From the Hut – Short Tales of Timidity

I passed the final week’s quiz and now all i need to do is take the final exam (and pass) for my Terrorism and Counter-terrorism course from Leiden University, the Hague. This week’s study focused on active foreign fighters in #Syria. It was informative as readings were especially scholarly not limited to the party line from #Europol, #EU and the #UN. Yet, the amount of effort, money, and consternation exhibited over the paranoia of former foreign fighters returning to their homeland to act out as terrorists is a fertile field for additional layers of fear mongering. This collective psychosis reminds me of the enormous bias swirling that within the refugee exodus are hidden terrorists who will destroy Europe.

Fear is the core issue with tinges of societal persecution complex (see Israhell’s justification for destroying #Palestine). Those who trudge around in anxious states are people refusing to go through the doors of perception and rid themselves of the shackles of delusion? Humans can manifest whatever. This is our curse and our grandeur.

I happily prefer to be in a demure world of now – one of natural abundance, overt kindness, loving gentleness, and freedom while supporting those whose idea of resistance to the ruling master dunderheads does not include violence. I am also not a ‘raise the vibration’ thumper, or swing the crystals over your chakras, or smoke herb to find your center. I am a purist (as in no mood altering substances) with no agenda except to live simply with mindfulness carrying a feathered medicine bag of fawning ethics and waning compassion. This perspective, at times, is perplexing for others as I do not fit into any one exclusive or inclusive beau ideal. I am grounded without standing on a stage or against a backdrop. I basically run the other direction from archetypes (studying Jung charted this course).

If one actually follows the ‘to thine own self be true’ axiom what evolves is a beauty of an unique life well lived, and one without tragic obsessions, rampant suspicion, daily delusions, or compulsive fear. Honesty is the password. Liars exist in a self-festered exaggeration of self-importance and typically this condition is elaborated into an organized system be it personal or a full blown societal psychosis (read US of Constant Wars #Congress).

Those who perceive the craziness of it all (humanity) are on the outside attempting to interface with others of their ilk. Social media is the medium we never had before to align ourselves, seek support, and open up the discourse for solutions and inventions.

For me, a Gringa living alone with a German Shepherd Company, is what another single woman on her finca in Costa Rica calls, “tough as nails but nice.” My nails are thin and splintered, yet painted. . . as to nice, more likely I am fast on the uptake, yet very slow to piss off. I never was jammed up with rage against the machine, or other entities or authorities of deception, rather I am over-brimming with passion for justice for Earth and peace. Aye, it is the loving cup is half full, not half empty.

My funky theory is why empower the sham masters and their distortions with emotive reactionary stances – they ain’t worth it. These small souls are being eaten by their gadget purchased canards with anchors tethered to inbred fallacy and force fed perjury. Those reveling in this twisted vista i firmly contend will reap their karma.

Nature, for me, is a truth to stave off human arrogance and fits of melancholy or mendacity. God, who is alive pulsating the universe, has a non-fiction plan far more intricate and wondrous than our pitiful pool of bipeds will ever comprehend – no matter how large our brains grow or how vast our artificial computer systems evolve. We will remain upright cheap imitations spinning our fables until we over-stay and/or accelerate our deceitful welcome.

#Nature has a vigor, an openness, and a dominant potentiality to rectify mistakes in its body. Why is it so characteristically difficult for our dumb arse species to comprehend we are but a wee part of the #Gestalt? Tick tock. Tick tock.

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 2.35.39 PM

Photo: Bright-blue Earth looms over the oldest known planet in the Milky Way. The ancient planet is thought to be about 13 billion years old, more than twice as old as Earth and a mere billion years younger than the estimated age of the universe. Its discovery, made using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, is evidence that planets began forming soon after the big bang and may be very abundant in our galaxy. Source: National Geographic.


#Justice, #Freedom, and #Bread – Sort of . . .

I have a distinct personal dislike for the #HouseofSaud. Some of its gaudy ornamental princes go around the world murdering (hunting) rare creatures because they write checks to govts. See photo below taken in #Pakistan.

I knew one House of Saud boy-man in my life – a tall ‘ish classy fellow student at UC Berkeley. His formalized gentleman manners were only out festooned by his 19th century chauvinism and adoration for Italian sports cars and one honey blonde beauty. I think he asked my Italian American roommate out more than I knew it was possible for a young man (let alone grad student) to stay interested.

Rose bouquets of rare colors would too regularly arrive at our front door befitting for a mafioso’s funeral or Sicilian national wedding. Yet, my favorite where baskets of desert dates and dried fruits so grand in size and volume we were forced to organize what we called – Fruity Tuttie Parties. At these events, we gave away judicious amounts of dates and dried apricots as party favors while raising money for our save a pet or political charity of the moment. Naturally, the unrequited prince would arrive with his bodyguard who on his own filled the foyer of our little rented cottage. For these festivities the Prince would have delivered platters from an Italian deli (San Francisco’s North Beach #Molinaridi’s) that we preferred along with kegs of imported beer and cases of decent Napa wine. His one-man crew brought bags of cash.

When I moved onto graduate school and my roomie took her first position as an industrial designer in San Francisco the prince went home. For awhile we feared he would kidnap her, yet as time marched into the future I suppose his Berkeley-based obsession was replaced by another. It was decades later when I was betting on horses did I discover who he was – #HRH Prince Fahd Salma. He died in 2001 from a heart attack and is best remembered for owning one of Brit’s greatest thoroughbreds named, #Generous. When one considers gifts the Prince bestowed on my roommate, the name of his racehorse is exceptionally appropriate.

Screen shot 2015-09-27 at 5.41.19 PM

What happened to my roommate? After designing hotsy Milano looking furniture she married a nice Italian American guy who we all thought was mobbed-up. But, Catholic Lou (my handle for him) turned out was a member of a heritage family – the bakers of famous San Francisco sourdough French bread. Then again, they could be cosa nostra, like the pizza store front operations of New York City, eh?


)ne, Two, Three Hipsters behind the Curve

Most of what is blabbered as #Screen shot 2015-09-26 at 4.46.55 PMTweets, or Fedbook posts, or added to the noise of the Blogo-sphere or spit out by the piddle stream media is redundant. It is a repost, a retweet, a share, a pass-along, a copy, etc. Most human creativity is redundant but not necessarily superfluous. Are you hip to the nuance?

Humans a-twitter in ego-fits beam they have designed, fashioned, or built the next Genesis for the narrative. Possibly this explains why I prefer furniture with hand cut dove-tailed corners in my home space and dog-eared books lining my bookshelves. It is the patina of life and on a sturdy case-piece waxed and standing around for a century, or more, that i dig. It is the karma of the thing.

I can barely look at what is hot in ‘contemporary’ art passing itself off as ‘original’. It is caca. It annoys my ole soul and short circuits my heart from its giant rabbits painted with ugly colors and gross brush strokes to the faked emotive landscape of abstracts. I do go for conceptual pieces (see photo but for sh*t-sake do not click on the porn ads on the page this photo hails from).

Recently, it was revealed i am not alone in a disdain for the artsy fartsy scene of collector greed and trendsterizing*.

I dunno. It could be living 24/7 with remarkable natural beauty and its life and death cycles. The treasures of its truth overshadow any human attempt to make new? I am forever altered by Finca Vigia? The power of place has torn up societal impingement and the yin yang of cosmic education I thought at one time was expanded consciousness?

Am I morphing into a curmudgeon-ite? I am not innately bad-tempered nor outwardly surly otherwise why would the dogs smile and dance when i sing their tunes. Yes, I devised a special short ditty for each canine. No, I am not suffering from too much time, rather too little left.

I am not serving up a box of razors. It is nearly 5 PM, very cool, raining, kinda dreary, and I am also not whining or wincing. I wrote a long piece and it was eaten up by the matrix. What remains is this post, it is all i can remember of what I first wrote, so how important could it have possibly been in the Kahuna scheme, fellow Earthlings?

* madeup word

On Advertency

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 10.20.23 AM

Today’s one-liner, isn’t:

“Without perspective we become less than what we are and more of what we do not want to be.” Sam Richardson, California artist

My training in art was traditional. I learned perspective as a kid beginning with two-point perspective drawings. This limited artsy introduction was hobbled to looking at architecture in the sunshine and seeing the structure’s shadows (negative space) to define the perspective in reality and eventually in my mind’s eye. Then i expanded and tried to see perspective in flowers, birds, the sea, clouds, and the intricacy of spirals and finally within myself – as reflection. When I arrived at the destination of civil society in my quest, perspective took a protracted hiatus. This tipping point lingers.

Art is a pathway and it is a quiet guru-less way of living enmeshed in aesthetics and sensitivity. Art commissions one’s whole person to become healed by beautifying and connecting – inter and intra. I am grateful for awareness and for an innate ability to seek, to be forever curious, to imagine as many possibilities as my pea brain can hold and my corroding heart chambers can pulse. To live what I call, in the groove, on the beam, and at rare times in the real deal flow – such is the poetic here and now, and if this authenticity is not the enchantment of consciousness, then enlighten me.

I will be candid with you, I do not ‘get’ how people can operate without perception let alone be without compassionate, nor how they cannnot adore Earth, or not be willing to love and laugh without irreversible abandonment. Are they cursed with primitive-fed fear? Did their gene pool never experience the phenomenology of insight?

Okay, so I am inbred snotty and at times gratuitously romantic but is there not a moment when each of us realizes a bird’s eye view is without parallel? One world oneness is not an interpretation, it is the wholism of right impression, right action, and the height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from any particular point. It is a global perspective.

Into the mix is stirred humility. Diffidence is a weird one – it can be a light bulb moment or a hammer falling on one’s big toe. Some feel it as humiliation, a questionable self-victimization?

The ego whispers or screams as it is seems with humanity it is unusual for ego to be barely even-keeled. Ego mediates between the conscious and the unconscious. It is responsible for realty testing and a sense of personal identity. In metaphysics ego is a conscious thinking subject.

In Jungian thought (where I reside) Carl Jung said, “The ego stands to the self as the moved to the mover, or the object to the subject, because the determining factors which radiate from the self surround the ego on all sides and are therefore supraordinate to it. The self, like the unconscious, is an a priori existent out which the ego evolves.” (Transformation Symbolism in the Mass,” CW 11, par. 391.)

When ego rules (know it too well) we manifest the nasty inequality of human organization and forget to be free beings. Our history belies we have been at this trough of angst for thousands of years unable to move beyond pettiness, turf wars, and built-in bias.

If you find a smiling humble person with a grand sense of humor as friend, lover, partner, associate, or cyber-hell passerby who is also deeply creative, wonderfully independent, and paying-it-forward kind you are damn lucky, blessed really . . . or both. Presumptions evaporate and mobilization brings the dream state into the rock n’ roll world of consciousness.

Perspective on paper, or in the sand, is a voiceless mirror on the perspective of one’s life? Disturbances we manifest in our personal interactions are micro to the macro of mass human behavior. I do not do well with drama queens or those who like to gossip or nitpick. My first case scenario with these folks is not to turn my cheek but to as soon as possible (but not rudely) split from the scene. Over the decades any tolerance with this pettifogging lexicon vanished along with any desire to fix the fuckers. “Move on, next . . . a mantra to edit the emotionally shabby divisionaries*.

The meanings of symbols, in poetry, dreams, art, story, myth and even literature and illustration fashioned within children’s books are how we move from defeat, pain and suffering (individually or as a collective) to melding a place of love – of adaptation and transformation.

*one of my made-up words, but you get its meaning, eh?

Jamie Harkins, sand art, a perspective.

#Feds Are the Cyber-Terrorists?

The National Defense Magazine (USA) issued an article dated July 2007[1] quoting Dorothy Denning, noted cyber security expert at the Naval Postgraduate School. Denning reviewed the 2000, Sunshine Coast of Australia incident[2] where a disgruntled politico (Vitek Boden) hacked into a waste management computer system and altered pump station operations releasing 264,000 gallons of raw sewage killing marine life, contaminating water, and stinking up the region. Denning[3] claims this incident was not motivated for political reasons or to instill fear so it is not cyber terrorism. I contend she is dead wrong leading the parade of ignorance setting up a blinded pace of cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. We are in an ongoing cyber terrorist circumstance, at this very moment. Who told me? Ed #Snowden, a former US intelligence contractor who understands free expression and the meaning of watchdog like none other, except maybe Julian Assange.

#Cyber #terrorism is a hot button buzzword, debated[4] across the venues of #hactivism, security expertise enclaves, and govt. counter-terrorism units. For those of us who report on cyber terrorism and are familiar with cyber attacks, breaches, #Anonymous, #WikiLeaks, and others who are whistleblowers, hackers, and crackers the debate needs to conclude. It can if we open our eyes and see, not merely look.

To assume cyber terrorism is not real is a lethal falsehood buried in propagandizing. Cyberspace threats taken to the actuality (tender to extreme) are capable of disarming or arming comprehensive computer systems used to fire nuclear missiles, or to destroy international linked communications systems (read satellites), or eliminate like dominoes the usefulness of life-giving infrastructure millions are dependent upon. To argue Boden (the guy in the first paragraph) was not politically motivated is duplicitous and smacks of both denial and orchestrated mis-information.

In June 2015 technology and national security specialists received their come-upings when the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) of millions of US Federal workers were hacked[5] into with such expertise there are virtually no footprints to track who or what perpetrated a massive infringement into govt. protected databases. While the piddle stream media reports it was the Chinese govt., there exist absolutely no facts to back up such an assertion.

Stolen data streams in this mass attack included social security numbers, employee reviews and recommendations, complaints and resolutions, home addresses, health records, and other private information for over four million USA govt. employees. Certain departments were more heavily hit including the Dept. of Commerce and Dept. of the Interior and to date the govt. is not forthcoming what exact data blocks were hacked into citing “national security protocol’. Such critical intelligence (read information) was stolen by an unknown entity using a digital back door through a subcontractor to the govt. The attack went on for at least four months and may be continuing.

The OPM second attack[6] added to the first is even more alarming since it targeted Intel gathering employees of the intelligence communities of the US govt. However, policy makers are mis-directed by arrogance and lack of understanding of computer science. Leading policy institutions[7] continue to keep their heads in the sands stuck on Muslim terrorism as not capable of cyber warfare/terrorism. These experts are not paying attention to who is competent enough to perpetrate a devastating cyber strike. It only takes one (Snowden) or a handful of adept hackers (Syria Electronic Army) to reach into the matrix and dump malware and/or retrieve enormous amounts of information.

Further, to assert a Denial of Service (DoS) is not a cyber attack is stupidity. The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)[8] took down and defaced the US Army’s public website (, and they have accomplished other operations. They are a group of youth who can no longer stay silent towards massive distortion of facts about what is happening in Syria.

President O-Bomb-O gives credence to cyber terrorism in his 2015 state of the union address. “No foreign nation, no hacker, should be able to shut down our networks, steal our trade secrets, or invade the privacy of American families, especially our kids. We are making sure our government integrates intelligence to combat cyber threats, just as we have done to combat terrorism. And tonight, I urge this Congress to finally pass the legislation we need to better meet the evolving threat of cyber-attacks, combat identity theft, and protect our children’s information. If we don’t act, we’ll leave our nation and our economy vulnerable. If we do, we can continue to protect the technologies that have unleashed untold opportunities for people around the globe.”[9]

While cyber security and cyber experts meet and present, there are evidential findings worth reviewing outlining cyber terrorism exists. They are as follows:

“Several recurrent themes emerge from the preceding summary of the seven panels:[10]

  • It is clear that cyberspace opens considerable potential opportunities for terrorist activities, including communication, fund-raising, and attacks.
  • It remains an open question whether terrorist uses of the Internet constitute an evolutionary or revolutionary dynamic. This question hinges, in part, on one’s view of how the Internet differs to earlier technologies.
  • There are multiple constraints on terrorist engagements with cyberspace. First, the feasibility of the terrorist activities listed above varies considerably with some requiring very little technical knowledge and others necessitating a high level of expertise. In addition to this are further constraints such as financing and the comparative desirability of more traditional attacks for reasons of visibility or know how.
  • A range of legal and political instruments are available within national and international bodies with which to confront the challenge of cyber terrorism. However, these instruments are limited by different factors including: different strategic cultures and capabilities across countries; the language and construction of existing legal instruments such as the ‘use of force’ requirement in international law; and, sensitivities towards sharing information and data.
  • Distinguishing between different types of cyber-threat is challenging, in part, because motives and behavior in this realm are difficult to identify and monitor.
  • The value of existing models and methods of deterrence to confront challenges such as cyber terrorism is unproved, at best.
  • Efforts to address threats such as cyber terrorism raise considerable ethical as well as political, legal, and technical challenges.
  • Cyber terrorism has a discursive existence as well as a ‘material’ one. How this phenomenon is framed or constructed in media and political language matters greatly.
  • The disciplinary backgrounds and commitments of academics are not incidental within debate on the definition of cyber terrorism. In part, this is because of different views of the purposes of definition itself: to ensure effective communication between researchers and/or policymakers; to facilitate cooperation across jurisdictional boundaries; to distinguish terrorism from crime and war; or, to impose limits on investigative and prosecutorial powers.

Here is a list of recent data breaches and cyber attacks, as empirical as possible, for only one month = July 2015.[11]

  • Cyber attack:

Hacking Team hacked[12] – cyber surveillance company tells customers to stop using its software.

Nursery webcam accessed by stranger to speak to parent and child. 

Coordinated cyber attack hits four New Jersey gambling sites.

Digital media streaming service Plex hacked, forum held for ransom.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service website taken offline.

Tour de France leader Chris Froome suffers alleged data hack.

  1. Data breaches:

Infidelity site Ashley Madison hacked.

Cyber attack on Edinburgh city council leaks 13,000 email addresses.

Breach affects 3,000 clients enrolled in Georgia state program.

East Sussex NHS Trust apologizes over data breach.

Personal data on laptop stolen from attorney with California law firm.

Data on 86K individuals inadvertently made accessible to Internet.

Orlando Health employee improperly accesses patient medical records.

Costco now hit by alleged PNI data breach.

  1. Payment card information breach:

Evans Hotels announces payment card incident involving malware.

Detroit Zoo, eight others across the county experience POS breach.

CVS and Wal-Mart Canada Are Investigating a Data Breach.

Clothing website Dungarees hacked – customer payment card details exposed. 

Donald Trump hotel chain hit with credit card data breach.

Fighting back against cyber crime. 

UAE busts Nigerian cyber criminal gang.

Europol knocks out mobile cyber crime gang in Spain.

Cyber crime Kingpin Pleads Guilty.

ID Theft Service Proprietor Gets 13 Years.

The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly.


LinkedIn fixes phishing flaw.

Car entertainment systems vulnerable to cyber attack.

Banking malware targets UK high street banks.”

(Note: Going to the website will provide links to each).

In conclusion, I quote Edward Snowden, two days before he left for asylum in Russia. He probably at this state of cyber-wars, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-madness is the world’s premier expert on the subject.

“Snowden believed there had been more than 61,000 NSA hacking operations globally, with hundreds of targets in Hong Kong and on the mainland (China).

“We hack network backbones – like huge internet routers, basically – that give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of computers without having to hack every single one,” he said.” [13]

What we are witnessing is a cyber war between the hackers (white hats) and the govt. surveillance apparatus. I would suggest this is the first round of what the feds will label as cyber terrorism and you and I will know as hactivism. Depending on one’s political perspective both fit every parameter of the definition of what is cyber terrorism or what is hactivism. I would additionally submit Snowden is not a terrorist he is a hactivist. He is an American hero who loves his country and its values of liberty and Bill of Rights so intensely he could no longer partake in the mass hacking (cyber terrorism) of its citizenry by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the US govt.

In reality, network backbones are exactly what was hacked into at the OPM US of govt. human resources data forks and then vacuumed up by the intruders. This factoid will not be found in the media, academia, policy maker’s white papers, or govt. reports on cyber terrorism. It was reported to me by a reliable source. A source by the way I will never reveal.

The assumption cyber terrorism does not exist is ludicrous based on playing a three card monte game on us. By railing on it does not exist there is no alarming the citizenry while the govt. is intruding into everyone’s emails, cell phones, Skype calls, Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, GPS coordinates, ATM withdrawls, debit and credit purchases, and, so forth. It makes no difference if one is the President of France[14] or the 33 million in 46 countries committing adultery[15] via the Ashley Madison site. To continue to debate cyber terrorism’s definition and parameters is not only a waste of resources and time it is an exercise in planned mis-direction. We live during the times I label, “Why solve the problem when we can spend millions studying it?”

Finally, I submit the following report in light of the 600,000 or more refugees seeking asylum hailing from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other points in MENA, and beyond, now clogging up the roadways of Hungary hoping to cross into Germany, Scotland, and other countries willing to accept them as they literally walk away from the killing fields.

Read the following and see the graphics: [16]

Graphic: What the SEA hacked.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 5.28.09 PM

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 5.28.19 PM


[2] ibid

[3] Denning, Dorothy; “A View of Cyberterrorism Five Years Later”, Naval Post Graduate School, 2006