The Big Kahuna Laughs Out Loud

This morning a high overcast, a calling Guaco (Laughing Falcon), and a slight level of annoyance. This is an indicator i need to evaluate or re-evaluate a perspective or emotive response.

I consider those who comment here and actually watch or read what is posted or reposted as consciousness treasures. The meta-hoops of self serving kitty kat memes and salaciousness exhibited in social media piles up faster than a Long Island, NY Gringolandia land fill (dumps).

Currently, the essence of our species is defining collective brutal honesty. Some of us became aware of the human condition and wholly integrate while others surge along in intellectual if not soul denial saying one thing yet being and meaning something else.

To be true to thyself and stand up for justice and freedom is an act of species survival and a sign of empathetic liberation? Self-absorption is the box canyon of buried fear while wearing cement shoes made from a mixture of hollowness and artificiality. To be authenicate – true to one’s self – is to realize a societal Gestalt and a personal manifestation of communion from a higher power are one and the same.

Over the years, maturity fashions an insurance policy of inner trust (read intuition). We sense our impending and at our most attuned act out of watchfulness.

Questioning motives while sensitized provides checks and balances to what we seek to be and become. Feelings are handy signposts. One can ignore them (denial) or review with kindly detachment and fresh consideration.

Oddly, or not, hope and love glow even though the mind interjects and attempts to derail the truthbot of a human quest.

What is the quest? An universal query thinkers mull and mall yet shadows us all is this cosmic centered need to know why, when, where, who, and what (commonly the five w’s of journalism).

Faith is the antidote and why humans created religions. Wild creatures and wild places have no framework of questioning their existence not because they lack consciousness. The opposite is true. They live in the here and now holy connected to the comprehensive all encompassing web. Humans on the other hand wallow in the myth of separation. Yet, we are under species-wide development during these horrific times of human suffering and possibly it is a no pain no gain scenario. I dunno.

Intuively, many sense connectivity, freedom, and compassion are collective tools for our survival but the key to unlock the doors to massive awareness where peace reigns is illusive. Leadership in the ruling body politic is arrogant and deeply flawed over run with war mongers and paranoids.

The people’s Earth-wide revolution is an inside job first throwing off the shackles we allowed to be placed around our hearts in separation from life in soul isolation wards we constructed.

The momentum for a planetary call for liberty must include a healing paradigm for a whole Earth. Amends to each other are not subsequent to installing a global democracy, they are primafacia. What we have done and our doing to Gaia is the acting out of lethal disconnection.

Unification and solidarity between you and me is the finer medicine, yet, because we are human with lessons to realize and to grow from the road up the mountain is steep and deceptively narrow.

An example: Personally, i could never need to go back into the fray of actual human interaction. My simple yet elegant life is blissfull here on Finca Vigia. I could wile away my remaining days and be serene and wholesome. But, human gene pool I am, i prefer not to stand alone. Love of another, God, Earth, self, and life is an interlinked panacea.

Partnering is a tricky set of happenings. Success is about the choosing, yet how ironic since it is serendipiditious by nature.

Happiness is a thin mist. Joy is a momentary hit of ah ha. The life scripts we preconceive are plentiful, at least in my imaginations. I try to go with the flow and while some label this being spontaneous i perceive it as a surrender of my chunky crusty controlling junkie ego. Now, such an m.o. is not without decisions, editing, flexibility, and doubt.

Our hearts set epic stuff in motion to keep the journey mysterious and bumpy. Why? My best questimation is God has one helluva a sense of humor.god-laughing


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