Phase One – Third Eye on You


In innocence we discover the meta-value of faith. It arrives not as dwindling spark or forest fire flame. Rather, it continues to tear by tear chip by chip peel up the veneer we clothe ourselves first in micro-bits and eventually delirious elongated strips. Once stripped down to our heart wood we are naked with a vulnerability few prefer or can stand absent courage, or not.

To appear wide open, with one’s whole person in acceptance, this is surrender. Submission, is alien and without a basis I comprehend. Submission remains a yet in my world view.

Love brings us closer to sensing what our intuition (third eye) is forever sending as annoying taps on our shoulder or creative inspiration communiques. Intrigued we need a backboard, a fellow seeker, a poetic justice thumper, a person under siege by corruption from others to release our prepositions and propensities. The engine of art and thought and science needs a portal, a wider lens, a finer focus. Here we fine the deployment of the third eye. Without inspiration from intuition our species would have never crawled out of the caves pounding our chests for attention with “Me want, now”.

David, the little guy who took down big boss Goliath, had a secret weapon – faith. I am unsure this moment what faith is in relationship to the turn of events spinning across our human landscape. I do know the weapon of fear rules. Our dinky species has somehow fallen down cruddy rabbit holes of our own decision-making giving up empowerment for security from a state twisted in constant upheaval.

Scared, pissed, protective, paranoid, and 2nd amendment armed in our tunnels underground we hide in the shadows, beaten at the game of life by not being in it. This is not surrender. This is not the business of intuition and insight to propel our species into a grander reality of freedom for all.

The third eye is a meta-sense. It can be opened and glorified or ignored and gutted of any substantial consideration. Asian philosophy and religiosity designed to stack us up with mandalas of energy forms is big on the Third Eye. The Tao puts an opened third eye along with new agers the envy of awareness. While others of us run faster than a rubber bullet fired at an Egyptian protester than let our intuition disturb our rigidity and hard wiring. When someone comes along while we jammer our jaws at fantastic length, and looks directly into our soul this is the third eye activated and on point. IT is a clue, change is about to happen. When one soul connects to another the collective unconscious senses the ripple. We went onto the ark, two by two, not ten by ten.

For decades, i have meditated except for many blue moons it is not a state i go into with the ritual of sitting, breathing, clearing my thoughts, and finding the blue diamond within. Meditation is now who i am. I moved across the blaring desert and became the tender serenity of what i sought. It was a powerful piece of medicine. It rocked me to my painted toenails riveting me into the Earth’s vibrations. Once rooted the resonance of seeing via the third eye made everything else I had piled up on my intellectual pyramid so transparent my id floated away.

I am no longer a mind or a spirit or a body. Once the integration found its form, I became a gestalt, far greater than any sum of my parts I could dream up and I wordy worship at the painterly altar of originality and imagination.

If i was told this would happen in its eventuality of being sober and clean my soggy brain must have been too unhealed to grab onto it.

A third eye is not a tool to use like a lighthouse stationed on a rugged cliff over looking a forbidden cranky ocean. It is not a special attribute some get and most will never have a clue.

The power of intuition to lead us where our path unfolds needs a foundation of faith otherwise its flounders in the first wave over five meters. Those who want to teach you how to open your third eye are liars and cons.

Use your vision to max out your potential, exceeding any fear. Brutal honesty is based on slaying the dragons at the gate and then stepping over them and beginning a new improved version of who you are. For those who cannot support you in your quest, be they pawn or bitch or lord or princess, turnaround nod in their direction and keep moving scanning your life trusting your third eye.

They may catch up to you and they may merely evaporate into their own cocoon. It is not my job to provide a life time guarantee of safe traveling for others, i am only to keep moving up the mountain of faith. God takes care. If by coincidence i am fortunate to get off my Tarot hanged man card and jump over to the Lovers card you can be damn sure what I did was let go, take a moment to re-align my third eye, accept the intuition and go for it.

Life is not about being stuck in the status quo of duty or ego burning desires. We are suppose to move through the three weeks we get on Earth with wings attached to our heels and a heart beating in joy. Otherwise, what is the point of the next inhale.


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