Misty Intuition in the Here and Now

The red flower below is Brazilian Cloak (also called red justice) and hails from Venezuela. This large bush provides plenty of large flowers for cut arrangements, yet not a flower visited by feeding birds, bees, or bugs. 

Finca Vigia, is in the mist today, and so is my heart. To the left in the photo below is the edge of Bali Who, the bamboo guest cabina I built after Arthur DiPietro died to keep me occupied. Arthur tired of my incessant work load of designing and building. Yet, I think ADP would gingerly enjoy this cabina, especially its soaking tub looking into the jungle, and the placement of a tropical island style desk and file cabinet. The constant sound of seven waterfalls (directly below to the north) becomes nearly unbearably loud to human ears after a torrential rain. 

Bali Who maybe a message from the ethers. Now, I have a fresh and abiding friendship with someone who has lived on Bali since 1999. If we seriously look with humor about our lives, there are incoming portends – not only memories of joy and better left behind luggage. Time is cyclic. It is our choice to perceive our world as linear. 

We move forward and backward around a continuum. In this fluidity of motion and consequences we discover how intuition is our servant of what is, was, and what will be. Staying in the here and now is not statism, body politic or otherwise. Staying in this moment allows one to fling open the doors of perception to a vast potentiality of possibilities. It is only by being here and now we envision beyond ourselves and if in tune can better divine the difference between our precipitations of maya and the glories of God’s handy work. 

We are what we eat, in mental convolution and food substance, via a self-fashioned pantry of emotions and awareness.

I embrace loving solace connecting to seasonal migrating birds flying south and north yet I contend consciousness moves in orbits, not unlike the bodies of planets and the entire cosmos.Image


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