The Center of Concentric Circles Coincide (Mandala-thinking, again)

Screen shot 2015-07-05 at 7.08.06 PM

My personal preference is delicacy and finery of #concept, #image, #heart, #love, and human beings. I do not do well with leering primitives of our species nor do I find anything in common with folks exhibiting little empathy or lacking a natural compassion for beauty and wild beings. Innovative design is another hang-up of mine – be it architecture, furniture, graphics, food, political commentary, faith in a higher power, or friendships. Yep, aesthetics is a value way outside the lines of art. Art is life. Life is art.

Yet, in this crude unfolding people-speak you and i share in social media to rise above the non-dearth of meta-noise is not particularly artsy or elegant. One’s whispering voice in the multi-lateral matrix dangles over an abyss of apathy. This computerized web mess is way larger that the size of the Pacific clogged up with oscillating plastic crap we throw away. Speaking of human crapola – what do the Blue Whales think of our caca in their liquid world? Has anyone bothered to ask?

Sidebar factoids of the day: The biggest recorded Blue Whale was a female in the Antarctic Ocean that was 30.5 m long (more than 3.5 times the length of a double-decker bus and as long as a Boeing 737 plane) with an estimated weight of 144 tonnes (almost the same as 2,000 men !). In the wild whales live for a long time – generally the larger species living longest. Bowhead Whales spend their lives in cold Arctic waters. They may be the world’s oldest mammals and are the longest lived of all whales – possibly over 200 years !

If only humans lived in quaint tree lined villages where chiming bells from the local 11th century cathedrals drew them to the park plazas to discuss, socialize, and eat gourmet organic foodie items while dancing to extraordinary music played by carefree minstrels. Where no pesticides were used and plastic bags were banned.

I know. My imaginary hardscape of words is taxing as I ding dong my oneness ideals. But shit, compared to the real horror shows is it not at least a loverly mind space where both jasmine scented candlelight and LED lit ceilings of alabaster beckon us with uncensored moments of unity and serenity?

Can we not discover a common ground of consciousness where gentleness and strength coincide in harmony with all living creatures and the planet we inhabit? Where Muslim and Christian and Jews and Buddhists and Hindi embrace and hold each other up with mutuality and paying it forward. Where every possible version of religiosity and those living in three quarter time (what i call atheists) can at least live side by side without blowing each other up?

This past weekend a number of people who reside in #MENA (Middle East North Africa) asked me, “Why do #Americans hate #Muslims? Why does #Obama kill Muslims? When will the wars to kill Muslims end?” I can the answer the first two quite readily quoting chapter and verse, yet the third pained query has me stymied.

WHEN WILL WE FRIGGIN’ STOP OUR WARS? UMM? Is the collective human dysfunction so out of whack there is no opportunity to globally live our lives the next seven generations without madness? My quest is not for permanent disarmament, just the next seven generations we commit to lay down our rage and our bias, and try and live together without destruction and mayhem.

Okay, if seven is too much, how about five, or three, or just one?

Meet me in the park by the bandstand made from #fractals to figure out how to install peace. If we can’t do it naturally, maybe we can do it mechanically with x’s and o’s?


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