Why #Privacy is Crucial – The #Snowden #Assange #Manning Debate

The attributes of meaningful dissent means each of is maligned as being mentally unstable. This is the hammer the piddle stream media uses to slam away at those who stand up to the state. I know this personally, and certainly my husband was a focus for a status quo take down when they attempted to turn him into a radioactive freak when he ran for office. The lies they spread on the back porches and in private conversations served to derail Arthur’s message and implicitly the collective thought form the status quo further seeded into the body politic was no one should go against their special interest agenda.

We never give up. We never give in.

Additional fallout from slam campaigns is as the public turns away from viable dissent these masses become partners to the state’s agenda via their acquiescence. The people suffering from mental and emotional afflictions are those who refrain from dissent. These are the psychologically disturbed, the tens of thousands in the surveillance, and hundreds of thousands, who work inside the machinery of the state and never question their actions or those around them.

The extreme invasion of our privacy we are subjected to on a daily basis is not about you or me being a terrorist, it is specifically designed to keep the boot of the state on our necks. Oppression begins in the mind and then pollutes the entire body politic. Only through dissenting analyses can we open up the debate and begin to break down the barriers surrounding the masses from not taking action against a criminal deep state.



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