#Gaza – The Goat on the Altar

Sayonara Silly City

In a former spin on the dial, I worked in #Washington, DC, for one of its oldest and respected news sources. For nearly 3.5 years I attempted to shift through egos and compost caca to decipher and determine who and what made any common sense let along right action policy. Pushing away the red, blue, and purple smoke while shoving the herd of narcissistic mirrors to the back of the bus takes its toll.

DC is called by its insiders the Silly City.

Last week, when the #US Senate voted 100% in favor of supporting Israel vestiges of my political concerns for US of Dirty Oil ‘getting it’ instantly evaporated, like #Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 10.53.57 PM

MERS camel pee in the middle of the White Desert, at high noon.

There is no one left in the Silly City with any credibility from the media, to elected officials, to lobbyists and standing room only special interests who captain the flotilla of nut job Americans on The Hill. The viability of American politics, at the national and foreign policy level, is maya. Maybe the only thing left to do is what Biden advised recently, hope the governors of the 50 states can lead.

The Silly City’s delusion US govt. can control MENA by funding Israhell with an extra 600+ million bucks for the Iron Dome and a new rocket design is welfare for warfare.

After my short analysis of what is reactionary happening in the global casino the banksters are far more paranoid than Bibi and his band of murders. The pro-Israel and military industrial paymasters delivered new funding streams for the Silly City to carry forward into the next election cycle and their suited puppets danced in flash mob.

If I saw any opportunity in the current political arena to forestall the revolution forthcoming on American soil I would work along this pathway. I am not an anarchist. I am in most regards a traditional American revolutionary. While I do not brandish a musket or a horse and carriage to travel across the colonies, I am as committed to re-establishing the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, and balance of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of govt. as were the forefathers of the republic who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Consider what I write, blog, and post are leaflets of democracy and while you may say my endeavors are a lost cause, they serve as my therapeutic doggy bones pitched into the fray.

Today, American national politics is a headless GMO fed stead on a rampage where ethics, compassion, fear, and lies foster a crazed cattle drive of mad cows staggering around in the Silly City with dollar signs imprinted on their enlarged pupils. Cow plops appear like alluring diamonds to the cowboys with rubies in their ears made of glass yet the corporate machinery of war whizzes along at mach speed.

Not so interestingly, the fear stricken piddle stream media is standing around with its snoots up each others arses with no notice of the stench from the orifices of shitty darkness. The historical concept of the press acting as political watchdogs to curtail systemic corruption and define the narrative of truth is fully co-opted with few noticing they are inside a media circle jerk (sorry for the crude dude phrase but it is aptly descriptive).

The phallic icon of the beltway is the Washington Monument. There was an earthquake (probably caused by fracking) and its architectural integrity was comprised. Right then and there, I realized the body politic I debated, argued, and worked inside of as writer, activist, politician, and traditional revolutionary was on life support. The integrity of the architecture was splintered and cracking apart into self-fulfilling negative fractals.

Symbolism in my line of work is not usually given much credence, but i am a trained Jungian. I follow my intuits, consider signs and symbols, plus pay attention to not only the dialogue but also energies emitted and the telling tone of a discourse.

Also, not interestingly, the one thing the US Senate is apparently in total agreement is supporting Israhell over Palestine and Gaza. The complicity everyone on both sides of the aisle is responsible for with the murder of Muslim babies and the bombing of Gaza into holes of exploded concrete and poisoned farmlands is a horror heard around the world by everyone except the basturds themselves. The IDF bombing with killer chemicals (designed by the US Navy) to destroy human life yet keep structures intact was a decision everyone of these sickos made. To believe a building is more important than life is not materialism, it is a July 2014 holocaust in the boiling fester of burnt bodies and the death of innocents.

After I am gone, and the mind bobbling of these incidents settles into the Alabaster dust of human insanity and annuals of WTF?, i suppose astute and articulate masters of human conduct will derive meaning to why any group of elected officials would support the barrage of whistling drones and thudding missiles over children’s happy laughter and intact families.

At this midnight hour of the 59th minute, I am in a mild form of shivers and shock.

A couple of weeks ago I resigned from the human race because I felt I am no longer able to withstand in my own aging heart what Homo sapiens sapiens do to each other and the beautiful blue marble, Earth.

The blowback, globally, will realign many because Gaza’s suffering and death count is symbolic of how much human hatred rules on this planet. The powers of the suppressors who now stand on twisted three legs are disintegrating and their putrid skin of bias is peeled back for review and identification. The stand the US Senate took is a last call at the K Street bar of American DC politics as it implodes into itself.

Zuckerface never knew what freedom Fedbook could muster and that the daring depths of communication across boundaries and cultures would evolve into a global solidarity against the empire enacted via social media. This not the #Arab Spring it is the Human Awakening.

Gaza serves as the honored goat at the altar of human awareness. I am appalled by such a notion and at the same moment not surprised a little strip of land 25 miles long and 5 miles wide would serve as the sardine can of focus for millions somewhere else exhibiting heart felt human compassion.

For those who stand up and are counted in social media for love, peace, and compassion I bow to you. To those who believe violence must be met with violence I pray you find a moment in your strife and unhappiness to realize so far this methodology of dealing with human societal malfeasance breeds only more hatred, distrust, and additional wars.

Wars are basically about profit margins, turf disputes, and the primitive tribal contention the guy with the different clothing style, faith, language, skin color, and heritage is an enemy.

God has a plan, not my plan, not yours, not the State of Zion’s, and not the United States Senate’s.

Tomorrow we will be meditating for peace for two hours, globally, please join us. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening.


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