Deleting the War Mongers

Jeffrey Goldberg was a guard in the largest prison in Israhell where Palestinians are held for years without out due process of law. Kids are even stuck in this jail. Today, Goldberg is an awarding winning mouthpiece for the empire as national correspondent at The Atlantic. In the past, I read his writings to understand the latest ploy used in US of Constant Wars foreign policies. This morning, I un-followed him on Twitter. I cannot take the lies anymore or the upside down inside out non-analysis

IT is not that complicated Jeff; war is unhealthy for all living things.

How do intelligent, articulate men and women writers continue to creep around in the darkened unethical shadows, yet thrive in the limelight? Is not an astute writer’s onus that he or she easily sees through the smoke and mirrors?

My peacenik perspective started the first day my mother taught me how to talk to hummingbirds and continued to forge waves through an adult life where I continue to see zip value in murdering others to acquire land, resources, and/or put one religiosity higher than another.

I NEVER subscribed to violence as a solution to bring about peace. It goes against every gut feeling I know, it goes against every observation I ever witnessed in nature, and it goes against every value and ethic I was taught.

There is some hole, some ungodly, unholy soul sick gap in people like Goldberg. If one was to do a fair psychological assessment of him, I guarantee he has a history perfect for this role as flogger blogger liar for the empire.

Here is an example of his crap (see link at end of this paragraph) – you decide for yourself. Yet, if the American public is to wake to the reality of its govt’s. policies to murder Arabs, then Goldberg has to be removed from his place on the stage of liars. “Compared with violent death rates, the number of dead in Gaza is small . . . Hamas is trying to get Israel to kill as many Palestinians as possible.”

Goldberg’s article =

Moreover, Goldberg goes on, “Dead Palestinians represent a crucial propaganda victory for the nihilists of Hamas . . .”

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 12.23.12 PM

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