State of the Human World’s Reformation – Going #Green

Cyber crime receives most of its notice inside the security industry. In contrast, we write from outside the security apparatus with a telephoto lens on societal implications and philosophical discourse within the matrix as it relates to political dissonance.

Dissents who work for freedom, justice, and bread by hacking into the systems of the MIC are in many regards what i call the arse ‘ole brigade. They are difficult to interview, insecurely arrogant, and their defensive ego rides get in the way as an offensive stature. What they do represent is a sect of immense possibility for rebooting humanity.

After awhile I realized many of the these guys are merely emotionally immature, yet deeply committed to using their brilliance for the greater good. They spent their introverted childhood learning and obsessed how to computer program instead of playing baseball and football or even dating.

In the past, operative weirdos have publicly claimed i am a thumper of the Julian Assange cult. Naw, I hold no singular allegiance to one master of the cyberpunks clan. I do salute courage and the genius level of technical expertise when used to watchdog govt. And, no, i am not a hacker.

The efforts of those fighting (non-violently) for the freedom and justice from Jeremy Hammond, Snowden, and Manning to members of Anonymous and the Arab Spring i contend in a future review of human history will be hugely honored as the brave whistleblowers who fast forward humanity toward worldly healing. Their passion is sustainable. In a few instances, I have been able to take them birding and the identical prankster play they exhibit as hackers they take to watching nature. It is a rounding up heading toward human harmony.

The flailing empire when it became a full throttle corporate state changed the information landscape where oppression became surveillance installing ruling weapons of fear. Govt. inflicted crime, including 9/11, are tipping points for not only instilling a permanent war economy but also turning us against each other. In civil disarray we are easier herded and in public confusion and paranoia govt’s secrets can continue unchallenged.

The criminal element is not in Anonymous, or the whistleblowers, or WikiLeaks. The criminal thugs are inside the piddle stream media, major corporations, elected puppets, and the military and surveillance govt. entities. The remedy for Netizens is to continue to use the internet to tell in-depth truth and expose the crimes even when to do so requires hacking into power bases – be they the NSA, the House of Saud, or the US of Constant Wars secret trade agreements.

Humanity is awakening to the actual corruption game plan of multi-nationals and you and I are active in this effort, as apparently is the Pope. The power dynamic inside screwed up capitalism is wholly inadequate to address the fact our species is in the 59th minute. The climate justice movement is our only path – giving rights to Earth as Ecuador has done is a meta-shift – meaning the innovation to save ourselves from ourselves is coming from way outside existing power thrones.

With this in mind and spirit, i am supporting the #GreenParty this POTUS election cycle. The two-headed monster of the Dims and the Neo-cons have been completely bought out by their business as usual climate denial corporate masters. I see no other platform asking for a system change except the Green Party.

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 12.22.24 PM

Photo: #JillStein, candidate for POTUS on the Green Party ticket, announcing her candidacy on Democracy Now.

Sheepdog Sanders may share similar reform thinking to Stein’s yet he is mouthing it inside the corrupted party I was a committee woman for decades. The difference is Stein will be in the general election. Sanders will fade as he loses the primary and then bend over to the Dims actual candidate, Hillary, the Wal-mart candidate.

The Greens are building a party that will not go away. Interconnection, wholism, oneness, and humanitarian empathy for all people are concerns i find are the primary right actions of my generation. Biological diversity and human diversity and self-direction based on values are not leaps in collective consciousness. We can heal this broken human world and repair the damage we have done if we make the correct choices. If we stop believing in the fairy tales more is better, the color of skin means one is inferior or superior, religiosity is evil, and social change against the empire is impossible.

What can you do? Inform yourself, engage others, and stop exploitation of humanity and the planet – yet do it together. The challenge is to work in solidarity, to put aside our shields and swords, and paint a canvas the size of all continents combined. Local is not enough. Social media breaks down bigotry because the world wide web is based on free sharing and worldly fellowship. Use it in a mindful and responsible way and be amazed by the power of the medicine wheel.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

In service,
BE Macomber


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