Life in the Land of The Net, Wars, GMOs, and Prisoners; Alternative Heading = Evidential reality is helpful? Chicken Little the Sky Fell to Shit

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 7.21.36 PMPart One – Netizen Perverts

Trolling men (plus, assume some are boys) send me FB chat ‘outreach’, call me via Fedbook’s phone and/or video tools, and, of course send requests we become ‘friends’. My intuitive take is most of these are serial abusers = on-line fun guys, scammers, and other matrix low life. It is another disheartening comment how too many of our species apparently lack a right action consciousness yet are armed with a new tool. They abuse the Internet as a personal sex magnet/trap/pervert lonely hearts club/scam/panhandling con. Too wordy? Keep reading.

Arab men (for some reason the goofy balls are nearly 99% Arab men) do not hover over my intersection. Thus they never partake in a research opportunity to read my posts, re-posts, commentary, general or specialized blabbering, your learned comments, or take a short gander at my skinny FB profile. I am positive they never read my blog, either.

FYI, I am not on any dating sites or yahoo or other wide open apps. Yes, i have various security apps in place and a couple of hacker angels who shadow me, for we hope the greater good. Additionally, I do not post anything lascivious (lewd) to feed, incite, or invite sexual harassment. I do have a public presence so there is a public profile page (demanded by FB) plus this private profile (required by FB to have the public page – a mad cyclic is it not?).

Further, we reported (in the past) – via on-line alternative media sources – a serious series focusing on global cyber sex and the etymology of relationships on-line. And, if you are here regularly you realize i also post notices for dunderheads to back-off.

Clearly, FB needs to clean up its act. Yet, due to the number and volume using social media the priorities of Zuckerface are not centered in right action – only greed and power to support a $100 million merge and acquisition of his home space and support Bibi and Israhell murdering Arab babies.

My FB (and, other social media) blocked list grows everyday. If FB had any sense of civil societal values it would cross reference faked IDs, sexual predators, trolls, those blocked, and other scum into a meta-data base with public access. You and I could check on a potential friend request or annoying chatter by vetting those our gut belies are probably not working in the realm of human potential and peace. Through such a quik step screening we would be better protected from the caca element. Oh, and did i mention men in social media are also stalked and hit on by women with nefarious agendas?

Obviously, security in social media is not actually about servicing subscribers or protecting us from criminal actors and sickos. This is why Anonymous, and others who remain nameless, run covert home-guard ops (operations) to reveal on-line child molesters, serial rapists, scammers, and others who are mentally ill. Some of you I know find these ops offensive because you prefer a totally 110% free Internet. Yet, if you studied the body of case law for right to free speech and free assembly (prior to 9/11) over the past decades you would see a defining of what is community acceptable in reflection to operating cultural mores.

Of course, today we are subjected to a global corporate state attempting to thwart standards implicit in the Bill of Rights and usurp freedom on the Internet with mass illegal surveillance. The twister is as dismantling of our freedoms in the name of ‘homeland security’ is carried on by the empire, the number of whack jobs abusing the net to feed their emotional soul sickness explodes.

Logic would offer if meta-data is ringing bells about threatening individuals plotting to blow up stuff then the #NSA and its contractors are also more than aware who is a sexual pervert and who is masturbating to female selfies posted in social media or jerking off while in a cyber chat room of pre-teenagers. Sorry, to be graphic, yet this is the dark putrid side of the matrix.

There are several precautionary acts one can do to semi-protect you and your family and work place from intrusion. One simple thing is to cover every single cam eye with opaque tape – from the one on your cell phone, to your computer, laptop, iPad, etc.

Regularly, i post apps one can install to better protect your privacy. Privacy on the net is our responsibility, not the state’s. The entire reason we converse and are active on the world wide web is it is a free space devised mathematically within software while in conjunction with hard wired machines designed for us to communicate with each other. We also can exchange materials, along with the amazing attribute to access the largest library in the history of mankind albeit a virtual one or we can watch porno and skin-heads flogging each other – it is our free will choice.

My preference within this constantly expanding flow and library of information is we mutually conduct ourselves with compassion, respect, and ethics. But, be aware, until there are actual community standard safeguards to stop predators – from the NSA to perverts to corporate consumerism data collection crap – we are picking daisies in an undulating field of virtual mines, back doors, and popup stores of false IDs.

Part Two – Systemic Valuelessness or WTH?

In the US of Constant Wars, profit is the core motive permeating the winning side of the corrupt equation. #America has more people in jail than any other country on Earth – 2.4 million behind bars. More than one out of every 100 American adults are in the pokey. Those in ‘correctional institutions (oooooo boy) for drug related offensives and immigration violations makeup over 60% of the prison population – all non-violent crimes. One in ten in Americans (about 31 million) have been arrested on drug related charges. Drug use and its steal or deal ramifications stem from addiction, a recognized medical disease, but instead of intervention and treatment Murica authorities and govt. incarcerate. The average inmate in a minimum-security federal bastille costs $21,000 each year. The average inmate in maximum-security federal big house costs $33,000 each year. Billions of tax dollars are consumed to put individuals in the cooler in privately operated for-profit prisons. One percent in the clink are there for homicide and only 4% for robbery.

I use to have a lapel button that read, “Why solve the problem, when the govt. can spend millions studying it?” Ill begot greed-based reasoning is why labs, universities, and academia are overwhelmingly now controlled by the corporate state. Instead of solving the issue, various cancers and the common cold and other dis-eases, same are studied and studied with some ailments in research programs now nearly a century in duration. There are 110 distinct rhinovirus types (colds) and interferon-alpha has been studied extensively for the treatment of the common cold yet Big Pharma rules the roost.

Each year Americans suffer from 2 to 5 colds – costing about $40 billion a year. Americans spend $2.9 billion on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million on prescription medicines for symptom relief. Also, more than $1.1 billion are spent annually on the estimated 41 million antibiotic prescriptions for cold sufferers — even though antibiotics have no effect on a viral illness.

What Murica is foisting by design and popularized induced apathy is a vast systemic loss of values and ethics in a western culture to support a totally unsustainable system. Coupled to a micro management perspective (rather than wholeness), a wailing propaganda (piddle stream media) and escape reality machine (Gollywood), along with a generalized malaise brought about from a chemically ridden environment and human addiction the majority of Americans are members of a flailing slave soldier mob dance.

Part Three – War Debt Ad Infinitum

Tragically, even with untold billions of dollars pumped into a fiat monetary system for the brats of Park Avenue, 46% of those in the US of Constant Wars are living below the poverty line while 46% of the global economy is based on the US of Constant Wars Pentagon’s annual (read reported) budget. An offense budget so massive it is annually in excess of $682 to $577 billion depending on what lying source you follow. It is the sole reason the debt in America is owed to the Social Security program and not as popularly ranted the Chinese.…/5-facts-about-the-national-de…/ Even at current payback the interest on the $17.34 trillion dollar national debt will exceed any projection spit out by the Wall Street Journal. See =

Here is a breakdown of military spending of 126 countries – see the link below. You will not find my adopted country, Costa Rica, as it is not listed. CR has no military.

Recently, I have a succinct political mantra. When folks begin to wail on about this or that (mostly trivial compared to the rubble-fields and drone-hits) I write back, “We each chose our battles to fight. I am in the freedom fighting one, as a writer activist. I work to alter and if necessary shut down the rigged system. Humanity deserves a non-violent reboot, otherwise, our species is going to do itself in and quite possibly it will be sooner than the projected two to three generations. IT could be next week.”

To date, no one has asked what IT means.


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