Politicians and their Donor Who Fund #Gaza Horrors – Part One – US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Dim/Rhode Island)

We go down many rabbit holes on purpose with a mission. ‪#‎SenatorSheldon‬Whitehouse’s number one contributor is Technology Crossover Ventures (TVC.com) with $102,600. TCV is an entity that helped fund Facebook and is huge now with ‪#‎Vice‬ Media. This is a source I find deplorable as it is tabloid ‘smews’ but in the past I used while two of their drinking stringers were in ‪#‎Gaza‬.

What we are specifically looking for is why Whitehouse is such a thumper for Israhell. Rabbit holes are more like warrens of interconnecting information and the task is to stay focused on the primary target. In this case it is Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. His second largest contributor is Goldberg, Lindsay and Company located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC with over ten billion dollars in assets. This concern contributed $54,200 to Whitehouse. Its co-partner, Alan E. Goldberg, is on the board of the United Jewish Appeal of NY (UJA of NY). UJA-Federation of New York, (United Jewish Appeal – Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc) is the largest local philanthropy in the world. Goldberg is also a trustee at Yeshiva University in NYC.

Herewith the stinky onion is peeled and it is blatantly clear why Whitehouse supports Bibi and the apartheid state of Israhell. The task will be to explain to the Senator why Goldberg (and I am sure there are others) have tainted the waters of representing the people. Whitehouse is a native New Yorker. Most of the large contributors to Whitehouse are other investment groups and the high end of the military monetary corporatocracy – General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and Raytheon.

In contrast to these donors are the labor lot – Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Laborers Union – and why Whitehouse is a supporter in his voting for labor.

If you are wondering how I developed this technique to track an elected official it started a long time ago with my first husband – he was a money farmer (fund raiser) for organized labor, the California Democratic Party, and the DNC. In my spare time, I spent many an hour going over PAC lists of contributors seeking what is called in this industry – TAPS (tickets already purchased) – people who have in the past donated to political candidates.

Reviewing Goldberg’s personal political contributions his number one candidate he supported (with over $82,000 of his money) was Mitt Romney. Savvy contributors play both sides of the aisle and why we now have this ruling two-headed party beast in American politics – the corporatocracy.

Kerry is above most of this crap because he is independently wealthy by heritage and his marriage to the catsup heiress. Gov. Jerry Brown also floats in this cloud as he is married to the woman who put The Gap on the map. These players decided to not be purchased by their contributors because they are more than able to finance their own campaigns (as was Romney). Brown is the son of one of the most politically attuned labor supporters in California history who also was governor. Brown went to seminary in Mountain View to dodge many things in his life. Kerry and Brown are both Catholics by birth and familial intent.

Senator Whitehouse is an Episcopalian. Episcopalians are not fully protestant, but at the same time are not Roman Catholic either and in fact folks move from faith to the other and back with no disdain by either authorities within the faiths.

It is important to define the character of an American politician by their religiosity. Why? It is usually another funding stream yet more hidden in the smoke and mirrors of politics.Southern Rhode Island Coastline after Hurricane #Sandy

Photo credit = Oct. 31, 2012: Providence Journal photographer Kris Craig took to the sky to capture these aerial shots of Sandy’s impact on Rhode Island’s southern shore.


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