#WikiLeaks as Proto-type

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 7.02.19 PMWhen you are willing to loudly and publicly stand up for justice and human rights plus provide a venue for so-called govt. and corporate secrets by publishing them for the world to make independent evaluations the empire’s lies swirling in your influence are meta.

‪#‎JulianAssange‬ appears to be a man with trenchlike levels of contrarian conviction and authentic bravado. He also exhibits a similar ‘snarky-ness’ not unlike my own and not unique to those who prefer investigative meals rather than spooned mushy pablum. Clearly, many wrongly perceive Assange for something he is not – as in traitor, blow heart, etc. For me, I read his stuff and wonder how can we clone this guy.

I am not a hacker. I interviewed hackers and wannabes. Nerds exist in an alternative universe to the one I fill my days with here at Finca Vigia. They are creatures of remarkable detailed obsession who when inner directed for the greater good are the new warriors of, for, and by the people. Anonymous is not a faked techno fanstasy lot looking to primarily get laid, no matter what the piddle stream media yammers.

In the future, our humanity may merge with technology fostering another species. This race of humanoids-to-be could be under development today with prototypes appearing on the horizon of our puny awareness. I dunno. Conventional wisdom is a lost cause. We must get off our dime today – and I am not speaking figuratively.

If I ever have an opportunity to consort with Julian Assange, I will be neither covertly impressed nor overtly intimidated. Rather, I will listen, ask questions, and observe with respect but not undue reverence. The confidence of peaceniks is a river run deep with compassion. We wear cloaks of resistance as we abhor the liars and their stooge like water boys and girls. Our global social media society of concern knows no boundaries to cultural tolerance or personification of creativity. Without hyperbole but an abundance of synecdoche the synchronicity of living in the nowscape provides fertile soil to furrow a interdependence not until now made possible.

Assange is the hub of a infrastructure of consciousness so challenging few see the waterwheel turning let alone hear the power inherent in it.

Over my lifetime those who would seek to push my buttons ranted I am difficult. This naked lunch reality seems obvious, because I refuse to bend over and take a narrow view let alone let suppression and mindlessness rule as a way of life, or work, or play.

Mindfulness grants one a lighted kindness and a beating brave heart with a magnetic meter to like-kind others. I do not brag I possess same. I am merely a scribe who writes to tear down the walls of madness. As to a political replacement in the form of organized society, I find all methodologies on the table wanting. To this issue is what I would ask Assange to address.

He is a manicured futurist who has invested his life in moving up the mountain to catch the best view, for himself, and for you and me. A vision with no war machines, or brutality, or crying kids in terror, or blown-up homes. Possibly this is part of the collective evolution we may need to integrate to move forward heralding a gentle world view before peace can be heard at full volume. Smarty pants elders note the invisible writing in the putrid colored clouds and the dying tale of the birds, starfish, and marine mammals. What we need is a reboot to avenge the madness with a fresh way of living free, while cleverly not screwing over Earth and ourselves.

With this in mind, I would ask Julian to define and delineate his vision and plans for the future of our species. For me, innovation and apparitions are not fanciful enthusiasms. From a common sensible person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like is putting in motion the manifestation.

“Assange considers law suit against UK Deputy Prime Minister
Friday February 6, 16:30 GMT
I have instructed my legal team to examine whether the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg should be sued for defamation. Nick Clegg falsely stated to the media yesterday, in comments that were widely reported, that I had been “charged” with an offence. I have not been charged or indicted, in this country or in Sweden as the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom clearly states (on its website, no less). This is partly why so many people are outraged, including the fifty nine legal rights groups who have complained to the United Nations in the last six months alone. The UK Parliament changed its law last year to make extradition without charge unlawful. It is time Clegg got with the program. The program is called the Magna Carta. It states that detaining people without charge is wrong. Perhaps he would like to read it before engaging in another attempt at government.”

by Julian Assange
Source: WikiLeaks


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