An ISIS Tale of Arabian Knights


In the future present, some will recall this storyline put forth by a woman who grew up in the 50s in beautiful Napa Valley and wonder how she got from there to here. She is me. My me-moir is already recorded.

The incoming illogical tide of constant lies about what is happening in Iraq are part and parcel to the empire’s collateral damage propaganda machine. There are intelligent analysts who contend ISIS is the arm of US of Hillary. There are others, who simply believe everything shoved down their gullets by CNN, Washington Post, LA Times, and the rest of the piddle stream cadre.

Me and my lot, offer an alternative whistle. We expect no one to solidify support of our contentions because this is always how ‘truth’ seeps into the underbelly of civil society – dribble by dribble, spit wad by spit wad.

Even with the advent of viral social media, our presence does not amount to a mole hill of jumping beans let alone a legitimate rockin’ news source. It makes no vibrational or intellectual matter to us. We are what we are (existentialists), and are wounded yet proud to work for no one but ourselves. No one but us drives our vehicles, or flies our orgami made piper cubs. We are sober and sobering, 24 hours at a time and place.

What I offer, on behalf of our teenie team, is neither servicing speculation or fascinating fantasy. Our flickering LED lantern is certainly under constant evaluation and development as situations and personalities present themselves. Yet, we believe we see the burning jungle from the bombed out DU shells.

During this 59th minute we collect information – keeping factual in content and context – and in depth. We discard far more than what we discover or uncover. The amount of crap circulating is phenomenal. In several circumstances and cases putting some of us brave hearts in harm’s way is a scary yet necessary reality.

As a team of international investigative journos, writers, news junkies, justice freaks, and freedom fighting politicos our mission statement is to piss off everyone. Why? Then we have succeeded in telling the real deal and cracking the Easter or poached egg.

The storms passing over and in the heads of humanity are building in strength and affectation. Our simple goal is be compelling, compassionate, and factual. Sometimes, we actually bulls-eye our intentions and others time we take a step back and wonder how blind could we have been. Rigidity vs. willingness is a tug and pull amongst are wee bit ranks. Strong personalities committed to living a brutally honest life means there is little reward. If we get one more human to accept our premise of fact, the day has succeeded leaving the nights to dream of love generation rainbows and new found viable intimacy.

If you prefer to close this window and go back to chomping on the crap CNN is telling you, maybe over the near horizon you will experience a large smack to your communal third eye. Or, maybe you will look up and wonder how your country became part of the United States of Islam, while you were cooking your dinner in Gaza during the bombing, or downtown Beirut during the bombing.

Be assured none on us in this nameless faceless crew have an agenda to convince anyone of any reigning particular point of view. We move through our endeavors with as much compassion as we can muster, and at times the pallor of deep sadness for what our species does to each other and Earth hangs in the abyss of our hearts. Sighing is preferred to smashing walls, but sometimes a fist gets bloodied.

We use satellite phones to communicate when cellular technology is shut down. We do track and some of us hack. We research and pay attention to minute details in videos and during Skype calls. Many times we have no live feed to provide you as evidence. Our resources are curtailed – we pick our locales by majority vote.

What follows is our current update on Iraq/MENA. And again, as always, take what you want, and leave the rest. You will never know who we are, not because we are anonymous rather because our covers are so evident. We hide right out in the open. I am merely a greenie laser focus point = a digital spigot and called by my peers M.

The mythology the west and its puppets are yammering concerning ISIS is actually easy to pull apart from the rotting cooked up cotton balls steeped in black sticky opiate goo.

Myth One: ISIS came into existence one year ago. Actually, ISIS came into existence over a thousand years ago. When was the last time western influence succeeded in the Muslim world? Ask the crusaders, or the Vatican, or even the French.

Myth Two: ISIS is funded by KSA. ISIS has carefully allowed itself to be funded by just about everyone except some Turks and all the Zionists. Since the inception of Desert Shield ISIS has built a network of funding streams. They are reported to possess a treasury of $2 Billion. We would venture to say their operating fund is probably 100 times more. Capital investments aside (commandeered Hummers, Helios, hellfire missiles, arms, etc.) in the hands of trained focused insurgents more becomes mega. There is little waste plus we have it on good authority all DU bullets and fire arms are cached and not used.

Myth Three: ISIS is US of Hillary operating as a covert group. We see western faces in videos and stills as ISIS rolls across Iraq. Yes, there are western insurgents part of ISIS. Why? Money talks, as do drug deals but this is not an army of merciless mercenaries. Unless you personally swear on the sacred texts of Islam you are not of ISIS. Get it?

Myth Four: ISIS killed 1,300 members of the Iraqi army. First, the Iraqi army folded its tent in Mosul before ISIS had blown up their headquarters. They fled after a few phone calls. Secondly, originally there were less than 2,000 ISIS insurgents. Thirdly, never believe what you see in a video unless you have on-the-ground observations or hefty digital equipment to evaluate the video and also the ability to hack.

Myth Five: US of Hillary is going to align itself with Iran to settle down the war between the Sunni and Shite now being acted out in Iraq. This maybe more complicated than even super brainiacs and astute westerners are capable of comprehending. After decades, if not centuries, of lies about an inner war within Islam between the two factions the reality is the current war in Iraq, Syria, and other MENA’s locales has never been about one faction of Islam against another. Yes, there are some folks steeped in primitive tribal caca poopoo.

It is and will be so into the future past a war about Islam vs. dirty oil and the deep state of the global war economy. If westerners are incapable of cleaning the shit inside their own corroding mortgaged homes, at least the debt free followers of Islam can sweep away the colonialism and imperialism of western influence on their ancient turf. Sustainability is not a call to action only in the communes of those wearing tie-dye or community studies voted in by progressives.

Myth Six: ISIS is launching a world wide movement to eventually march down 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) in Manhattan. The security apparatus will tell you anything to feed the bias against Muslims. The weapon of fear from US Homeland Security to stationing war ships in the Gulf waters lapping the shores of Iraq is more of the same paranoia. In a fear state, Americans will just about buy anything force fed them under the petard of nationalism and protecting the land of the free. This post 9/11 campaign of fear includes dismantling the Bill of Rights, being detained for years without due process, and creep by creep destruction of the rule of law while installing a class of corporate criminal entities as the unaccountable rulers of the New World Order. If you think the West Wing is in charge, please realize elected public servants have never had the power to change the course of nadakind’s greed since they first accepted a contribution into their ego-bent coffers from same.

H/w is a map (see above). Currently, there are more Iraq mapping info graphics surfacing around the world web than pictures of nude women. We weeded them out (the maps, not the nudies) and selected this one shown as we believe you need to review, and memorize. I am sure it is – as I type this – appearing on the wall-sized 3-D screens in the war machine bunkers of the west.

Divinity has a role in what happens. God is not unaware of our holy wars and ungodly ones. Yet, our puny non-angelic stance is to stay the course and explain to the best of our ability what is surfacing as neon signs in the currency and ebb and flow of human flotsam.

We are more than counter-media. We are in fact counter-new world order. At times we get carried away contending the spirit of human greatest has nothing to do with the organizing or dis-organizing of geo-political states in boundary swings or one practice of religiosity compared to another religiosity. We discuss amongst ourselves how not to come off self-righteous.

We are collectors of human psychological events attempting to inform, educate, and entice you to seek your own understanding and integration.

When and if collective corruption and the raging insecure maniacal egos are slaughtered on their self-made fields of human avaricious, we hope to be there acting as your nano-eyes and micro-ears maintaining a vibrant watch dog perspective. In the meantime, we walk with care and stay cool.

Freedom is not a four letter word. Right-action may or may not get you through the pearly gates. We know what we want: freedom, justice and gluten free organic non-GMO bread – and Earth to be freed from our human pollution and disorder.

If in the next back to the future consciousness life superceds our species then so be it, at least we tried to be part of the sober solution while inhaling the natural wonders and exhaling the possibilities.

If you want to join in the serious fun, in any capacity, send me a chat message here, or on Twitter, or Fedbook. Beware, you will be fully vetted.


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