Hermit Couple – Exploding Super Giant?

Screen shot 2015-06-13 at 2.33.45 PMSomeone sent me a private comment how my husband and i were a ‘#hermit couple’ and this is one huge reason our nineteen-years of bliss were inspiring. Maybe. I mean i am a jungle hermit, but he was not. The man could not find enough in the day to make a difference for a better world by being in it up to his brainy witty perspectives and do-gooder acts – in total anonymity, or as country lawyer in #TheHamptons (so he could fish for #StripedBass). Yes, i was more (larger in heart) with him. Independent yet inter-dependent is a toughie to describe. It is rare in our species like a focus striving for purity.

Attributes of our intense intent coupling included (while awake) a plethora of discourse – talk it through – plus we left crappy attitudes at the front door (although the hut has no front door), and lived with courage of adventurous hearts against all odds including scary oceanic falling seas and American politics. We were at times oil and water mixed into a powerful potion. He was a lifelong GOP. I was a lifelong Dim. One non-negotiable common ground – we never discussed the #Vietnam War. He was a tweener never subjected to war as young men were – for this i am grateful. Hubbie two was too young for #Korea and too old for #Nam and every subsequent conflict of greed.

We were wordsmiths. He was succinct in writing and way too windy in tale telling and funny, always smiling and charming with one-liners people use to write down so they did not forget. I am windy in writing and barely articulate in person at this late stage of living as the widow on the hill.

Life serves up lessons by the plateful and at times the meal stuffs one to near barfing capacity. But, since I have an avid birder’s faith in a higher power, even epic drama eventually washes away or flies into the moonbeams. I am not into drama except in movie and novel scripts. Although, I seem to brush up against folks on the edges who prefer heated nutso scenes to serenity and stability (my survival preference).

The cosmos are damn wowie zowie but because of our tempered 60 beats per minute metabolism we require mega optics to catch a glimpse. Even when red giant Betelgeuse blows up it will not injure the precious blue marble. The living creatures of Earth will see its super nova self explode as it becomes the brightest light, after the moon, in our night sky. When will this cosmic event take place? Betelgeuse could go insanely wild tonight or maybe not until our species is long gone.

What a wondrous mysterious universe we inhabit as single acts, hermit couples, or in solidarity against the empire. Thank our lucky stars. Love does make the path smoother, if true to thine own self blessed with destined compassion.

Pensiveness is not morose, it is honor for what was, what is, and shiny stars a-coming.


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