Get Up, Stand Up #Gaza – Start the Revolution

Rhetoric is the bane of the intellect. Communications are clear Israhell is an apartheid illegal state of Zionism. What actions to end this regime ASAP are viable? Certainly to rely on the UN or Abbas or Hamas, even if they were on the same page, is a waste as the last several decades produced nothing but horror shows for Palestinians.

Please inform me why there is not an organized civil disobedience revolution of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians? How many more carpetbaggers are going to become millionaires to next rebuild Gaza? How many more aid packets are to be allowed in to keep the people on the strip generation by generation under the boot of organized victimization? Is there not a collective psyche tipping point where the people have had enough tyranny living NGO hand out to hand out between war to war and try at least to storm the closed borders by the hundreds of thousands?

Societal change never happens via the establishment and to expect freedom and independence to be handed to one on a platter is nutso. #Revolution is about the people rising up non-violently and saying in mass enough is enough.

The #Arab Spring failed because the revolution lacked solidarity and astute leadership.

‘Living’ by listening to the constance of #IDF drones over #Gaza is civil society acceptance of what is being done to a culture by an oppressor. This is the definition of mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage. You have to be free within and have faith in yourself to stand up to the shit flung at you and your loved ones. Independence from any imperial power begins by believing in your own empowerment.

A ghetto is not just a physical space, it is a state of colonializing the mind with a collective state of people feeling less than. If #Hamas truly was the resistance they would pay govt. employees and then figure out how to stop the drones. Building tunnels decade after decade is symbolic of a ‘rat mentality’ where people are forced to conduct a black market underground economy. How does such a system become sustainable let alone free of corruption or infuse a society with esteem?

Beyond the symbolism of a warren of tunnels as precious but totally corrupt is the human and limited monetary prioritizing of such over sustainability? How many more martrys? How many more bombs? How many more severed limbs? How many more destroyed lives? Healthy viable political leadership does not sit in the country blocking its access to negotiate when the gates are to be opened for the carpetbaggers.

1.8 million people on the #Gaza Strip either continue dying and suffering in this rigged game, or they organize and together and literally walk into Egypt and into their taken lands in solidarity.

Tunnels are what prisoners construct to smuggle.

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 4.02.16 PMRevolution is what humans do to gain freedom.


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