Fedbook Pulled a Fast One -Dragons at the Gate of #Internet Privacy

Friday, the 13th, 2015, meant my profile on Fedbook (#Facebook) was demanded by the social media site to become something other than a personal page. I selected #PubicFigure and so began a nightmare. I cannot get beyond the window for admin to go to my public figure page and work. Beyond frustrating, as I have lost connections with friends with some wondering via other methods of cyber contact what the h is happening. I dunno. This is so wrong of FB. If I have been hacked they need to have a far better system to deal with such crap. I must have reached some kind of bot threshold – 5,000 friends with 300+ followers and i was forced to choose another venue. Remember, BE Macomber is my pen name, I have published under it for over thirty years. I am assuming public figures are individuals who have alternative names because they are actors, entertainers, performers, journalists, musicians, composers, news anchors, media heroes, exotic dancers, cross-dressers, writers, authors, and maybe folks who prefer to create alternative ID in social media because they are victims of stalking, and other madness.

I could type fongool here 1,000 times and not accurately relay my frustration at FB. I hope they are being sued for such stupidity because this is driven by the surveillance state. We are not going to be allowed to operate in social media unless we use our passport names? How is that going to work? Common sense is usurped by the guidelines of the corporatocracy rather than the reality of living life as a creative or having been subjected to a personal horror show by nut jobs.

Dragons at the gate serve a definitive purpose in an office situation to thwart assaults and what we use to label – office crashers (uninvited salesman, unhappy former spouses, and dangerous whackos). Gatekeepers in American medical treatment are another form of oppression. Here on FB they are inappropriate and counterproductive in social media.

My pen name is who I am in the public forum. My private passport name with its inserted microchip into it is not available for FB or any other website no matter if meta in subscribers or the NSA.

Get off my cloud, and treat me, and you, with the respect guaranteed by the US Constitution. You cannot be held longer than 72-hours in #America, unless you are a labeled a possible #terrorist, then your life is strangled into no due process of law and no chance of retribution.

#9/11 changed us into a military economy and a #surveillance state. Now, we can bend over and take it up the arse, or we can stand tall and tell them to go f themselves. I will fight until the last breath I exhale for the right to protect my sources, my pen name, and my privacy.

If #FB continues to intrude upon privacy, then it too shall be made accountable.

#Facebook #Twitter #SocialMedi #IDtheft #Suveillancestate #WikiLeaks #Anonymous

Screen shot 2015-02-15 at 2.52.37 PMScreen shot 2015-02-15 at 12.47.44 PM


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