Whose Faith Is It?

The concept of a false prophet has forever been a slippery piece of old straw in my craw. I dunno. When we judge each other we set ourselves up for righteous indignation easily slain or at least slammed. This is my cardinal golden rule, take what you want and leave the rest = No one has the right to put down anyone else’s body of faith and sacred texts, or rant on saying so and so is a false prophet because same is not part of their belief system.

Humans by evolutionary nature, contrivance of DNA, and cultural indicators believe whatever they believe. It is neither spiritual nor cool to slam another because they do not follow your operating concepts on how to believe, or not to believe. Such thinking feeds the us vs. them paradigm placed on the petard of separation to divide us from each other and our place among all living entities on the whole #Earth.

You want to believe in toga wearing dancing spirits the size of bowling pins or your God is the only God on Earth, go for it. Yet, do not assume your faith is superior and mine being different is less than yours. A hint of superiority on your part is merely a fattened ego fed by insecurity. For those who prescribe to no faith in a higher power, I personally think you are ruled by your head, not your heart, but it does not mean I preclude you from friendship or concern.

Compassion is without containment and is humanity in action. We either universally unilaterally act with esteem for ourselves and towards others (including all living things and Earth) or we eventually fall into the abyss and go extinct. How I practice my faith is actually none of your business. My connection to a higher power is private and not to be cursed or exalted by you. I operate from a set of values, morals, and a rule book handed to me as a kid. The golden rule is a core guide for sober right action.

Love is paramount in every single one of our human endeavors or affairs. Paying it forward kindness with a smile generates positive energy and acceptance. Personally, I prefer the company of wild creatures to most humans, yet when I do encounter the rarity of gentle maturity AND creative intelligence in another sentient being I am genuinely elated.

As to a heritage of religion, I was raised a Presbyterian, and I was married in a Presbyterian Church established in 1640 by a straight-laced Presbyterian clergyman and a bohemian Lutheran minister (the groom’s actual best friend since prep school days). Since childhood, I have attended funerals of loved ones and a majority of them were interned with the rights of the Masonic Lodge.

My mother was a quiet practicing Rosicrucian Presbyterian. If you look on my Fedbook profile, I label myself a Zen Presbyterian. Does this preclude me from changing from one faith to another? No. My brother married a Christian Arab and converted to her faith, meaning their kids would be raised in that faith. Today, both his adult children are not practicing their childhood faith with all its ceremonial stuff – one because she married a Methodist yet they found a common ground faith for themselves and their two kids – Episcopal, and the other is without a church. Spirituality is the clue. Now, this does not mean, we did not attend church together (Canyon Lake, Texas). It does mean we do not all take communion there, if ever.

Would a Muslim be welcome at my family’s many events, or into our fold? Of course, and any other faith, although I do think those who worship Satin or fall into a far right conservative bent would find it possible to get past my brother, the steadfast gate keeper at the front door. Would I change my traditional faith if I was to marry someone? Not a problem, because as long as love and peace are the guts of the religiosity what difference can it make? Do not ask the question, would the man change is faith to mine as it is a dumbo query if you understood what I have written so far in this piece.

I read sacred texts everyday and live in a most beautiful place. I am blessed with friends here on FB and beyond who follow their heart’s understanding. I prefer to associate with those who try to surrender to a personal connection to God, yet I have friends who are agnostics (I married one, my deceased God bless him husband) or act as ye of no faith.

We, in solidarity, hopefully are attempting to practice the principles of humanity at every turn and twist while resident on the blue marble. I do take issue with a lack of practiced humanity – such as war and oppression. As, I contend unless Homo sapiens make a quantum leap toward the light of global understanding, too soon, we will exterminate ourselves. And, no this moire of mine is not a precept of being a Presbyterian, yet for the record 85% of the dudes who signed the American Declaration of Independence were Presbyterians.

We each find our way, or stay lost. This is our prerogative and is labeled free will in most religions.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 5.37.00 PMGod protect the innocent.


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