#Gaza Caldron of Puke?

Israhell eating Palestine

The venom of political/societal/religiosity polarity, hatred fed into a multi-cultural cauldron, boils over when violence and dysfunction slapped around by fear and ignorance are herald as THE solution.

Israhell steals the lands of Muslims and Christians – some forget there are Arab Christians, or never realized Arab Christians were originally Hebrews and Muslims. Jews selected the Christian’s prophet for martyrdom while under the thumb of the Romans. IF any sect of religiosity should be invading Israel one would think it is the Christians rather than the western Christians and Jews aligned to blow up the Arab country of Palestine/Gaza.

Then there are the two hundred years of crusades – the battle cry of the thousands of Christians (in answer to the popes) who joined crusades to free the Holy Land from the Muslims. From 1096 to 1270 there were eight major crusades and two children’s crusades (disasters, if true), both in the year 1212. Only the First and Third Crusades were successful, and one wonders what measuring stick is used to divine same.

Muslim Saladin took Jerusalem when Crusader Balian surrendered, 1187. Saladin and Balian cut a deal not to injure any of its occupants if a tithe was paid by Christians plus they could stay (sound familiar Mosul Iraqis?). Saladin permitted Christian pilgrimages to Jerusalem and allowed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to remain in Christian hands. To solidify Muslim claims to Jerusalem, many holy sites, including the shrine later known as Al-Aqsa Mosque, were ritually purified with rose water.

Historians and sacred documents proclaim Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived side by side, in peace, in MENA.

The history of conflict written for this region is long and fraught with interpretations. Yet, the three endemic religions stem from an identical Abrahamic sacred text. The one I grew up with is called the Old Testament.

Today, 2014, Jews war with Muslims (read State of Zion and Palestine/Gaza), and Christians war with Muslims (read US of Hillarystan and Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria) and Muslims war with Muslims (read Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and more) – do you see the pattern? Not to dismiss Tunisia, Libya, Somalia, Kashmir, Darfur, Chechen, Lebanon, Kurdish insurgency into Turkey, Tuareg Rebellion, Algerian Civil War, Bosnia, Ukraine, and on and on back into RECENT human history.

The western elite of Jews as arms dealers, moneychangers, and banksters financed the taking of Arab lands by the State of Zion using American taxpayers funds – this is called OPM – other people’s money – economics. They purchase at retail their puppets.

The western corporate empire of dirty oil and banksters invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to capture oil and gas led in the tribunal charge by 9/11, Halliburton, and Blackwater.

Today, the State of Islam (formerly called ISIS or ISIL) rolls across Iraq and Syria. Obama drones at least eight countries, if not nine. IDF shells and drops illegal weaponry on Gaza. The list of active covert and overt war zones could go on, yet the point is our species is moving faster in the opposite direction from peace, compassion and tolerance.

Everyday, I attempt to open up the dialogue and foster some kind of discourse to expose the lies people digest and maybe, if it is a good day, tear down the walls of ignorance. After, three decades, I have yet to notice the coverall redline become thinner or disappear. Each faction, and there are more factions inside factions than fractals in the matrix, claims via their lens, be it spot on or distorted, a victory. Yet, the overall winners are the hedge fund managers, the traders, the arms dealers, and the banksters who sans heart and soul are immune to becoming fully functioning members of humanity. They never cry for burnt babies, or dare to demure to be men of kindness and concern except for their families and mistresses.

If we, the folks with spirit and compassion, would focus on systemic issues and certain political ‘leaders’ for the next 30 years rather than work on oil rigs, drive Hummers in camo, and slave away with other duties on the plantation our species may survive. We can not checkmate the empire, yet we can refuse to participate by any non-violent means possible.

I do not have another three decades to wage battles for the greater good. My ticket will be stamped for the ride sooner, rather than later.

If you truly have a passion to stop the merry-go-around of global greed then I would be interested in hearing your game plan, as I am sure others would appreciate your perspectives.

The simplistic choice is continue to be boiled alive in a caldron of our own puke or use the two percent of our brain we commandeer to discover an enchanted path toward peace.


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