Fair Warning – We Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore

Any hostility exhibited toward me will reap you the following: an immediate report and if necessary, authorities; screen shots; and, then blocked. Sequestered crackers need to leave the building. This is not pandering to fears, yours or mine. Nor is this to be inferred i am firing weapons of fear, reactionary or by original intent. Fedbook (#Facebook)is doing a piss poor job to secure its meta-matrix – its polices are capricious in application.

Those of us who are the noisy ones (#writers, #activists, #journos, #politicos, #artists, #Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 12.49.07 AMmusicians, and avid posters of facts) refuse to be bullied. The pro-peace citizenry lobby today includes millions attempting to investigate, research, and uncover the reality. We are not enemies of any state. To demonize us is ridiculous. To call me a traitor is insane. None of us will fall to the Weapons of Mass Fear (WMFs).

The free press and social consciousness creatives working in a free space known as the world-wide web will not be intimidated. The more high-handed lies and imperious tactics and slams pushed out to engage us to ditch our ongoing coverage only fires up the solidarity belly of justice seekers and freedom fighters. For those without the huevos to come out from the shadows your attack mode is seen even in its abject of timorousness. We are the superior intelligence both overt and covert.

The bold technologically savvy far outweighs demoralized offensive surveillance state workers.

If this notice is not understandable, go get a dictionary and consider it a writer’s gift of vocabulary building.

Punishing and censorship are the acts of suppression by fascists. #Netizens shape the news now, not the piddle stream. They follow you and me for their leads.

It is distressing the ‘news’ content no longer comes from the news room as cheapness rules. I maintain a free society without its tenacious watchdogs narrows the discourse to propaganda. I am not alone. We are legion.

Further, I contend we have no right to hand down a #democracy so altered by apathy, greed, and fear it is unrecognizable by future generations. The system’s rigged game is altered with public outcry and social media is our channel. Speak up. Inform yourself. Support the truth.

Be Paul Revere


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