Martyrs – Arcane Misrepresentations

The positive pole of impatience is audacity, as in confidence, not ego inflation, martyrdom, and other negative personality impinges. When one continues to blame everything else, friends, family, society, and circumstance and refuses to accept responsibility for one’s own contribution to the mess in the center in the world view the easy way out is to hang oneself on the cross – martyrs are not manufactured or fashioned from a creed or culture. Martyrs are home grown in families where children are daily blamed and shamed rather than loved, encouraged and celebrated.

Usually, someone who is rigid to the point of refusing outside professional help (therapy, 12th meetings, etc.) is a berated unloved child trapped in an adult’s body. All the blustering and anti-isms cannot provide a fertile field of self-worth. What is required is a re-build of the personality/persona to let go of the negatives and build upon a common sensible self-value.

Collective venting is an unsaid illness of the masses attracted to each other to sustain the inner rage for one, and all. An operating misplaced group hysteria of loyalty to a nationalism, a flag, a border line, a leader, a war. The oddity of this human dis-ease is it becomes brilliantly lit when standing next to humans who gently live in love and brutal honesty with themselves, and others.

What drives the boat of self-ridicule acted out as vengefulness and compulsive anti-ism is denial. The cloaking device of denial serves two purposes: to protect the little abused inner child from further hurt and ridicule and to serve as the primary line of defense to intimacy. If one can not surrender to love and compassion, one cannot be hurt – so goes the upside down thinking of the dysfunctional.

From a societal format – fascism and religiosity’s herd instinct ironically become the hotbed of martyrdom. Here bathed in the dim light of false honor willing to die for the cause the injured unloved persecuted child adult finally receives his or her just rewards – and is peer recognized.

This twisted sentient being becomes the conquering war hero from Bosnia (or #Iraq, or Nigeria, and so on), the fanatical politico, the psychopath insurgent, the western govt. worker who slays personal integrity for a regular pay warrant, the child porno dealer, the #Mexican drug lord, the revered military jet pilot bombing innocents in #Gaza, the masses who drink the Kool-aide of bias and oppression, and the warring hordes around the world who cannot tell the difference between species suicide and the holy power of non-violence.


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