We Are Now In The Shift

Maybe it is wishful thinking, and possibly we have reached our slogged bottom as a species, yet as we move along this continuum I am more and more assured by my wobbly heart and the birds we are now in the shift. When we entered it is not important, nor when we exit. Being in the here and now is an act of faith. The old crappy paradigm that enslaves and destroys is going down and you and I, the impractical dreamers, the writers, the sharers, the artists, the philosophers, the linkers, the lovers of life and Earth, and the creative seeking humans amongst other living beings – we sense this momentous time is underway as a collective no longer individuals sitting on our corn flakes. Put your fears aside, and your wishy washy crapola, and be grateful for the gathering of the kinder tribes for what is and what will be. To live during this evolutionary consciousness expansion is neither conspiratorial nor gratuitous, but it is the one connectivity we all seek – to know we are one – with love and peace and togetherness the only way out of the imploding madness.



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