Where Do They Go?

While asleep during my nightly slumber dreaming of cool azure waters and taunt sails, my Fedbook (#Facebook, #FB) numbers slightly drop-off in friendships and followers. Loyalty is an attribute i grew up with and continue to honor. Misplaced loyalty is sticking to one’s stubborn attitudes when red flags are dropping on the field. These reality signs belie a change in course is necessary (been there, done that – way too many times).

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 5.37.48 PM

What I perceive = these goings and leavings on #FB are shallow pool paddlers seeking refuge by trying to endear folks to them – as in an agenda not fitting what my profile page is daily designed to fulfill. Naturally, if you continue to read my posts, you are either in-line with considerations I present, or you are researching to advance and develop your perspective as regards matters I focus my own brain and heart upon. This is civil discourse, another concept I thump over physical brutality as a way to turn the tide of consciousness.

In all concerns, I am not glued to every post I offer, be it my blabberings, or a report of yours, or a link of interest. Some of you are true and truth tested compassionate friends, who in our unified quest for a better world, touch base to provide support. For these grand human beings, I salute you and thank you for taking the time to reach out with a thumbs-up, and/or make a comment.

The central point of #socialmedia is we interact with each other without malice and work together to remove the barriers and bullshit. Govt. and commerce, at the mega-level, are a crappy stinking failure at bridge building between you and i, our cultures, religions, philosophy, and various formats we devise in our never ending quest to find out stuff.

IF there is a reliable route to one planet, one healthy world, and one family of man/woman – i blare, it is here, in social media. Keep the Net free, and privacy paramount.


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