#Gaza Glows in the Gut

Gaza is a watershed for humanity.

Most pro-Gazans would like to portray Kerry and #Obama at the center of the fierce unbelievable financial support for Israel. Lame duck POTUS Obama requested $179 million for Israel for 2015, yet $315 million was approved. Apparently, 79 Senators are bought and paid for by Jewish owned corporates and Zionists (see post on my #Facebook page).

Sec. of State #JohnKerry, is obligated to speak at high end groups including AIPAC. His brother converted to Judaism adding another cut carrot to the chicken soup. Plus, Kerry is a US Navy man of war and the sea with purple hearts (3) and hero medals (including the silver star) for the two terms he served in Vietnam (1966 to 1970). He requested to be onboard small crafts patrolling the coast. Yet, as Nam escalated he was assigned as a commander of a swift boat in the Mekong Delta. Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 6.24.33 PM

When I asked Kerry decades ago why he went back to Nam, he looked down at me, and said, “To better serve the Vietnam people who were being killed by maniacs, including those wearing US colors.”

Kerry carries shrapnel in his left leg because the pieces are embedded so deeply into his flesh it was medically decided to leave them. Obama has never seen military service. I have always wondered if Kerry had the shrapnel removed later in his life with the advent of laser and micro surgery.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement to a roomful of world leaders at the Trilateral Commission (April 2014) that Israel could become an apartheid state if peace talks fail is “deeply troubling,” AIPAC said.

Kerry has threatened to write his own peace plan between Palestine and Israel

having told both sides, his plan

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 3.30.22 PM

would be a “take it or leave it resolution.” Sources close to Kerry at the time (April 2014) stated he sees a two state resolution as untenable unless Israel retires itself to its legal geography.

“There is a fundamental confrontation and it is over settlements — 14,000 new settlement units announced since we began negotiations. It’s very difficult for any leader to deal under that cloud,” Kerry said. He went on to warn of the real possibility at any moment Israel would begin again to war on Palestine and Palestinians would starting firing rockets into Israel. Interestingly, he saw Israel as the aggressor rather than what the piddle stream media and US Congress stupidly perceives – Israhell defending itself.

So here we are, way past the threshold and certainly at current issue is Hamas via the PLO demands must be met or thousands will die in Gaza plus more 50 IDF soldiers from Israhell. The innocent will pile up far more in Gaza because there is no military operating in Gaza. Hamas is a resistance cadre. For every child burned to death, family destroyed, and mosque blown up by the IDF, a new member of the resistance is festered. Without the French resistance of WWII the western forces would not have been able to defeat the Nazi empire as quickly as it did after D Day.

The political irony is the members of the French resistance covertly aligned against the Nazi empire fought so Jews could become an apartheid state of Zionists and free-loaders off American tax payers for 66 years. The second mordancy is Israelis have universal medical care (US citizens do not) and are the number ten arms dealer in the world (yet only 5 million residents) paid by the sweat and brains of American tax payers.

US govt. policy and UN decisions made to support Israhell are like a breakfast of nuked raisins (Israel has 80 nukes) served over crispy GMO Cherrios. The added value cereal crunches in the mouth, but glows in the gut.


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