#Innovation in Seeking #Employment – Greenie Philistines in the Garden

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation (aye, but there are other sections in the matrix to publish).Public speaking and interview expertise are one and the same. #Media spin doctors make up and twist what is not there to enhance their own numbers of readers.

    One of the reasons I have yet to work for green candidates is I am an eco-image maker (even though my ankles are semi-duck tapped to writing my current novel my Arab {horse} is saddled). Integrity, ethics, values, and fire in the belly do not necessarily go hand in hand with astute compelling public rhetoric.

    Any in-tuned politico can be trained to articulate and answer with straightforward responses colored with self-deprivation and the spice of humor. The goal is to heart-connect the ethical candidate/public servant to their audience (not the choir), be it in an interview with a snarky journo, a live rally, or a taped promo.

    The camera reveals truth to an audience, if both the speaker and the listeners are intelligent and mindful. Policies and concepts really need to be explained in sound bites, staged, and disseminated for education and maxi effect.

    Unfortunately, it seems the collective consciousness of the Greens is to think learning the trade (yes, it is craft) how to reach the many is some kind of bad valueless idea. This is self and party sabotage.

    If #NatalieBennett spent time with a pro image maker she would learn how to brilliantly and simply articulate the ethical message to attract rather than promote the green philosophy for the greater good for civil society. There is no substitute for kindly political strategists and accomplished supporters who can help to translate the meek into the publicly strong and revered.

    The #GreenParty, no matter where it is sited, must begin to accept a working global premise of political success – that delivering compelling elegance in an honest pro-Earth pro-humanity message, while upfront, are not exclusives to each other.

    Vociferous political leadership in women, no matter country or culture, is normally slammed as strident in nature instead of what the creme is – smarty pants in skirts telling it like it is. This is a corrupt paradigm of public perception (via the status quo) where women are assigned to public ‘awareness’ as either whores or mothers (madonna). This false narrowness is driven by piddle stream media circus performers directed themselves to reach for the lowest common denominator to generate hoopla for their corporate masters.

    The trick is not to manufacture a Manchurian candidate, rather take the enormous pool of compassion inside an intelligent emerging Green politico and shine it in to the world with clarity hobbled to thine own self be true glimmer.

    Now, I do not know Natalie personally, nor the operatives of the English or Welsh Green Party or those dedicated souls of the Scottish Green Party, but I am more than willing to help.

    Why volunteer? Earth is screaming. Our species is in the final moments of the 59th minute.

    We either stop the rigged game and move up the mountain banded together by love of life and integrity, or Homo sapiens is excused from the planet. How do I know? I operate a bird observatory, plus I listen and learn with a honed watchfulness.

    Wildlife and wild places recorded in scientific field data provide a horrific measure of what our species is doing to ourselves and other living things. We all share one orbiting remarkable blue marble.

    You and I must extinguish the ruler’s myth of separation, end the economics of dirty oil and nukes, and at the same time no longer make machines for wars. Hope is not a dreamscape peopled by do-gooders banging their chests and tin cups.

    If the leaders of the Greens conduct themselves in perpetual solidarity (no matter what) standing behind the best and the brightest spokesmen and spokeswomen, the shift would turn into a revolution, and maybe a new religion.

    This is the ancient lurking nature of humankind during massive societal change – we make sacred what saves us from ourselves. A fresh faith (read political/economic/environmental reality) based on oneness and compassion in the body politic is mandatory. An inherent understanding that our finest human role on Earth is to be gentle stewards of this paradise knowing to our core we are one with all life, this is lofty – yet, I yammer this heart-set is the only viable way out of the empire’s morass of madness.



    The above was, natch, tweaked before I added it h/w as a blog post. Aye, writers are meddlers when it comes to our works. #Hemingway was a genius exception to our body of enabling our selves weirdos. Papa was obsessive going in the other direction – he would take a day sometimes to write the perfected paragraph when his communication was finally offered so succinct his style became creative writing professor’s holy grail of published authorship.

    One more personal peeling confession, my waning intellectual belt has not one carved notch from taking one single class dedicated to learning how to write like a novelist or short story-teller or poet. I am unsure if this is a good thing to tell ya, as being a wee lean on the proper tools maybe a turn off. Be fast assured post grad school, I was trained by AP and Rich McGlinchey (Sonoma County Office of Public Information) to write to journo AP/UPI style both for print and broadcast.

    The muckraker investigative screw you establishment tone and tenor of my writing is genetics. Ranting 101 was completed during a disgusting assignment to cover the Guatemalan killing wars where the CIA and its murdering thugs via a planned genocide offed 225,000 Mayans from the Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico, highlands. Coincidentally, this same sick to the gut insanity is were Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) started her career in investigative reportage.

    “When it comes to politics many parties support the independence vote including the Scottish National Party (#SNP), the Scottish Green Party (#SGP) Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 1.20.30 PMand the Scottish

    …” Photo credit: http://www.celtichearts.com/php/images/highlander_scots.jpg

    Aye, I am volunteering my puny skills encircled in a gooey heart to ANY Green Party candidate, campaign, or news source. Like most of my funky efforts, it is highly unlikely any will take me up on the offer. In the future, maybe my spongy brain will devise an enchanting way to charm the Greenies other than writing too long comments one quasi-cleverly morphs into a blog?


    “Natalie Bennett is the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

    She was born on February 10th, 1966 in Sydney, Australia and moved to the UK in 1999.

    A journalist by trade, she’s a former editor of Guardian Weekly, and has also written for the Independent and the Times.

    She joined the Green Party in 2006 and stood unsuccessfully for a seat on Camden Council in 2006 and 2010. She was the internal communications coordinator on the party’s national executive from 2007 to 2011.

    Bennett stood for parliament in Holborn and St Pancras in 2010, but came fourth. She was also on the list of candidates for the London Assembly elections in 2012, but was unsuccessful.

    She’s standing again for the Holborn and St Pancras in the forthcoming General Election.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/who-natalie-bennett-biography-policies-5226860

    Holy crapola! Natalie was a journo and the mopiece for the party. The Greens are in deeper doodoo than I first perceived. Thank you, John Mollins, for acting as my fact checker.


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