Sanctions Against Israel and Other WarMongers

Five people today asked me why Muslims are willing to become martyrs. My answer was, “Ask these questions yourself of those who follow the faith of Islam.” 

Like most writers, I am a type of conduit as an observer of the human condition.

Americans and other westerners were sold a paranoid boat of bullshit regarding Arabs, Muslims, and Islam. Somehow, too many of us were wired to axiomatically consider terrorist in the same breath as Arab, Muslim, or Islam. #9/11 being the kickoff to this campaign of expansive hatred and putrid practiced bias.

The machinery of weapons of fear have done a bang-up job on our collective unconsciousness to believe every Arab is out to blow us up. If nothing else, the latest horror show days in #Gaza should prove #Israel is the master of propaganda, deception and mass murder in cahoots with the piddle stream media and world leadership – all complicit in the insanity of burning up babies, homes, and hope. 

What can we do? Pray. Inform yourself. Pass along what you learn. Maintain an open mind and a tender heart.

Contact your nearest and or most powerful elected public servant and show them the body of information you have collected and demand they take action.

Finally, review the following (yes, this is blue skying, yet, I never give up, and never give in) and venture an opinion, an edit and/or addition. The sanctions noted below could turn out to be a thin slice of super silliness or possibly a valued manifesto. They will not die on this digital screen.

Eight Sanctions for #Humanity – A Working Concept

1) Sanction all companies on #Wall Street, and other trading floors, who contribute to Israel by establishing a surcharge specific to every trade benefitting any resident, or corporate entity tied to Israel in any way. These funds are to be used to develop a plan to sustain Gaza and #Palestine with a portion used for #Syria and #Lebanon.

2) Stop all monies flowing from the #US Treasury into Israel, immediately, and also authorize the destruction of all Israeli military equipment, related arms, and technology financed by the American tax payers.

3) Demand every elected American, western and other non-western public official who receives monies from pro-Israel entities to return those funds or be charged with corruption. After an open trial if found guilty be subjected to hard labor or supervised community service for no less than twenty years.

4) Boycott Israel at every turn from trade to tourism, and administer a blanket passport revocation for every Israeli until all barriers between Palestine and Gaza are removed. Stop Israel from educating its youth against Arab and Muslim cultures with the dismantling of all military equipment, barriers/walls, public information concerns and contractors, and forces (navy, army, air force, intel, etc.).

5) Establish a special world peace tribunal to bring the leadership responsible for the murdering of innocent citizens into a legal body to be tried for crimes against humanity. This program of accountability of leadership is not limited to elected or appointed officials as it spans every corporate executive and board of directors doing business privately, or corporately as part of any project, process or connection to Israel. A body of citizens can bring their own case into the court against corruption and corrupt authorities. 

6) Require every media source owned by a corporate entity to review a code of ethics and practice same with regular mandatory continuing education seminars. If violations are brought forth by whistleblower journalists, publishers, or citizens there should be a trial procedure in open court with special 100% immunity to those who come forward; Same for govt., military forces and corporate whistleblowers.

7) Surcharge every war machine, arms, or military involved technology corporation at 1,000 percent per item. Use said institutionalized funding stream to investigate and track down illegal shipments and procurement of arms using cyber tools and surveillance networks in play by govt. now. Employ Anonymous to track the items and surcharges with acquired funds to be held in an independent international credit union used for refugee assistance under the guidance of an independent council of citizens from the human rights third sector. 

8) Legislate a sunset date within eighteen months when all nuclear arms (including DUs) are surrendered, world-wide. All nuclear fired energy will have four years to shutdown. An independent purely scientific and technology adept review council, not subject to any outside special influences, will establish how to deal with nuclear materials. At the same time, all exploratory effort (both land and marine) for dirty oil, gas and fracking will halt and be dismantled. Funds to finance the dismantling will be come from a special anti-empire unilateral tax charged on every barrel of crude oil sold, re-sold, divided, or traded. 

Special Note: During this world wide transition to getting off the global petro economy to one sustainable based on alternative energy (including algae) the price of oil, will be a fixed price. No cartel of energy countries or similar entities will have any say as to this fixed price. A special council of economic experts never associated with energy companies, the World Bank or any other bankster operation will devise a transparent methodology for the transition. Any entity be it geo-political state, politician, corporate executive, insurgent, religious leader, or desert prince who does not comply with the democratically decided methodology will face penalties as will their families and associates including but not limited to exclusion from any form of commerce (selling of assets, sanction against any bank transactions, shutting down trading accounts, etc.).


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