beach.

I truly miss boating the waterways, cozy autumn dinners with friends eating baked Striped Bass, writing commentary letters to the editor, and never sharing recipes for blueberry pies. Bags of Billy’s freshly harvested oysters waiting at the backdoor were like finding gold. Gardening perennial beds with ice crystals or sea salty sweat on my brow kept me semi-sane. Yet . . . life moves on. The status quo, even when dressed in cashmere and actual pearls, is the bane of fear.

Besides, I am positive God has new adventures in store for me in far away lands with more incredible birds in the company of classy gentle folks. Listen, living in #CostaRica, where I do, is neither boring nor stressful. Ya ‘all should be so lucky. I no longer have to keep three businesses afloat, nor pay out thousands of dollars in LIPA monthy bills (electricity), or have no mind space or heartfelt quiet time to write.

Finally (not too soon), my child-less artsy Auntie Bee, when bro and i as kids made faces into her overcooked veggies, would proffer, “Now, eat your greens, kids. Children are starving in India.” We actually took this to heart.

Photo: Summer “cottage”, #Westhampton, NY.

Screen shot 2015-08-14 at 1.24.12 PM

Idiocy of the Anti-Zionist #Zionists

If one operates with an exonerated heart in gear and a nubile brain engaged there is no way one could NOT realize the sickening plight of Palestine. For 67 years, the “chosen folks” have wrecked god-awful havoc on their #Arab neighbors to establish and expand the phony state of Israel by killing #Christians and #Muslims, stealing land, ruining lives and even demolishing ancient Bedouin villages and certain holy places.

The latest ploy by Zionist lobby groups and the cow tow media to instill global fear that Iran is going to drop the big one on Israel is orchestrated poopycock. The real narrative is #Israel does not want to become accountable to establish peace with #Palestine.

Fear manipulated and dispersed widely generates money and power for arms dealers, shrinks, and day traders. The broader brush of circulated lies stirs the simmering pot of blame and shame. Gruesome bigotry, ala the KKK, or heaps of skin heads in the white-skinned American military police force are akin to groups of the dysfunctional in social media.

Anyone who is close to Jewish friends or cohorts is familiar with a pervasive paranoia some Jews manifest. Freud and Jung designed analysis to specifically treat a hysterical Jewish clientele. Woody Allen created an award winning career in the movies writing, directing, and portraying neurotic Jews.

Delivering snarling doses of twisted perspective from revenge-ridden trolls using social media as their emotive dumping ground is quickly establishing a new found untreated mental illness. I have yet to label this post millennial madness. Then again writing a vanity check to #AIPAC ( to falsely go to war with Iran, or hopping on US Senator Sheepdog’s (Bernard #Sanders) bandwagon serves what and whom? Are these the latest human greasy gloves fit onto flailing hands of guilt bordering on mass lunacy? Is there a polluting slick (read social disorder) emerging from thousands of years of human de-edifying denial? Is this shit storm spreading across our freedom digital matrix? When did sickos within social media flip out posts of defaming idiocy in favor of bedlam rather than what the innocent hoped would be humanity’s grand last stand for solidarity – a free Internet?

Take a resonant meditative breath. Even though I state I am a global citizen of the blue marble, I am a one-state advocate – for Palestine. I am neither hate monger, nor particularly biased against Jews or other cultures. Yet, I have zip respect for any mouthy or hushed Zionist or anti-Zionist Zionist – let alone puppet politicians who stand for the gross state of Israel. I do find the generational arcane argument by American Jews, “Gee, I never knew it was so bad in Palestine,” as weirdly void as the nearest black hole to our pipsqueak of a wondrous planet.

Many, during my rapt years as a Cali and then NY Democratic Committeewoman, too loudly whispered from the back, side, and front of the room, “There she goes our Muslim lover.” For the funky record, I have never had a Muslim lover – it is against the rules of Islam and I honor same. Yet, I do not rule out marrying a Muslim as I do believe I am capable of one more incredible love experience before the rainbow bridge appears – so the floor is open to exceptional Muslims and others who may qualify. For public transparency and pivotal ethics, my brother married into a family of Christian Arabs (Lebanese, Palestinian, and Egyptian), who are more paying-it-forward successful and dedicated to the Constitution of America than any of my former political party members.

Moving on, AIPAC dishes out engineered dual citizenships (USA & Israel) for US of Constant Wars elected national leaders (see graph below, unconfirmed). In the land of the Brits, festers AIPAC’s handmaiden, the Conservative Friends of Israel  ( . The Israeli #LawofReturn is in place to confirm any Jew can assume citizenship of Israel without abandoning their home country’s allegiance. The Law of Return (Hebrew: חֹוק הַשְׁבוּת, ḥok ha-shvūt) is Israeli legislation, passed on 5 July 1950, providing Jews the right of return and the right to live in Israel and to gain citizenship. In 1970, the right of entry and settlement was extended to people of Jewish ancestry, and their spouses. It is the core upside bullshit granting every Jew in the world the right to settle in Israel and why the ‘chosen folks’ believe they can commandeer the land and people of Palestine, Lebanon, the Sinai, and beyond. (Bold formatted words are not my doing).

In 2014, thirty-seven House of Commons Members of Parliament (MPs) and PPCs (Brits leaders) visited Israel as guests of the Conservative Friends of Israel. The percentage of Westminster’s allegiance to the CFI is estimated at 40 to 75% of the political body of decision makers. Yet, I suspect since May 7, 2015, when the Scottish National Party (#SNP) won 56 out of 59 MP seats, the number substantially decreased. Scots are pro-Palestine supporters, advocates, and the rowdy bagpipe players and drum beaters for independence and freedom – of theirs, and others under the boot of the empire.

Basically, there are NOT a lot of Jews in Scotland, and never have been (less than 0.01% of the population). If you were a Scottish Jew, you probably migrated to the US of Constant Wars, or some other commonwealth. Maybe there are less than 6,000 Jews resident in Scotland. They live in the two major urban centers. Today, meeting a Jew in the Highlands could only mean there is a Gollywood movie being filmed. Although, if you had your childhood kilt sewn and tailored (like mine) and mailed to America it was probably sewn and/or pressed by a Jew in Glasgow. (

There are supposedly 100,000 AIPAC members in America and about 2,000 Conservative Friends members in England. But like the Jews of Scotland, numbers on both sides of the pond (Atlantic Ocean) are dwindling faster than water tanks in LA. In fact, the majority of Israeli residents/settlers are not followers of the Hebrew faith, rather they are secular in religiosity, not unlike Jews of the upper East Side of Manhattan – gung ho on the pretense of Hebrew culture but not regular readers of the Talmud.

How a Jew could vote for the Bibi slaughter party is no mystery. Bibi’s scaremongering campaign and paper ballots won the day or at least the majority for the Israeli Likud Party. The final Likud slogan was stark: “It’s Us or the Left: only Netanyahu, only Likud.” The Likuds ‘drug’ around the ‘save us from Iran nuking Israel’ petard feeding societal paranoia – what I label ethnic terrorism.

Hatred of self and emotional inferiority has poorly served the Jews of this planet fostering innate suspicion and downloading an insular numbness. Maybe this is why they have no legitimate country? Such is God’s judgment not mine. Selling the holocaust as if a brand of soap pushes the plight of victimization and herds Jews away from the shared centrist compassion of our species (why they need special dispensation like the Law of Return?). Gamesmanship supercedes and collective suffering is an excuse for criminality when exploited for political and economic reasons – such a manifestation denies humanity for all.

Lately, parts of social media are a flutter and a fuss over the slamming and attempted dismantling of pro-Palestine groups who have Jewish leadership and supporters. The tiny Anti-Zionist Zionist movement could be straight out of the Nazi playbook filtered through the technology of Mossad. More is to be revealed. In the fury and flurry to do something to help Gaza, bleeding hearts, good souls, and knee-jerk liberals rushed to Western Union to send bucks into rubble and ranked Gaza. In the meantime, the Israel propaganda machine fired up its paranoia cannons declaring Hamas the cause and reason to destroy once again tiny seaside Gaza.

US policy makers stuffed from noshing at the trough of AIPAC, who are apparently more ‘Jewish’ than the Reformed Synagogue of Palm Beach (see the graph below, again), make sure billions of tax payer dollars continue to flow down the pipeline to poor orphaned Israel, the victim of homemade shoulder pipe bombs so inaccurate they literally cannot hit the broadside of an IDF tank.

Too true to reactionary form, the surfeit of chemical and lethal ordinance dumped by the IDF on Gaza and the daily bloody and freakish control of Palestinians continues with little abatement. Drones continue to deafen the ears of babies on the Gaza Strip and Palestine ER services soldier-on to miraculously assist the incoming injured and emotionally maimed from Arab scorched babies to Arab elderly smacked down by hit and run settlers.

Hamas is the official elected govt. of Gaza. It is the paymaster for 45,000+ govt. employees in Gaza from teachers to surgeons – a magical cluster now living on next to nothing, not unlike the rest (1.6 million) trapped in Gaza. Life sustaining tunnels are demolished and promises to rebuild Gaza evaporated; yet, the holy spirit of Palestinians to act as MLK’s emissaries is remarkable if not supernatural. I am seriously beginning to consider those in Gaza are God’s true chosen folks.

In the name of common sense and morality, the UN terrorist list must name the incurable apartheid entity called Israel and remove Hamas. However, the shadow state of the hegemony prefers to sell and deliver its death machines to Israel. The pre-staging of people accepting lies as truth and brutality under the guise of defense is not limited to Tel Aviv.

Anyone who signs a check over to AIPAC or the Conservatives for Israel, or accepts donations as political payoff is being yanked front and center onto the world stage. Righteous #Netizens refuse to profit from suffering. We stand apart, openly revealing a world gone asinine. Our voice becomes more honed, and our vision more attune to what Palestinians prefer instead of what diplomats, self-appointed pundits, and corrupted academia tout.

Those seeped in ugliness and vitriol who are critical of the Jews standing up for Palestine are more racist than any enraged group of naysayer I have encountered, and I have been circulating amongst the body politic for a while.

For those of us who are students of history, out of necessity rather than profit, the use of the holocaust to justify frenzied apartheid, slaughter, and burnt Arab babies now makes the official version suspect. It is a growing social media blowback and under closer examination, the tourist fashioned demonstration of gas chambers and smoke stacks appear to be built by the Stalinist state to insist on blind obedience to their version of history.

I have visited a holocaust museum. I have stood in front of the giant black and white mural photographs of emaciated human flesh and skeletons piled like logs. My emotive response is the same – where are the wall sized photos of murdered Native Americans, butchered whales, bare bones African kids by the millions, let alone shivering Palestinian kids shackled for years in Ktzi’ot Prison. This Israeli prison is the largest detention camp (excluding Gaza) in the world, located 45 miles southwest of Beersheba, Israel, in the desert. Ktzi’ot covers ninety-nine square miles so surely someone in the US State Dept. or piddle stream media would notice it, wouldn’t they?

As to the Anti-Zionist Zionists, your manic retribution needs professional attention. Spite is pithy bitterness that leads to disintegration of the soul. Abandonment of self is a serious self-deception malevolence. Persecution complexes transform a reasonable person into one with an acute irrational fear that other people are plotting one’s downfall and these folks are responsible for one’s failure. Persecutory delusions are the most common form of delusions in schizophrenia where the person believes “he or she is being tormented, followed, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed.” The clustering of those buying into this disorder is not new – stress of war, conflict and disaster are epochs of mass persecution.

The irony is the ignis fatuus of persecution appears here:Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 2.23.28 AM

“As part of the Nuremberg Principles, crimes against humanity are part of international law. Principle VI of the Nuremberg Principles states that

The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:…(c) Crimes against humanity:

Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions are carried on in execution of or in connection with any crime against peace or any war crime.”
Source: Wikipedia

Spying on the Spies Spying on Us

Spies spy, this is their official overt mandate although their actions are suppose to be covert. NSA spying on allies is not shocking to me (see Guardian article below). When you operate from a paranoid world-view that everyone is out to get you (read US of Constant Wars) what can one expect? This is why France’s political power base is going to vote for new powers to spy on its own citizenry. Everyone spying on everyone else is a surveillance political circle jerk (sorry for the graphic). What is scary is how easily it is to procure sensitive info and sell it to the highest bidder. As such, even Ben Franklin’s son William, a loyalist, sold information about his father to the Crown.

Snowden, Manning, Hammond, and other whistleblowers of our war economy horrific times are not offering revelations for money nor do i believe they acted from a childish need for attention. They came forward to warn and inform the world and consequently are suffering the wrath of the empire. Hypocrisy exhibited is pro forma for the empire’s hollow leadership where values and ethics are neither affirmed nor sought. For the security apparatus to perceive Julian Assange equal to a full blown terrorist ramped up to kill kids in a Pakistan school is insane. It is beyond disturbing the empire sees journalists and journalism in the same waterboarding shadows as the madmen who send kids wired with chest bombs into places of worship.

‪#‎WikiLeaks‬ publishes and also archives massive amounts of communications between nefarious govt. actors and corrupted entities along with other pertinent documents in what can only be termed – perennial intrigues. Without astute technical nerd skills to house and safeguard these cables, and various other significant data materials, you and I would be further stuck behind higher and thicker opaque walls unable to see let alone hear the truth.

For many years I rummaged around inside the dumps of political madness and historical outlines attempting to personally comprehend America’s innards and decode interlinking webs to explain same to myself, and to you. Unfortunately, in Murica big news qualifies as the opening of the newest micro-brewery or an orchestrated derailment from truth by the latest piddle stream media spin.

H/w example of a derailment = The funeral tomorrow in Charleston, South Carolina and the harangue over the Confederate colors – the battle flag of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. i guarantee the media will rage on for months as THE debate of heritage. South Carolina was the first state to secede, two months after the election of Abraham Lincoln. It was in South Carolina the Civil War began, when the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter. Taking down flags that supported black slavery as the basis of white equality is reverse bigotry? It has been 150+ years the Confederate flag has flown over public buildings.

Side bar:
Souls who died or were wounded in the American Civil War (April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865).
Union =
140,414 killed in action
~ 365,000 total dead
275,200 wounded
Confederates =
72,524 killed in action
~ 260,000 total dead
137,000+ wounded
Civilian =
number of wounded unknown

700,000+ dead
412,200+ wounded

These numbers may sound like the south won but the north had 2 million soldiers and the south only had 1 million. Disease is what also killed, not just stupid macho bull corn called collateral murdering (war) for one’s beliefs.

Core-bemoaning – what i label the wholistic smews I write – is not popular as it requires an attention span and curious intelligence to stay the course during unfolding events without forgetting critical thinking.

I wear no mask. I am an open book with thick covers. No one is around to put a paper bag over my head. My agenda is information as a format of communication art.

The incredible dramatic need for the healing of human systemic rot is a world-wide emergency. Some of you nice folks are growing strawberries and backyard chickens as your preference to fighting the flailing system. Others of you, in desperate and far deeper piles of shit, work like crazed camels to educate the next generation (your kids) in hopes they can assume the throne of power and shift the paradigm.

My life is simple and free. Because of decades of working on a treadmill I now have the time and a devoted inclination to over come disinformation machinations by offering commentary based in factual reality. No one is my boss. No one tells me what to quote, state, or bemoan. The Net places our communications equal to any news service. Transparency, ethics, and SEO expertise can foist anyone above the din and matrix noise. Yet, be assured I am not operating as a lone wolf.

The Highlander drum I beat is repetitive and at times this grates on my snotty creative persona. I prefer jazz bent originality or at least a fresh scene to write a finer script. Yet, to help others discover the facts to break denial demands consistency be one more sharp tool to dismantle the clown car while building a bridge across the abyss of apathy.

Writing in cliche is on purpose. Making up words is part of my recovering stony writer’s prerogative. Re-using hot shot buzz words is strategic intent. Yet, facts are researched and confirmed. If i am duped into posting something faux hopefully i am the first to admit it.

What is unacceptable is the intrusion of our privacy and the alteration of justice by greed, or any other negative. What is wasteful and stupid is sexual harassment by trolls and other nut jobs.

‪#‎Freedom‬ and prosperity are not mutually exclusive. As those with conscience awake and become enraged I am not seeking a resolution by igniting anarchy. I am a Ben Franklin styled pacifist (see pbs link below). My personal goal is not to violently overthrow corporate govts., religiosity, and/or civil society. But, while i might parse out slices of mountain berry and apple pie doused in lemon curd the iced chai tea I serve is not brewed by the ‪#‎NSA‬ or, any of its subcontractors. I remain a peace and freedom revolutionary.