Hedges on the mythology of the wealthy (see vid below). Me on the same crap.

I grew up in Napa Valley, California in a professional business class where my mother was the only female executive in a male industry. She was born to the upper classes. I excelled to upper middle class and from 1990 until 2007 lived in one of wealthiest enclaves on the planet – the Hamptons, NY.

My schooling was 100% public education but in upscale areas with college degrees from the University of California. My deceased husband never attended anything but private schools including grammar, prep school, Leigh Univ., and a law degree from NYU. He was the only child of two Manhattan working parents – his mother working in book publishing and his father owning a television production studio. College education of excellence is the keystone along with a developing vision of how you see yourself contributing to your culture not just your community.

Roots are also tantamount to establishing stability. I am the bohemian in my family, although my niece with her MFA, art studio, and university design professorship would probably say she is in this category. She is not. Why? A bohemian possesses a reclarient worldview where political, social and creativity melds. Her missing component is the civics of politics. I am explaining this personal heritage to flesh out who I am and what my mission is here on the blue marble. I respect and honor my familial heritage yet i reside outside tradition.

I am an ex-pat with a small eco-footprint residing on a glorious nature refuge in paradise. A multitude of trappings of what i formerly endured inside the consumer society was edited out in favor of a nearly pristine habitat. The expense and incessant stress of being a high roller faded into oblivion. The current homeostasis is not the final curtain as more is yet to be revealed. I am also a die heart poetic romantic who flows with the river even during flash floods.

Seeing death and being one with life is the same coin of the realm of a conscious radical. I played a good game – i won some hands – i knew the recognition and distain of my peers. My life is secure, whole, integrated, unique, and gentle yet i could do with more fun and a sense of actual community of creatives.

As a loner as a widow as a writer as a birder as an activist as an empath as a thinker as a curiosity seeker and a woman of faith i have no projections but i have an abundance of dreams. I am grateful for any forum of expression, as no creative can evolve in a vacuum. Stimuli and impetus arrive as signs and signals. The trick of emotive assimilation is to let manifestations in without being taken hostage.

People are a strange struggling necessary backboard in a goofy mutuality. We can live above the pale and suck on crystal pebbles while jogging up the mountain or stay down in the lush valleys where the creeks bubble and the buffalo meander. I am attracted to challenges and intrigue while easily made unhappy with routine and the exclusive taste of vanilla.
Groundhog days repeated over and over are hell for me. Beauty is life as art. Earth is magnificent.

Our species basically sucks. Our treatment of each other and Pachamama is deplorable. We seem to be going in reverse allowing greedy f*ckwits to rule our collective roost. Consequences from our wholesale debacle are wreaking havoc upon the innocent. Yet, the majority of us kneel to the god of ego and fear while praying for relief from a demise we generationally devise far more by apathy than activity. Blinded by the shroud we wrap our souls missing in every instance the energizing of nature and the pure joy of unfettered intimacy with others and ourselves.

Hiding in caves of poverty and victimization, we blame anything but our own inability to face fear with faith. For me, the concept of class warfare feeds the sicko paradigms of us vs. them – the standard of divide and conquer operates in the body politic of the corporate state and douses our inner collective flame for freedom and justice.

Unless you and i pull a whole gargantum of rabbits out of a global magician’s top hat our species will go extinct by our polluting gruel of manipulations, lies, and arrogance.

This is all i have to say beating this drum – resonate with Earth.

Fear is a game set to ruin compassion and turn us against each other. Bombing anything is a total act of insanity in the name of avariceness and paranoia.

I am exhausted from the harangue of media whores pumping a dozen beheadings while ignoring thousands of burnt babies.

Give me liberty or give me death.


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