My letter of Resignation

Going from Rigorous Ranting to Righteous Raging – I resign from Homo sapiens.Image

Dedicated to Mahmoud, Bobby, and Eraser, somewhere in #Iraq. 

Dateline: Global, June 22 or 23, 2014


“To the leaders of the world. Let the music play, play it loud, and make it clear, it is time to stand up, to a new world that is now yet so far . . . let there be, peace. All the walls are falling down, no more children of the war, all the suffering will be no more, let there be, peace.”


Faith, you bleat?


Pedaling this as exacting as my bent light can illuminate, my resolve continues to break into fractals and fragments. How can we keep up this mass murdering of ourselves and other living creatures? Games of daily damned drama and recreational torture flow with rivers of human suffering thicker and wider with increasing maniacal ego and sicker, deeper animosity.


We participate by AK-7 gloved hand or cultural ennui in such blatant senselessness, in the name of what?


We blowup, murder, hang, gut, sniper, and stab innocents – children, parents, grandparents, canines, donkeys, camels, cats, and rats – and our culpable selves to oblige whom?


We carry forward agendas so ungodly there seems no outflow except bulk psychosis.


Leadership inflames and détente evaporates.


Dressed in blue camo, army green camo, desert camo, suit camo, and hate camo we proceed with drugged craziness and within too many the drug is not Big Pharma’s latest, it is the poison of bias, self-righteousness and pure odium.


My religion is love, kindness, and compassion. It manifests with delight, joy, and serenity. It is anodyne yet never analgesic.


Wide-awake, powerless, and disgusted with my species I neither run away, nor tumble into the abyss of apathy. I cannot abandon, yet I also can no longer condone any fellow humans from family to friends. We are all useless in the quest for peace, in essence, NGO, or prayer.


Delaware Joe Biden, running for POTUS, wanted a three-part Iraq – a balkanization with an agreement how to split the resources. Assad wants what? Kerry wants what? Maliki wants what? Putin wants what? CIA wants what? Dirty oil wants what? What do you want? Kurd, Sunni, and Shite, want what? The lions of the desert winds want what? Iranians are in Iraq fighting for what? Turks are in Iraq fighting for what? Muslim Brits are in Iraq fighting for what? American Green Berets are in Iraq fighting for what?


Why do we call the insurgents ISIS and POTUS refers to them as ISIL?


We are so dysfunctional we cannot agree what to name 7,000 plus insurgents rushing headlong across Iraq to settle-in at the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea ?


I no longer acknowledge our species or refer to myself as a member of humanity, nadakind, and the human race, Homo sapiens, or of these times. Not for one breathe, have I been an adherent to shock and awe to do the bidding of human expediency in a paroxysm of evil tidings.


What about life? Do I account or you count for any accountable reprieve? There is barely seepage of light in deadly dreary darkness.


Where is ethos? As much as I crave to match the chafe of the heart with the empathy of our soul sickness, invisible forces block me. I can smell the stench of artificial self-assuredness. The soaking goo of human irrationality and human narcissism is more deadly than Ebola.


Why do the unnoticed slaughter fellowship in the phony appellation of opportuneness?


Standing stagnant, I am waiting for lightening to strike awfulness. Embittered hominid thunder rolls across an immovable bloodied human screwed world at an accelerating pace NSA’s fastest net connection cannot keep abreast of, as you and I Tor-struggle with 3G.


Do we now sacrifice our entire species at the ancient altar of the seven deadly sins?


Is it as No-Eyes portended the spirit Guardians of Earth have retired? Did the Caretakers take a well-deserved sabbatical so we can more quickly do ourselves in with wars stacked upon fresher insanities based in 1,400 old antediluvian hostilities? Earth regenerates, we pass into oblivion ?


My God is better than your God? My prophet said it is right, your idea of my prophet is wrong? You are wrong; I am right, bang, bang, bam, bam, scream, and scream.


Can you not see both sides do the work of the empire? Who gains in the elimination of slaves, taking of turf, and the destruction of hives? Not me, not you, not Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, or folks in the Costa Rican ghetto of Patterson, New Jersey – we serve the master of rampant greed and golden idols of the grotesque.


Is the crawling polluting collective unconscious beyond repair? Are we witnessing the final curtain? Why now? Can you not f*cking wait until I have crossed over to the over side? Why on my watch? I am refusing to be a victim to the wholesale retail destruction corruption of Earth, friend or foe.


Has the house of Saud and US Congress becomes so hate-infested, even the baying dogs that cannot hunt have fleas and their bitten bodies are sore with extra suffering saddled to bottomless box canyons of human misery.


The EOW virus is us. Is this news?


Have our psychic protectors gone away in dismay and disgust deeming 100% human species failure is the only option left on the table for tender you and exacerbated me?


The toucans yip, the monkeys howl, the waterfalls rush, the wrens sing, yet my ears buzz with vexation and my head with fool’s errand aloofness. The visual and audio contrast is too much. Mahmoud talks and we both hear nearby explosions and human shrieking – him in crazy Iraq, and me listening to nutso Iraq safe in my jungle sanctuary.


Enough. I no longer want to be a member of a clan, a sect, a group, a family of man, or labeled a human being. I have reached the outer limits of my tolerance and any understanding is null and void, canceled, invalid, and kaput. My membership has selfie-expired. I no longer seek renewal, or expect a possibility of restitution.


Condescension even if the Pope or Jesus or the Dalai or some greater faith magician gestures a magic wand to erase the blood, the abomination and the squealing woe of little children smiling evil has gained its own killing fields across the entire screeching planet.


Human madness curls through the wrecked dunes of MENA, the glowing forests of Chernobyl, the shady boulevards of Georgetown, the central parks of Guadalajara, the vast jungles of Guatemala, the 13,000 islands of Indonesia, the former wild plains of anywhere USA now corporate painted into the geography of nowhere – and on, and on, and on.


I am a friggin’ Godparent for Christ’s sake. You are a bawling father, mother, and grandparent for whoever’s sake.


You want a new paragraph in the US Constitution? Try this one:


We the people of this once semi-free nation refuse to work one more kvetching minute for the psychopath empire. We resign, in mass, with accumulated disdain for the empire’s insane mission in favor of the ultimate hope to save our human race, one and all, this date, July 4, 2014.




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