Update on the Condition of Our Mutuality Condition

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Balance and common sense are two attributes of critical thinking. If something is tittering on the edge, I find it helpful to back pedal and evaluate from as objective stance as I can muster. My gut also resonates with caca – as caca. This ‘gut’ response stems from a memorialized body of personal experiences, not some spiritual basis. At times, as we know, if one is mindful, our awareness shifts laterally rather than upward. I accept such as a broadening of my own understanding about human nature, yours and mine.

Yet, while I can observe madness and sense its germs in the ‘air’, my normal action is to back away slowly – to disengage and detach. I am not exactly overtly repelled, it is more like a smoking red flag drops on the field of vision. Sure, sometimes these are red herrings – I am not God.

Time is important. It is a gift for the unsure, the unseen, and the unknown to become more evident. Sobriety, is at the core of this modus operandi. Certainly, our vision is clouded when under the influence.

Grief is a railing rug of discontent and it surfaces with its own will and power. Over the last two years, I learned how to let the pain of anxiety separation (death of my soul mate) to gently harmonize rather than over stigmatize my perspective. Further, our human world is so screwed up at this juncture I find it helpful to find a retreat for my being – being one with this wild place is my on-going panacea. Nature is soothing and replenishes.

#Creativity is more than the expression of one’s interior reality or vision of the exterior. Being artsy (I am writer) allows us to purge the sticky stinky stuff and realign the innards of our psyche.

As we proceed, together in social media, a sorting is occurring. How this happens, at least for me, is not significant. Knowing why this or that, is a life long pursuit, but you and I are experiencing brand new turf, here. As regards human conduct – an ethos of exchange – i prefer intelligence (be it street-wise or intense academia) to whackjobs. I seek to know the whole person, not merely the facade generated by this format. I am exceedingly fortunate, i have made authentic friends via this venue, who are turning out to be lifelong in endurance and consideration.

I have also experienced fake IDs, con artists, pan-handlers, psychotics, and other nefarious types. Is this not the nature of our species? We run the gamut of soul runts to grand beings.

If for no other reason, social media is a newfangled dangled experiment in human border-less interaction. With faith and kindness, we find each other amongst the billions on-line. This for me, is one more proof how magnificent is the scheme of life.

If you muck around in the polluted end of the pool, you either need #HASMAT attire and a strong will, or a cloaking device of many layers. Writers wear emotional Teflon garb.

#social media, #writing, #humanity, #insanity, #sobriety, #Jungian


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