)ne, Two, Three Hipsters behind the Curve

Most of what is blabbered as #Screen shot 2015-09-26 at 4.46.55 PMTweets, or Fedbook posts, or added to the noise of the Blogo-sphere or spit out by the piddle stream media is redundant. It is a repost, a retweet, a share, a pass-along, a copy, etc. Most human creativity is redundant but not necessarily superfluous. Are you hip to the nuance?

Humans a-twitter in ego-fits beam they have designed, fashioned, or built the next Genesis for the narrative. Possibly this explains why I prefer furniture with hand cut dove-tailed corners in my home space and dog-eared books lining my bookshelves. It is the patina of life and on a sturdy case-piece waxed and standing around for a century, or more, that i dig. It is the karma of the thing.

I can barely look at what is hot in ‘contemporary’ art passing itself off as ‘original’. It is caca. It annoys my ole soul and short circuits my heart from its giant rabbits painted with ugly colors and gross brush strokes to the faked emotive landscape of abstracts. I do go for conceptual pieces (see photo but for sh*t-sake do not click on the porn ads on the page this photo hails from).

Recently, it was revealed i am not alone in a disdain for the artsy fartsy scene of collector greed and trendsterizing*.

I dunno. It could be living 24/7 with remarkable natural beauty and its life and death cycles. The treasures of its truth overshadow any human attempt to make new? I am forever altered by Finca Vigia? The power of place has torn up societal impingement and the yin yang of cosmic education I thought at one time was expanded consciousness?

Am I morphing into a curmudgeon-ite? I am not innately bad-tempered nor outwardly surly otherwise why would the dogs smile and dance when i sing their tunes. Yes, I devised a special short ditty for each canine. No, I am not suffering from too much time, rather too little left.

I am not serving up a box of razors. It is nearly 5 PM, very cool, raining, kinda dreary, and I am also not whining or wincing. I wrote a long piece and it was eaten up by the matrix. What remains is this post, it is all i can remember of what I first wrote, so how important could it have possibly been in the Kahuna scheme, fellow Earthlings?

* madeup word


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