#Terrorism ? ? ? #Barrett Brown ? ? ?

If We Speak Truth, We Are Human Not Terrorists

As I stated in the past, if Barrett Brown is a criminal then every single human being (and bot) who reads a hacked corporate state email is an enemy of the corrupt establishment. This includes moi. I prefer not to be a bleating slave to the smoke and mirrors dismantling of the Bill of Rights. I adamantly refuse to be labeled by the empire I am a terrorist because i yammer on against tyranny and injustice with specifics and facts.

At this late date (read the 59th minute), Homeland Security can pretty much do whatever it wants to you or me to “thwart terrorism.” The CIA, the NSA, the West Wing, the Pentagon, Google, the banksters, the power behind the thrones, and the other nameless zombie basturds who too easily sold their puny souls for forty pieces of silver are adroitly pushed back via social media by us. We are the people’s army of awareness. We disseminate freedom knowledge. We tweet, we post, we blog, and we comment standing up for liberty, justice and bread. We are the resistance.

The second revolution in America is underway so it is imperative we unearth ethical leadership to represent life and harmony. Otherwise dear ones, our lame species is heading for the junk heap. I understand the intent of Anonymous to have no leaders. Yet, I am an ‘ole fashioned humanist plus a shitty follower of others and I psychologically get why some of us are at the head of the herd.

At the pro NYPD rally today twenty folks showed up. Need I say more about the power of social media to organize and sustain a movement to end the rigged game of power and corruption?

Millions stand up in person in the streets (marching, chanting, and flirting) backed by social media with a fresh intensity and dedication to protest police military tactics and brutality of the citizenry.

Even smarty pants sitting in chic living spaces are holding up their hands. The empire is crumbling. The war mongers can pretend the global casino is a spin upwards. The profiteers stupidly pump killing Muslims, fracking, GMO, Big Pharma, and geo-engineering as perverted solutions to the climatic and civil society crisis on Earth they caused – that too many of us until recently accepted as pro forma. Today, the reality is we literally do not buy their us v. them fear tactic caca or their Walcrap products, anymore. Plus, we are explaining to our family, friends, and associates the real deal and they are joining us.

The polluted rigged game is tittering – the amazing speed of the world wide web is faster than the manufacturing of war machines and CIA torture camps.

In the meantime, chew on this bone – October 2014 was the third largest American usage of cars in the history of the country. Why? According to the Feds it was the drop in the price at the gasoline station – but I think we, as a nation, and as a people, are ON THE MOVE.



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