Chicken Little, the Sky Fell Awhile Ago

Clearly, balance is about a mixture of experiences. Living in this beautiful hermitage in the thriving jungle is an opportunity to delve into creating sustainable harmony by peeling the onion and discarding what is funky and too tattered.

My patience is thinner and thinner regarding the madness we are so adept at delivering. Liars standout as if they are wearing a blinking neon sign across their third eye and my personal stamina for them is now seriously running in the minus. These small souls are not my enemies. They are blips on the radar of neo-humanity (what I call nadakind) who some how are devoid of an inner voice/conscience. When they are in roles as political leaders, you and I are responsible. It is our apathy and shallowness and sloth. Concerned and consumed with our daily grind we do not consistently prioritize what is important – global freedom, human and Earth rights, and social justice – rather our collective nature today is to acquiesce. Swept into a pile of oozing mush, we nod to the empire’s set of upside inside rules, slaves to our dismissal.

I dunno why complying silently is the norm in Gringolandia. The water, toothpaste, chemtrails, the media, the crappy food stuffs, shopping addictions, more is never enough, ego run amuck, constant wars, etc., – maybe the list is nearly infinite in possible combos of this assent into tacitness.

Seems simple enough to push aside the norm – eat organic, support your local economic base that is small and familial, work smart with honor for the greater good, discuss issues and ideas not gossip or puppet the plots to soap operas, use LED for lighting, walk or bike, make a daily effort to pay it forward, teach tolerance at every stop sign, stop listening to the drone of propaganda, think critically, and care enough for the only nest we know to stand up and fight for the survival of Homo sapiens.

Chicken Little, the sky fell awhile ago. What do I do? I write. I try to live in a mindful reality. I happily tend this finca as a nature refuge and receive far more than I ever give. I do not accept the unacceptable. I live outside the system of indoctrination. I deploy social media as both wordy sword and worthy shield. I tell people it is bullshit when it is, even if it annoys them, or turns them away. I use to care take people’s feelings I loved over my own until a blessed epiphany of realization. I have the right to express who I am, or not, and if you are not willing to listen and respect my perspective and in reaction try to throw your guilt trip at me then this says far more about you, than me. Detach with concern is a handy emotive tool. The edges of this tool are worn down to the nub. Maybe I need to discover a gentler mouse trap as a sharpening device? In actuality, the 2 by 4 i sling seems to break the denial far faster than passing out the preferred Kool-aide.

Too many times, I soberly wonder if our species will eventually live in a world of peace or is it already too late. We blew it. We bought into the worse aspects and character defects of our genetically altered gene pool and now get to suffer the natural consequences of our actions.Rumi meme