The Real Meaning of Neck Ties

Down and Not Dirty Imagery – Yet Maybe a Taboo Topic

This is whole heartedly a human female perspective. Why do men use fireworks and real NASA rockets launched into space in their phallic glory? Why is the sword another form of the same shape? Why do men need to cut the air, and each other, and explode stuff from . . .?

Symbolism is not only about what has transpired from human culture to human art to sacred understanding. It is also the tell-tale of how innately violent men are? It is a male human’s genetic dramatic need to play war games as kids to grow up to fire drones from bunkers north of Sacramento, California (or the Pentagon or the West Wing) at wedding parties in Yemen?

Men have engineered our world for violence? Women have allowed men to engineer our world for violence? We are the cozy vessels and they are the spewing rockets?

And, do us a favor, do not take this commentary as an excuse to salaciously launch at me or any other human female, got it men?

What would happen in my scripted sci-fi series where no such shapes and forms every existed – would there then be a world of peace and joy? Would in this other blue stage digital universe exist a humanity without games where big beefy men carry, smack with a bat (yea another you know what), pass, and kick balls into end zones or into the outerfield? Would rifles, jet fighters, tanks, shoulder launchers, and other war marking horrors along with neck ties pointing to you know where never come into being? Would visionaries in this other world never picture in their hearts and minds ejecting rockets, flinging swords, and flying orbs?


Is the reason US of Constant Wars blows up Arabs is because our totally nutso leadership deep down feels inadequate and suffers from pre-you know what?

PS. By golly, I do believe I now know why i relish my femininity and girlish ways. Yet, the above cannot be why I prefer a man’s man with an intellect the size of Brooklyn and a sense of aesthetics that would embarrass Monet, can it? Darwin was confused? God protect the innocent. More will hopefully not be revealed on this tabloid subject.

PSS. Why is the western leadership of the ‘free world’ not wearing any ties in this photo? OD-AZ371_TIES_P_20131018112425


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