Berkeley Redux – Latest American Winter of Discontent

When I took the exit sign to the jungle in July 2007 from the Hamptons, NY, my forehead was badly bruised from banging my rad head up against the establishment’s war mongering, bankster, greedy, and god-less wall of greed.

A few years later, as December 2012 mania hit my expat neighbors, I listened as they explained how they would survive the upcoming madness (take your pick of the conspiratorial paranoia).

Yet, our original intent was to be as sustainable as possible here at gorgeous Finca Vigia and why we selected this property to purchase – it had the natural necessary attributes plus the views were mega.

What is unfolding in America will not go away. People are sick and tired of being screwed with war, debt, and now police departments acting like insurgents in what were peaceful communities.

When Gov. Ronald Reagan in the late 60s. called out the militia with the dogs, tear gas, and the flying wedge it only caused more people (students, professors, writers, artists, community activists) to stage sit downs for peace in Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco/NYC/Chicago, etc. Protest rallies against the war in Vietnam were always in the thousands but they went to complete shutdowns of the universities and local communities.

Desert Storm, the Arab Spring, (see the list below of wars just in the MIddle East), and now the American Winter of Discontent, are coming home to roost.

When smarty pants people get up off their comfy arses and march into the tree lined streets to stand up for justice in ghetto-ville Missouri it is a sure sign the body politic is awakening.

What will happen in Berkeley is not akin to the Arab Spring revolution dismantled by the western elite. The difference is the San Francisco Bay Area is loaded with over educated over achievers who know the benefit of social media because they designed it and work for it, plus many make a mint compared to the poverty stricken realities of Egypt and Palestine.

Yes, becoming any kind of medical personnel is probably a fantastic growth industry even though no computer globally devised model can predict.

The West Wing is a failed enterprise because the two headed monster (Dims and GOPs) are the water boys and girls for their masters = dirty oil and war machine manufacturers coupled to the banksters.

God protect the innocent. #ICantBreathe


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