Looking Ahead Beyond Our Built-in Bias

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One of the mandates of human life is to live on this planet realizing human rights for every being plus enacting Earth rights to protect our spinning nest. We are one species on one planet. It is disconcerting to see how polarized we are considering we have been in this evolving DNA format for 1.2 million years. Ok, so discount the last 100,000 years and review the focus on the last 20,000.

We must edit out the rage and bias of our species. The myth of separation must not rule the way we organize ourselves. Oneness is not merely a trip on a heavy psychedelic. Oneness is how we survive. Knowing we are one with all living things including the big orbiting blue ball is the magical key.

I am unsure if our species is going to make it. Technology is moving at such a clip, the bots may organize and turn against the flesh ones (us) as if in a sci-fi flick?

In the 9th century AD, the Chinese discovered gun powder looking for an immortality elixir. Moving along in 1996, Dolly the sheep, was cloned from a mammary cell. I provide these two moments in human ‘development’ as parallel tools. The first one allowed us to murder each other from afar. The second is up for discussion.

Futurists are predicting in twenty years we will no longer age because technology grows exponentially, not in a linear fashion. It took 4,000 years to go from the abacus to the iPad but we will soon have something as far ahead as the iPad to the abacus. Soon, we will be able to solve all problems that are fundamentally technical.

If you can live a few more years, there is a real chance you will never die, since mortality may be just a technical problem we solve. What my genius bro called the advent of applied technology as the foundation for human evolution.

The huge question is will we survive long enough in our war states to to be freed from the scourges of mankind?

Obviously, once we are finally freed from dirty oil, not only will our climate stabilize but war would probably end. Once secure getting ALL our power from sources that are safe and sustainable the fiat monetary system would drop dead in its tracks along with empires built on control of liquid gold (oil) as it will become worthless.

Everyone’s genomes will be sequenced to access personalized medical treatments. Our health will be measured by home or in the field devices, yet maintaining the human touch in practicing medicine.

Human love will alter within the next decade because of the global-wide ability to communicate via social media. We will see more people who are in love but do not share a domicile. Though definitely couples, these people are tied to different places because of job or family or maybe because they love where they live (read moi). Maybe we will see people going back and forth between assisted living facilities?

Driver-less cars are just about to become real – Apple and Tesla are cutting a deal. In the meantime we are moving away from a purchase economy. We will subscribe to access rather than buy possessions. This is another nail to the coffin of the empire’s methodology of keeping us down on the plantation. We become subscribers rather than consumers.

A new religion could emerge based around the environment. I sense this is a budding mandala.

Digital technology is the solvent leaching the glue out of our global structure – including shaking our belief system to the core.

You and I contribute to this metamorphosis each time we interact in the matrix making each one of us a pioneer in the growth of our humanity. If you prefer to get hung up in bias and hard-ons, you are going to be ignored by the rest of us yammering for truth preferring to use this venue/too to push toward universal human rights.

Now, either get with the program of free thinking and evolutionary technology or crawl back into your cave and keep . . .

Source: From the Editor, Firsts, National Geographical Mag, January 2015 issue.


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