America Prepares – Earth Spins a Cliffhanger

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 3.09.35 PM

Hurricane Joaquin, October 1, 2015, at the time a Category Four storm spinning at 6 mph slowing moving south west as it pummeled the Bahamas.

US Govt.’s weather map is seen below . . . and, following the emergency preparation script handed out at training sessions for govt. leadership and first responders, the eastern seaboard is awash in govt. generated public information media stories, declarations of states of emergency, and info on how to prep for a hurricane, etc.

People are taking down Walmarts for supplies, evacuating known flood zones, looking for insurance papers, battening down their homes, vehicles, boats, corporate cubicles, and small businesses. If sports fans they are unhappily realizing their weekend favorite activity will be rescheduled. School administrators hold video calls to figure out revised schedules. Maintenance and road departments within villages, cities, and counties are preparing their equipment, headsets, and vehicles along with electrical companies line managers, hospital personnel, and police and fire guys who are meeting to go-over their particular coordinated local emergency plan.

The National Guard is being called up, quietly, and the US Air Force has ordered all airplanes (war machines) to fly to airbases our of harm’s way of the weather cliffhanger.

No one reports about what the wild creatures are doing to survive.

This is America held hostage by weather conditions as the govt. attempts to stabilize a nervous post-Sandy populous, and Wall Street, coming off its worst quarter in four years, ponders.

Looking a tad under the weather myself, I would add to this mix of human activity – ya reap what ya sow, fellow Muricans. Ma Earth is trying to adjust to the crap we spill, puke, and pump onto the land and into the waterways.

If you prefer not to engage in a debate about global climatic change since time is of the essence because of impending possibilities, may i suggest during down time the next 48 hours you consider what you can do to reduce the shit in your lifestyle and then actually implement these acts.

I mean if the entire human-frantic Eastern seaboard can mobilize for #Hurricane #Joaquin, one would propose this mass can figure out how to collectively live sustainably not destroying life at such a reckless rate the Big Kahuna eco-system, known as Earth, has to respond. Are we clear? Or do you need more time? Because, frankly, we just moved several additional seconds into the last minute of our allotment on the human clock.

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 3.50.18 PM


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