Same End-the-War Rant – Barely Any Different Spin –

US of Constant Wars is the number one terrorist entity on the planet? The lawless western war mongers have no moral values? Incoming blowback is on its way to feed the extremists? shot 2014-10-10 at 6.59.51 PM

Bombings by the western war machines are to protect western corporate oil interests, support the arms manufacturers and the fiat monetary global casino, and wreck havoc with civil disorder so one more foreign population of citizens are forced to become refugees from chaos. End this insanity by calling for a non-violent revolution and overthrow the American corporate state.

How many more babies are to be destroyed? How many more homes to be blown up? How many more innocent become the fodder for this latest war, and the next, and, the next? I also have no support for the greedy prick Sauds who have no idea what human rights entail. I am a noisy peacenik who does not have one ounce of faith left in the international orgs such as the UN or The Court in the Hague – such stages are screen plays put on by the corrupt Lords of Hypocrisy.

In the 24/7 meantime the aging infrastructure in America crumbles and half the population become paupers but hey we got those bombers up and soon of course there will be boots on the ground no matter what spews as contrary from the oval office. This is the modus operandi of the US of Constant Wars – spy, drone, spy, bomb, spy, send in the Marines and the Navy Seals, spy, bomb, spy, send in the grunts.

In the 1776 revolution of American Independence, 40% supported the break from the *English Empire, 20% were Tories*,and the rest where undeclared. As the war for independence went on for several years (read nothing is instant if worth it) those who were undeclared joined the ranks of the revolutionaries.

Today, we do not need a war of killing and destruction in America to change the ruling paradigm. We merely have to stand up, IN SOLIDARITY, and say no to the madness and vote the bought and paid for basturds out of office and vote in a new batch of representatives who act with principles, integrity, and compassion. The Dims who became GOPS under the Clinton administration with the lunatic fringe of the far right GOPs becoming the other party are a waste of time as they are owned by their keepers. I know, I was a Democratic Party Committeewoman during many election cycles. I never supported Clinton, Obama, or Pelosi.

Do you want to change the reality of wars festered and supported by the still happening precepts of the Kissinger methodologies of business as usual? Do you want your iPad, droid driven kids to live in a faux society so mind managed and controlled by fear they march right into war after war?

I could go chapter and verse on the systemic problems of the body politic or go way entrail with neo-socio-psychological intellectual blabberings as to why we are in this forsaken horror show of war after war. The imperial basic is this – Americans stand idle. They have a comfort zone and/or a stupidfying field of no dreams.

I dunno. Maybe it is the chem trails, the toothpaste, and the GMOs crap masquerading as food while force fed nothing but paranoia bent lies from the propaganda machines.

To change the operating master’s game you have to now (not later, because there is fast approaching a climatic induced no-tomorrow scenario for our species) participate in a meaningful and kindly way to steer the narrative out of the shadows of the false flag waving.

Freedom and democracy has never truly occurred in America. We yammer on about same, yet in truth what passes for a so-called democracy/republic is nothing more than a lame version of what the principles of freedom and justice are suppose to be. The scripted reality TV show emulating from the silly city (Washington, DC, the Pentagon, Langley, etc.) has not been a beacon of sanity for some time.

I found this video (see below) on the quasi-edge of fuzzy lunacy, yet maybe we need to dangle off the perimeter of the bursting bubble to begin to think with critical mass?


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