#Social Media Breeds War for the Empire

Anthropologist Michael Ghiglieri, University of North Arizona, contends, “Xenophobia and ethnocentrism are not just essential ingredients to war. Because they instinctively tell men precisely who to bond with versus whom to fight against, they are the most dangerously manipulability facets of war psychology that promote genocide.”

In British zoologist Matt Ridley’s words: “We have as many darker as lighter instincts. The tendency of human societies to fragment into competing groups has left us with minds all too ready to adopt prejudices and purse genocidal feuds. In other words, beneath our social surface is a seamy underside of human nature much less flattering. We have a hereditary dark side that is universal across humankind. Acts of hatred are not beyond, beneath, or outside ordinary humanness.”

“It is only in understanding the human nature of hate we will begin to understand hate as a normative part of human history. Ultimately, we can begin to construct social structures and institutions to responsibly address the problem of hate.”

Our species is only 10,000 generations from its primitive state. Our modern craniums house a primitive brain where instinct is allowed to rule over intellect. The heart interferes with an overwhelming need to live in fear and hatred. Religions and philosophy provide a framework to discover a higher path of consciousness. It is an uphill battle as hatred, both outward and inward, is a basic component of human nature. Surely, by understanding what hatred is we can better prepare the next generations to not to succumb to xenophobia and ethnocentrism.

A new social science labeled the Study of Hate is emerging to push our species forward toward more light than wallow in primal darkness.

Social media provides a convenient antidotal milieu to observe the psychology of human hatred and human love.

Tracking some controversial friend’s facelines (#Facebook) reveals an immense amount of bias surfaces where free-reign is giving including the freedom to hate. Yes, there are certain hot buttons where hatred spews its xenophobic and emotional conflicts to become the basis for the social media interaction. The them vs. us paradigm operates with such vigor at times; I truly am amazed how deeply humans hate each other, abstractly on the Internet. Such a revelation jettisoned me from my normal lovey dovey perspective to uncover the origins of the uglies within us.

The mythology of corrupting hatred is that it is a primordial emotional reaction based in fear. The reality is at this stage of humankind’s devolvement hatred is generally and specifically an intellectual pursuit. In my review of hate spikes (my phrase for hate posts on FB) it is clearly not, what I presumed. For reference, my training is in humanistic psychology and spiritual ecology. I never subscribed to Freud or Skinner. I am an Eric Fromm thumper.

For the sake of this discussion when I name hatred, I am not separating it into the two camps of self-hatred and social hatred. For me, these two manifestations boil from an archaic identical caldron. If you hate others, you hate yourself. If you hate yourself, you hate others.

Bias is how wars begin and how they are fed by the empire’s deception to gain power over civil society to rupture order, capture resources, and keep the scared bees in the hives. Feeding the xenophobic under the banners of nationalism, religiosity, and tribal fiefdom turf competition characterizes motivation, agendas, false flags, etc.

By closely observing the act of competition accelerating to Facebook warfare, and as armed conflicts are launched around the planet, they have similar combative human-to-human origins. Little boys are given plastic weapons to activate their primal instincts and then go onto to learn how to become digital drone warriors through electronic games. Entire cultures are fed a constant diet of violence to keep them malleable and trainable. Children are strapped with bombs to walk into Mosques or market places, in Muslim countries and western ones. Babies are murdered and nailed to posts to keep the horror of fear mongering festering. Hatred in the voice of trolls in social media is paid to stir the pots of dissents. The lack of fecundity of the piddle stream media is to remind each of us with a cell phone and Internet access how much hatred is acceptable.

First, feuding and struggle is fed by localized leadership (including individuals on FB) by ego leveraging blame and shame. Second, bias is sanctioned inside an organized belief system. Third, the factions of the operating duplicity of hatred defines itself in every corner of the world, now underpinned by Tweets, FB posts, and hate blogging. Americans hate Iranians, Iranians hate Americans; Blacks hate Whites, Whites hate blacks; Non-Muslims hate Muslims and Muslims hate Non-Muslims; Irishers hate Brits, and Brits hate Irishers; Infidels hate the Non-Infidels, and Non-Infidels hate the Infidels; Latin Americans hate Yankees, and Yankees hate Latin Americans; Christians hate Satanists, and Satanists hate Christians; Chinese hate Japanese, and Japanese hate Chinese; Everybody hates America, America hates Everybody, and so forth. Name a human conflict escalating to civil war and hatred between factions is the basis of the madness even in, or spite of, the name of freedom.

In an expanding artifice of the human divisions based in hatred the elite slime along with their agenda of slavery while the underbelly of our leftover primitive selves are manipulated to continue in conflict, with what at times seems forever (read Iraq). Contrary, to my socialist labor loving buddies in SDS, I perceive the entire emerging progressive western agenda of class-warfare as one more flavor of hatred designed to pit now the successful against the downtrodden. The wobbling nearly complete demise of the Occupy Movement is its inherent hatred prototype of the 1% vs. 99%.

So, where do we take a healthy loving position and resist delving into further demise of our species by our species? Where do find right action tipping points to end the unvarying struggle against each other (and read against our self) and end the need to hate so hostility finally collapses onto itself before our species kills itself into oblivion? Where cultural geo-political instability (read Egypt, Gaza, Detroit, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, and, so forth) is the uprising norm, how do we effectively countermand the insipid hatred permeating these wars of who is the superior bloc?

The peace discourse, one of realism, has to begin with each of us enlightened to see the loathing ploys. Every time we nod to, or ignore hatred, we give it credence and empower its need to make us abhorrent to each other. Practicality is accepting the actual nature of whom and what are the building blocks of humans – wakefulness breeds change and revolutionizing can occur.

Getting to the bare bone basics – we are animals who hate. In social situations, our herd instinct ional primitive brains react filtered far more through recreant hunter gather histories than were previously comprehended, even by the brainiest best of our social psychologists.

We are easily manipulated, via our fear meters. Moreover, for many, this ignorance is probably not going to experience a cultural epiphany even with pinpointed education and common sense inoculation of watchfulness. The problem is pragmatism is not breathing inside the matrix of hatred. The fire hatred flames is more ethereal realgar than matter-of-fact understanding. The controllers constantly seek to pit us against each other and a useful civil societal denial process provides easy pickens for the elite to cast us into disorder. Smarty-pants political alternative pundits are as susceptible to this collective blindness as the starving displaced masses stuck in cruddy refugee camps.

Non-violent action is the only right action, yet it must be affected in mass to protect the innocent. Sorry to say, we must stop parading through the streets because such icons of human activity are new found skirmishes inciting rivalry. Sit down demonstrations kettle us to be murdered by the storm troopers of the puppet despots. Youth movements are easily led a stray with promises by the money warmongers disguised as politico helpmates for freedom, justice, and bread (read #Egypt, #Jan25).

What follows are suggestions and they might work on your social media pages, in Cairo, Baghdad, and Washington, DC. The premise is simple and while most will balk, they are evolving creative archetypes, not the twelve commandments. They are also not theoretical. I practice them on a daily basis in the bailiwick of civility in social media. The lever I put them under is the golden rule – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, in ALL situations. Such a switch is intrinsically wired to practicing these principles in ALL my affairs, not just the ones my puny brain and sad heart heave-on about.

Do you wonder why we submit to going-viral photo op hand signals to display our group allegiances? Since before the Arab Spring the color of flags, the number of fingers in a risen salute (read two finger peace symbol to four finger one of anti-coup in Egypt), the particular taglines deployed, and the names of youlube vid channels are part and parcel to demarcate group identity. Each faction against faction by giving itself iconic memory leverage and a working stimulus provides every human being with is pack-petard to literally hang its mis-placed duty.

If you think for one insinuating moment, there is any prime solution to shepherding allegorical or concrete adherence to the primitive brain’s trite need to assert and aggress you have missed the point of this writing. We are what we are, and the resolution is coming to terms with same to deal with the natural difficulty by gettin off the empire’s merry go around.

To tame our prehistoric selves, is not an exacting science. The dullards who reside in the abyss of apathy weigh down the life giving shift in consciousness, and so do you every circumstance you acquiesce to violence or the threat of violence – by consenting to sadism we empower collective hatred wearing camo or the beards of sages.

I was wrong in my assenting premise hatred is an emotive. Hatred is an intellectual agreement with itself. If we obey its mind game, we fulfill the inbuilt destiny of the demise of our species while willingly meeting the key terms of the empire. The crucial appropriate regulatory apparatus begins with a simple act – stop accepting hatred in comments on your FB timeline, stop-taking tweets of hatred, bias, and odium, and stop using threats (read foreign policy sanctions to a rental agreement) to get what you want in a relationship.

Do I detest hatred? A question about animosity more philosophical than real? An example: the widespread use of primaquine phosphate, a synthetic drug used to treat malaria, and the hanging of mosquito netting would save hundreds of thousands of lives across the planet. Over one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children under five years of age, with 90 per cent of malaria cases occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa. An estimated 300-600 million people suffer from malaria each year. More than 40 percent of the world’s population lives in malaria-risk areas.

I contracted malaria in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1972. I am lucky. I survived. I was near death for two weeks, delusional and languishing in a hospital better outfitted for cattle than humans. The secret to my survival is the same to ridding hatred as part of the human arsenal of primary primitive modus operandi – love and compassion. It works, if you work it.



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