Goofy Valentine or Bullets to the Heart?

Today’s one-liner: The elegance of humanity is not tangled with or highlighted by image or status. Our simple essential essence – love and peace – is realized by walking into the moonlight yet knowing the sunrise will be. We can re-illuminate our day or our night, at any moment, if thoughtfulness and watchfulness lead us.

If we are imprisoned by self-Imposed anger, resentment, frustration, cynicism, or bias then the light, be it moon reflected or sun beamed, goes rogue. So, I make it a regular part of my day and night to cruise with nature. There in its cathedral / mosque / temple /synagogue/ sweat lodge I reconnect to life to be renewed and reminded how precious and instant our time is here. 

At certain junctures, idealism is missing, and my brain trumps me, then I must be even more mindful to let my heart and intuition carry me along its path. God, for me, is not some old dude in the sky sitting on a throne, or a mystical voice in a burning bush, or hanging on a cross as my salvation. My God takes wing to interrupt my self-induced daily programing and enchant me with a found awareness to feel fresh love. Inhaling deeply, I am replenished, grateful, and embarrassingly somewhat giggly. 

I am unsure how joy happens and at this stage of my shortening time on Earth to ask such questions are silly, yet holy benign. Across these ethers is the sacred handiwork of a power greater than me or you. Connections are made, affirmations offered, kind words commented and souls cemented. Without support by others coupled to glorious wild nature how dark and bitter cold this day or night. 

Thank you and be assured while i swing away chopping down the walls of the empire, some of you are in my thoughts as concurrently as the synapses are firing. If you get a whiff of jasmine, it is only me leaving a scent trail. You can follow, lead, hover, or not. Sober and sobering integration is not a roll in the hay, or a life of repetitive ground hog days trudging the road. Once zapped recognizing each other’s core, everything beautiful is possible. 

Yea, we can run but never hide. What is ringing the inner chimes is not of our making. Poets write about it, mystics heal with it, birds sing to it. 


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