From the Hut – Short Tales of Timidity

I passed the final week’s quiz and now all i need to do is take the final exam (and pass) for my Terrorism and Counter-terrorism course from Leiden University, the Hague. This week’s study focused on active foreign fighters in #Syria. It was informative as readings were especially scholarly not limited to the party line from #Europol, #EU and the #UN. Yet, the amount of effort, money, and consternation exhibited over the paranoia of former foreign fighters returning to their homeland to act out as terrorists is a fertile field for additional layers of fear mongering. This collective psychosis reminds me of the enormous bias swirling that within the refugee exodus are hidden terrorists who will destroy Europe.

Fear is the core issue with tinges of societal persecution complex (see Israhell’s justification for destroying #Palestine). Those who trudge around in anxious states are people refusing to go through the doors of perception and rid themselves of the shackles of delusion? Humans can manifest whatever. This is our curse and our grandeur.

I happily prefer to be in a demure world of now – one of natural abundance, overt kindness, loving gentleness, and freedom while supporting those whose idea of resistance to the ruling master dunderheads does not include violence. I am also not a ‘raise the vibration’ thumper, or swing the crystals over your chakras, or smoke herb to find your center. I am a purist (as in no mood altering substances) with no agenda except to live simply with mindfulness carrying a feathered medicine bag of fawning ethics and waning compassion. This perspective, at times, is perplexing for others as I do not fit into any one exclusive or inclusive beau ideal. I am grounded without standing on a stage or against a backdrop. I basically run the other direction from archetypes (studying Jung charted this course).

If one actually follows the ‘to thine own self be true’ axiom what evolves is a beauty of an unique life well lived, and one without tragic obsessions, rampant suspicion, daily delusions, or compulsive fear. Honesty is the password. Liars exist in a self-festered exaggeration of self-importance and typically this condition is elaborated into an organized system be it personal or a full blown societal psychosis (read US of Constant Wars #Congress).

Those who perceive the craziness of it all (humanity) are on the outside attempting to interface with others of their ilk. Social media is the medium we never had before to align ourselves, seek support, and open up the discourse for solutions and inventions.

For me, a Gringa living alone with a German Shepherd Company, is what another single woman on her finca in Costa Rica calls, “tough as nails but nice.” My nails are thin and splintered, yet painted. . . as to nice, more likely I am fast on the uptake, yet very slow to piss off. I never was jammed up with rage against the machine, or other entities or authorities of deception, rather I am over-brimming with passion for justice for Earth and peace. Aye, it is the loving cup is half full, not half empty.

My funky theory is why empower the sham masters and their distortions with emotive reactionary stances – they ain’t worth it. These small souls are being eaten by their gadget purchased canards with anchors tethered to inbred fallacy and force fed perjury. Those reveling in this twisted vista i firmly contend will reap their karma.

Nature, for me, is a truth to stave off human arrogance and fits of melancholy or mendacity. God, who is alive pulsating the universe, has a non-fiction plan far more intricate and wondrous than our pitiful pool of bipeds will ever comprehend – no matter how large our brains grow or how vast our artificial computer systems evolve. We will remain upright cheap imitations spinning our fables until we over-stay and/or accelerate our deceitful welcome.

#Nature has a vigor, an openness, and a dominant potentiality to rectify mistakes in its body. Why is it so characteristically difficult for our dumb arse species to comprehend we are but a wee part of the #Gestalt? Tick tock. Tick tock.

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 2.35.39 PM

Photo: Bright-blue Earth looms over the oldest known planet in the Milky Way. The ancient planet is thought to be about 13 billion years old, more than twice as old as Earth and a mere billion years younger than the estimated age of the universe. Its discovery, made using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, is evidence that planets began forming soon after the big bang and may be very abundant in our galaxy. Source: National Geographic.


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