This Political Horse Never Won, Let Alone Showed or Placed

This is today’s photo of Rick Schaffer (see below), who was at one time my Democratic Suffolk County, NY leader. He is actually a good guy, who figured out how to live at the trough without ever taking a stand, on anything, except kinda sort of one for labor (major funding funnel in his direction). What has he accomplished? I dunno.

What did i accomplish having served the party longer than the length of Rick’s life? I dunno.

These are questions at morbid misty times I plague myself with because I semi-realize, now, here in the juggernaut of the jungle, how fortunate I am to escape the prison planet NY. I am serious. NYC/Long Island is its own third, second, first, and futurist world. One I never fit.

My mother use to say my California patio elegance and Cal Berkeley brain was never the right status quo size for NY.

I lived on the East End of LI from 1991 until 2007, full time. I resided in NY beginning in 1983, first upstate. I commuted in my aging BMW coupes via what is labeled the moveable parking lot – Long Island Expressway – witnessing more road rage than Mad Max. I put 300,000 miles on at least one of these biemers.

Why did I do this?

The coupling of a grandiose ego and enlarged heart who thought she could make a greater good difference by working for peace and art and life and beauty and birds and small town community and heritage and the marine environment and the body politic.

Ricky Schaffer, Suffolk County, NY Dim, July 2014

Ricky Schaffer, Suffolk County, NY Dim, July 2014

Ya know what? I think I am about 10,000 times more effective keyboarding and linking to like-minded intellects and nature freaks in social media than sitting in a news studio in Manhattan, or blabbering on in a caucus with the Dims. Here, we broke several stories becoming global headline news and for this I dance around the cabina with a 90-pound German Shepherd.


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