Equality or Extinction, Your Choice

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#Equality is a precept, a value, a way of life, i have worked for such a societal concept my entire adult life not because I fancy myself some Madonna.

#Humanity is at a precipice dangling in thin air over polluted waters. We either awake from our mass addiction to consumerism and wars or we will foul our global nest to a tipping point where Earth removes us. The prevailing reality of greed, power, and bias is the dysfunctional basis for human conduct not unlike believing in false idols beamed in from Biblical times.

IF you worship things and money you become veneer to the empire’s madness. Living soulfully, in love with life, connected to the oneness in nature and each other, is how we are meant to move up the mountain. Distractions of shiny objects are fool’s gold.

The mettle of who you are and who I am is measured by our creativity, wisdom, and compassion. If we conduct ourselves with kindness true to our integrated self our legacy is relevancy, not the ‘stuff’ we pass along in wills. I write because this is who I am. I garden because this is who I am. I rant about freedom because I continue to hold up the petard of justice for life not just mankind.

I am the widow on the hill ensconced in a mission to make a difference, yet I know full well it is a fool’s errand. When you choose a path of too much resistance, the only way through is to sprout wings or learn how to drive heavy equipment.


#love #life #equality #compassion #extinction


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