Dear Glenn Greenwald (

In the early 90s, I unexpectedly became aware of what i called the ‘team pollution solution’ operating inside the LA Times empire. While covering an environmental story (a former focus) I encountered a LA Times team of bullshitters. After hours in the disaster field doing interviews, inspecting the site, and generally wandering around like i am prone to do I retired to a nearby motel for the evening. After privately settling into an after work comfort zone, a brazen hammering on the plastic thin door to my temporary abode got my attention. I was forced to get up from my rest period to fling open the cheap portal and ask, “Aye, is there a bloody problem?”

A curly haired guy dressed as if his mother forgot to launder his gym clothes spat through his Heineken vapors, “Are you nuts, i mean are you some kind of f*ckin’ eco-terrorist?” Standing at the threshold in a rumbled bird print sundress and slinky sandals I responded, “Aye, and if ya aren’t a wee more civil, ya are goin’ to be me first victim.” Somehow, the tinge of Scottish accent took the intruder aback. He grinned as if on psychedelics laced with speed. “Sorry, I expected you to be kinda like a mountain man in a loin cloth. Wow, you are BE Macomber, right?”

Writing under a pen name with initials means I am not identified as female or male so the dunderhead corps expect me to be a he-man? Many times those who run a linebacker block in my direction while I am standing just off the playing field (body politic) has this effect. I am not what they perceive. My snarly semi-gonzo writing does not jive with my 5 feet 2 inches Lady Macomber green-eyed actuality.

My professional notion to observe the nation, and beyond, is for me a sworn duty to wholistic report what I see, not what a 24-year old editor an/or signator on a pay warrant wants blabbered on their masters’ behalf. When I signed up for ethics and values i must have gotten in the wrong line. Somehow I ended up standing in a Hari Krisha conga line of amateur theologians and wannabee holy seers instead of the set-up for western reporters/journos.

In the article below, Greenwald rants about the #LATimes editorial and others who work in the hallow halls of journo-tisement for the empire. Holy bleating toucans, anyone who encounters the ‘pollution (as in clogging up the world) solution (as anti-real pepper spray)’ within the Murica press knows these schmucks sold out as soon as they got their letters of acceptance from Columbia School of Journalism (CJ). It took me about five hours to be taught how to write a news story in the AP/UPI style recommended. My theory is those attending four years at CJ are subjected to a brain removal then the airy fairy space between their slanty ears is filled with corporate caca. They become soldiers of not fortune, but rather, noise making mercenaries.

Dear one, Glenn Greenwald, Esq., it is not reactionary for the LA Times to negatively blab on about Ed Snowden. It is their inbred corporate policy to defame, denounce, denigrate, and generally f*ck over truth and its messengers. Yet in the past, reading the latest fear mongering twit fantasy from the LA Times I might have emailed one or two of my terse scathing reactionaries to the faux journo who sparked my ire. So, in fairness to the game plan – freedom of the press – I do identify with your incessance to rail on against the system’s mouthpieces.

What I did to soothe my spiky head feathers = I quit cold turkey reading and watching crap disseminated by the corporate propaganda machine. Wonderful changes occurred h/w the healing jungle world. One, I immediately gained time to focus on research valuable to the movement of truth. Two, my brain is not taser-shocked with their ignorant arse ole flimsy lies. Three, I read poetry, thinkers, philosophers, and believers.

Maybe this is clearer – Lars Iyer is poignant?

Hey, there are other links, I am delighted to suggest to anyone willing to ask.

H/w = Glenn Greenwald’s article =


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