Casting Aspirations

As we edge closer to the closing of 2014 my memory bank flash backs seeing the babies, kids, and adults of #Gaza blown up and burned alive with chemicals. What species on this planet is as horrific as our own? To those who continue to creatively fight the inspiring good fight, to give their much loved lives and tender hearts, you are why we – the word wimps (writers and journos) – keep trying to shift the paradigm toward peace. The wondrous world is full of sweet gentle humans but you and I need to weed out the god awful power elite who endow humanity with their insanity because of their inbred paranoia and shitty goal structure.

War is a highly toxic mental illness. Peace brings joy, tolerance, and compassion.

The #ArabSpring was not a desert illusion. A #FreePalestine is not merely a dream. An#America where people rule instead of the corporate monsters is doable. A terrorist-free world is probably not going to happen, soon. We have within our genetic helix – evil. Such a breeding line fed mood altering drugs become beasts inflicting ghastly suffering. I am unsure where the trigger is – the juncture where a human being with some balance flips into a fanatical nut job willing to murder babies and kids. America trains same by the millions. ISIS attracts same by the thousands. The #Pakistan Taliban may have cornered the market for their region.

If I have one New Year’s resolution it is the same one, for decades. “I promise to keep working for peace on #Earth and goodwill toward all (including all living creatures).” It is my mantra. It seems to never age and at brutally real times becomes a blue haze rather than a bright beam of crystal light.

Time is not an illusion and it is collapsing. I feel my days go by faster and faster while my nights seem only seconds in duration. There is not enough time to do all I intend and dream, and how human.

2015 is a fresh opportunity to do right, to be one, to lend a sweet hand, to join together to do good, to seek the higher path toward evolved consciousness, and for me, to become closer to a higher power. The future is not a projection. The past is not necessarily a reflection. You and I have here and now as pixels and 1s and Os. We have a choice to use social media to bring solidarity of compassion or continue to wax on whiny and ineffectual.

Whatever your resolution for 2015 be careful what you set in motion by thought and/or deed, as we proceed forward it could turn out this is our one long judgment day.

Whenever I look at photos of Earth, I take a deep and abiding sigh and try and say simply, thank you. Such is not easy for this wordy one. What a miracle is the blue marble.

#Love is not a fleeting encounter of random sequencing. It is the sole reason we are manifested here and now. Yep, I actually believe love is the entire remedy for our personal and societal malaise. The planetary wide dosage needed for our species appears meta but if you chunk it down to your own realm of action and concern – loving those near and dear – some how love is a healing virus. What a simple methodology. So why the f#ck is it so difficult for humanity to surrender to love’s exclusive request?Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 3.37.00 PM


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