Damselfly Dreams

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 11.23.43 AMTwenty-seven traveling partners kettled slowly moving southward, sky-based. They swirl and twirl. The thermals lift them upwards and sideways as their wings and tails adjust here and there in the invisibility of life wanting to live. The back of a perfected yellow flower illuminated by filtered sunlight casts a buttery shadow as a breathing cord of glistening leaves and woody vine supports the advent of its bloom and its willing sisters. Gently the entire living apparatus ever so slightly moves with the breeze welcoming another day of morning sun and probably drenching rains by mid-afternoon.

Three dogs spread out in contented sleep on cooling terracotta tiles of a covered veranda above the jungle expanse by the Pacific. Waterfalls and buzzing hummingbirds are louder than the opening of flowers or wheezing companion canines. The trilling call of tinamou announces the light intruding into the surrounding rainforest as the blazing star and spinning planet discuss life at latitude nine. The metal roof crinkles and cracks expanding and contracting from the same little cosmic dwarf of sustaining energy.

Humans forgot how to watch and hold reverence for life, or maybe they never learned. Instead of connecting with the magnetics of the web they trample, bulldoze, dig, drill, and leave their enomous footprints upon a pristine terraform. They seem dulled, disputed, and damp of soul. If a spark of interdependent wonder could be ignited, a collective spirit of oneness activated, maybe their species extinction could be averted. Karma has already left the collapsing buildings in urban centers and institutiions of ‘higher learning’.

Those paying attention realize the non-mystery of human madness stems from a manifesting self-will-gone-amuck, cancerous and lethal. In the evolutionary bio-diverse pathway Homo sapiens, too rude, too crude, too fat with fate, stand stuck at the threshold to the doorway of mindfulness. Unable to gleefully parade into a surging paradise – one with all living things – they groan and burp overstuffed with arrogance and unwillingness. For the few observing life in the here and now, sensing a pervasive polluting disconnect there is roaring clarity not a gap in conscience. The compassionate feel the wholeness of life, yet an expanding mourning weights them at the ankles. How sad. What a waste of gliding potential and unrequited empathy.

All humanity has to do is enact a series of simple tasks philosophers and sages have advised for thousands of years. But the majority of the largest brained mass are ruled by their innate stupidity pulled down by addictive primitive fears. They produce generation upon generation of woeful workerbees and overseers compliant to force fed lies and deadened to the scented alluring magic of life. Tools superseded being. Conquering supplants paying it forward.

While the human world blows each other up, piercing their non-exclusive global nest with toxic waste, and intellectually patronizing all remains peaceful where the damselfly dreams. Never-safe in the outpost of beauty and serenity far away from human crapola the natural world cleverly with no bravado lives and dies, as it has powerfully done for eons.

If the primal lesson of humanity is to be humble like the soaring migrating birds of prey and splashy colors of flowers it is mostly unheeded except for the rare ones – the innocence of toddlers and the evitability of enligtened elder wisdom. Every living thing is in remarkable chaotic sync except most humans. Every inhale and exhale of life exists in interparlay linkage as if not a big deal. It is what it is from meta-universe to dark energy to God particle. Acceptance is cognizant in some jubliant with play such as brotherly sisterly dolphins and in others it is an endless steady cyclic journey such as army ants on Colorado Isle in Panana or one galaxy slow-mo consuming another.

Love, a precious commodity, in lieu of shields lowered, waits. Peace, amongst human nations nearly non-existent, stands ready. The damselfly, seeking a water spring and possible dragonfly sprite, dodges and hovers. God consciousness, limitless and eternal envelopes the comos with neither judgment nor comment, encompassing worlds inside worlds. The silly human mindscape of pieces of cloth signifying bigotry or nationalism, or delivering pendantic statements how same sex combos are unholy (in nature there is every conceivable sexuality) or this today’s human horror show, are vain transients in the greater and greatest scheme of life wanting to live.

We exist as one. We are yin yang life in solidarity including being magnetically repelled. Why is the dance of oneness such a tough concept for the highest IQ beings on the third rock?


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